A Simple Chore Chart for Kids

Hi! It’s Jilly! I’m am SOOO stoked to be guest posting here at Musings of a Stay At Home Mom! She always posts awesome recipes (like these delish Poppy Seed Muffins, and this beautiful Almond Chicken Salad). And, I will be using her tutorial for making my own Media Kit asap!

My name is Jillian and I blog over at Hi! It’s Jilly. I am the wife of a podiatry resident, and mom of seven year-old triplets. Yes, I said TRIPLETS! On my blog I like to write about TV characters that annoy me, home & craft projects, recipes, and anything else in my crazy life that tickles my fancy!


Today I am sharing simple chore chart ideas. All over the blog-o-sphere there are tutorials for these AMAZING chore charts, with mod podged this and hand painted that, with ribbons and rhinestones and flowers…Oh, my!! The chore charts turn out looking like something that belongs in House Beautiful magazine! Well, I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t have the time to spend 20 hours crafting a chore chart. I need that time to convince my kids to actually do the chores on the chart!

So, I am going to show you guys some of the chore charts we’ve used at our house. They are nothing fancy, but they get the job done. (Get the job..done….ha, ha, ha….)

In our old house we had a big, ‘ole mirror in the kids’ bathroom, so I just wrote the chores on the mirror with a dry erase marker. Then, whenever the kids went into the bathroom they could see what their jobs were. They knew not to wash that corner of the mirror while cleaning the bathroom. We only had an issue once, when my son decided to get one of the markers and write a different job next to his name. Ha ha! The kids thought they were *pretty* tricky.

write chores on mirror

At our new apartment I have a more involved chore chart up. More involved meaning it took 5 minutes, rather than 2. 😉 I just wrote the names of each of my kids and the names of the chores on index cards with a marker, then taped them up on the end of the cabinets in the kitchen. Each week I rotate the chore cards. I made the first letter of each name & chore a big block letter to add a little “pizzazz”.

index card chore chart

index card chore chart 2

If you wanted to take 10 minutes instead of 5, you could laminate the cards, stick magnets on the back, and put your cards on the fridge or a magnetic board, but don’t wear yourself out. You’ll need that energy to wrangle kids.

I hope these quick ideas inspire you to get that chore ‘chart’ up, and to not worry about how much glitter is on it!

Thank you, Erika, for letting me guest post on your blog today! You are so sweet, and it is fun getting to know you!

If you’d like to get to know me better, follow me at Hi! It’s Jilly, on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. See you soon! :)

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