I’m just over three weeks out from my surgery and doing pretty well. I think I’d be doing almost 100% if it weren’t for the fact that I have a pinched nerve in my back.

It started two weeks ago when I started feeling this odd pinching sensation on my left upper arm. It kept coming and going at random times. Then that spot on my arm started feeling numb. I realized it was probably something nerve-related and went to my chiropractor.

He found a bad knot in my upper back in the spot that would affect the nerve for my arm. He thinks it’s from all the stress of the surgery. (I didn’t think I was that stressed, but I guess it makes sense.)

I’ve been going to see him every couple of days and that’s been helping. But I’ve been really sore from all the adjustments. And, in between visits, I have to ice my back a lot.

I saw my doctor last week for a follow-up checkup. She said I’m doing great and was really pleased with how well I’m healing. (I also mentioned my back/arm and she agreed with my chiropractor in that it was probably due to stress from the surgery.)

But I guess I’m not as ready for “normal” as I thought because I overdid it going out with Nate for my birthday on Friday night. I didn’t think we did that much, but apparently an hour+ on my feet shopping, then a nice dinner with a margarita, and staying up late watching a movie (Pretty Woman – one of my all-time favorites!) was. Because, on Saturday, I was exhausted. I started worrying about what was wrong with me and then I remembered it had only been 3 weeks since my surgery – duh!

Sometimes I feel like I think so much about how my family is and what they’re doing and I forget to think about myself. And not in a I’m-a-martyr kind of way, but just in silly thing like above. If it was anyone else, it would have been a no-brainer. You did too much. But me? I didn’t even think about it.

I am eager to get back to normal. I plan to start exercising again this week. I will be careful not to overdo it, but I’m not talking strenuous work-outs – I’m talking walking for a mile. Sometimes a little activity can help with recovery too.

And we are slowly getting back to normal.

Nathan is doing well in school. He’s had a couple minor incidents with testing the boundaries of what he should/should not do. Thankfully he has a great teacher, who’s been wonderful about communicating with us.  And these are great life lessons that Nathan is better off learning now, at a young age, than later when it will be harder.

Emily and I are doing kindergarten together again. We took off about 3 weeks. I’m trying a new approach with her reading books and that is helping. More on that later. We’re going to let Emily try a ballet/tap/jazz class this week. If she likes it, we’ll sign her up. She is really excited.

Joshua started preschool last week. He attends Monday and Tuesday for 2.5 hours. He can be very shy and hesitant with new people/new situations, but we made a huge deal about him going to “school” and he ‘s done really well. I love his teachers/speech therapist and I think this will prove to be the right move.

Luke is a little terror lately. He’s so sweet, but sooo busy. ALL.THE.TIME.
If you’re Facebook friends with me, you’ve probably seen a post or two like this one:

Haha. Yep, that is the Mom Life.

In other news, one of my dearest friends is having her first baby this week! She’s had some health issues and they are inducing her tomorrow. I am so excited for them. I am praying that everything goes smoothly and safely for her and little girl. She is the friend I made the gender reveal cake for back in May!


Well I think I’ll put an end to my rambling for now. Thanks for thinking of me!


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  1. Hello! I’m so happy to hear you’re seeing a chiropractor. When it comes to backs I think they’re the best person to see. I know when I hurt my back 13 yrs ago I saw one for about 6 months then workman’s comp ended with a settlement and I couldn’t afford to pay for him. I know a lot of people poo poo on them but I think adjustments work so good. I’m past the point where one wouldn’t even help me now. I have to get surgery sometime.I had bad results in my MRI. I put it in God’s hands because I know He’ll take care of whatever I need. Enough about me.
    I’m glad your getting close to normal again and I’m glad you had a Happy Birthday. My daughter and my future son-in-law are going to Disneyland this wk for her b-day.
    You’re always in my thoughts & prayers. Isn’t God just sooo Awesome?! Amen! :)
    Have a good week and take care. :)

  2. Glad to hear you’re recovering! Take it easy and enjoy the rest, sounds like you’re almost back to normal :) Your youngest sounds just like my son, he’s 16 months and never stops moving! Tonight at dinner I turned away for a minute and the next thing I know he’s on the table eating off his sister’s plate! /smh

  3. I am glad you are healing well, other than the pinched nerve. I’ve only been able to sleep on my back since my surgery and it has been really annoying. Back pain is definitely not fun! Do people keep telling you “try not to overdo it, get some rest?” I think that’s kinda funny when you have kids at home. My dr. told me to “take it easy.” With an almost 2 year old and hubby working all the time? Impossible.

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