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Got giveaways? Then you need to promote them!

Adding your giveaways to linkys and sites that help you promote them are a great way to gain free exposure for your giveaways. More exposure = more traffic and more entries!

Here’s where to list your giveaways:

Ongoing Linkys:








Other Places to Add Giveaways:


Do you host a giveaway linky?

If you keep your giveaway linky updated &/or post it regularly, I may add it to this list.
Email me the direct link to your giveaway category/tag – Musingsfromasahm at gmail dot com
All linky submissions are subject to my approval.


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  1. Would you please consider adding my “Feather Your Nest Giveaway Linky” under “ongoing Linkys”? The link is http://www.momsbestnest.blogspot.com/search/label/Feather%20Your%20Nest%20Giveaway%20Linky

    Thanks so much!

  2. Kathryn Costa says:

    Hi Erika,

    Would you add my Saturday and Sunday giveaway linky to your list? Thank you so much!


  3. Would you mind adding my Wednesday Giveaways Linky?

  4. Hello! I would love it if you would add my Friday Giveaway Linky to your list :-) Thanks so much!

  5. I am starting a linky giveaway on my site. It starts on Saturdays and runs for seven days. I would be thrilled if you would add my link here

    Thank you so much.


  6. I’d love to be added to your ongoing linky list if you can add me.

    My linky is here :

    Thanks so much.

    Linkies Contest Linkies

  7. Will you please consider adding me to you Monday Linky?



  8. Jennifer Hodgkiss says:

    I am hosting a giveaway on my blog for a Pioneer Woman Cookbook! Would you consider linking to me please?

    Thanks so much!

  9. Hi!! Would you mind adding my giveaway linky, please? It’s on Thursdays, but runs all week – http://living-learning-eating.blogspot.com/2012/11/green-giveaway-linky-2.html

  10. Bump to Baby Gear hosts a weekly giveaway linky that goes live every Saturday morning. We would love to be added to your list. The linky can always be found in our Giveaways section (direct URL below). Thanks!

  11. I accept FREE submissions of Canadian-Friendly Giveaways to be featured (dedicated post) on my blog as well as on my social medias. Would love to be added to the “Ongoing” category!

  12. Jacqueline Jordan says:

    Thanks so much! This list is very helpful in getting my free monthly jewelry drawing out there where more people can see it.

  13. Hello! I’ve started a new giveaway linky and would love if you could include in your ‘ongoing’ list.
    Thanks so much!
    My Fab Fit Forties

  14. marissa lee says:

    can you add this giveaway to you linky…it’s part of me entering this giveaway…thank you..

    • Hi Marissa, I don’t add giveaways – but you are welcome to do it yourself. Just click on any of the appropriate links and submit it.
      Have a great day!

  15. I started a brand new giveaway link list and would love to be included in your ongoing list if possible.

    I have a brand new giveaway link list (submissions welcome)

    Also accepting submissions to feature products and giveaways on the blog as well.

  16. I’ve got a new ongoing linky on my site. Here’s the link to it and thanks for all of your giveaways. http://kathyskontests.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html

  17. Hi Erika!

    I have a weekly Thursday giveaway linky. Would you mind adding me to your list?


  18. Mary @ Raising Dick and jane says:

    Thank you so much for adding me! :)

  19. I host a weekly Giveaway Linky, will you please add me to your Monday list?

    Party of Three, but Room for More

  20. Good morning! I have an ongoing list at http;//ohmygiveaways.com
    I would love to be added to your list!

  21. http://www.afrugalfriend.net seams to be on Tuesdays not Saturdays. 😉

  22. Mommy Living the Life of Riley (http://www.mommylivingthelifeofriley.com) seams to have quite doing giveaway Linkys. (Sorry I keep finding all these updates)

  23. Thank you so much! I’ve linked up my rafflecopter giveaway!


  24. Would you please consider adding my Linky under “ongoing Linkys* please? The link is:

    Thanks so much!

  25. Please consider adding my linky under ongoing linky’s?
    link is: http://www.queensnycmom.com/p/giveaway-linky.html

    Thank you :-)

  26. Crystal C says:

    Hi, I just started an ongoing giveaway linky, I would love if you would add it to the link up http://hugsntugsmomreviews.blogspot.com/2014/07/giveaway-linkys.html

  27. Thanks for the wonderful give away listing sites and is really appreciable to get all the links in one place.

  28. Hello please add our linky to your list thanks. http://www.reviewitpr.com/p/linkup-your-giveaways-here.html

  29. Hiya, was wondering if you could also add us to your ongoing giveaway linky list, I know you have many submissions. I would really appreciate it, thanks in advance.



  30. thank you for the linky, would you mind adding mine too :) TY It is an ongoing giveaway linky

  31. I just started an ongoing giveaway linky on my site. Could you add it to your list please? I appreciate it. http://www.imhoviewsreviewsandgiveaways.com/category/list-your-giveaway/

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