Disney Baby Lion King Premier Washable Playard

When every mom-to-be makes her list of necessary baby items a play yard is generally at the top! At least, it was at the top of mine…and the top of my mom’s list and the top of my mother-in-law’s list!! And if anyone asks me, it is a must-have for all moms and grandmoms because you just can’t beat the portability feature. But, it is nice to have other great features too, and I’ve found that a lot of play yards out there are lacking, including the one I used to have.

Needless to say, I was literally jumping up and down with excitement (and I may have even clapped my hands) when I found out I had been chosen to review the Disney Baby Lion King Premier Washable Playard by InGenuity Baby! I was so eager to trade my old hand-me-down for this shiny gem! And let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint.

When it arrived, I immediately pulled it out of the box and set it up. Of all the play yards I have set up, the Disney Baby Lion King Premier Washable Playard was by far the easiest. Everything unfolded and snapped into place without the usual struggle. One thing that surprised me is the fact that the removable bassinet portion doesn’t actually have to be removed when you fold the play yard up. In fact, it was already in place right out of the box! This is possible because it is held in place by a zipper on the top rather than plastic pieces that fit over the sides of the yard, and there are no metal bars in the bottom of it!

A feature that I LOVE is the changer that pivots out of the way when you aren’t using it. While in use it is attached to three of the top rails via four plastic clamps and is very sturdy. Then, when you’re done, you can simply flip it back and it rests along the side of the play yard. Brilliant!!  I also really like that it is pretty deep, so there is less chance of baby rolling out of it. There is a really handy organizer tray that attaches to the end opposite the changer with a place for wipes, creams, lotions, and any number of other small items you like to keep at hand. And there is also a cute toy bar with two plush toys hanging off of it, and a Soothing Sounds Station that plays music and nature sounds.

Possibly the best thing about this play yard though is the fact that it is machine-washable! No kidding! With fabrics that simply zip off, you can easily wash away spit-up, spills, and other accidents! This also includes the adorable removable changing table cover and mattress. No more scrubbing. :) I like that!

Because Samuel is so mobile now, I no longer trust him in a bassinet. So I easily unzipped the bassinet portion and removed it. After putting the mattress in the bottom of the play yard, I plopped Samuel in to try it on for size. He seemed pretty pleased with it too!

But the real test would come at bed time. Because one end of the play yard is on wheels, I easily rolled it into our bedroom and put it in the corner. The neutral colors are great, making it not only very gender neutral, but it will easily blend in with most color schemes in whatever room you put it. Event though that isn’t something I personally would worry about much, it is nice!

Once I had it set up in our bedroom, I prepared it for bed time. Our play yard sheet fit over the mattress perfectly and I put Samuel’s favorite lovey in there to wait for him. I already knew he would love this because the mattress doesn’t feel like cardboard as our other one did. It is the perfect balance of firm, yet soft, that you want in a mattress for a baby. I’d even sleep on it!

There’s nothing better than a sweet, sleeping baby…. But a cute, comfy, completely machine-washable play yard certainly comes close!!!

You can purchase the Disney Baby Lion King Premier Washable Playard at Babies R Us for $169.99


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Melanie is a happily married military wife and a first-time mom loving every minute of it....in spite of the lack of sleep! She lives in Texas where she works as a wedding and portrait photographer who avoids the outdoors during the months of June, July and August! She loves a good book, a cup of tea, puttering around in the garden, cooking and Texas thunderstorms that rattle the windows.


  1. This looks great! We weren’t very impressed with the playard that we got.

  2. What a beautiful play yard! I love the colors!

  3. Oh my, your little one is so sweet and cute and the fact that he was so comfy that he could sleep shows how awesome the play yard is, unlike those old ones with the bar on the bottom… thanks for a great post

  4. I’d love to have one of these for my future grandbabies. I think this is so cool and the fact that it has storage just makes it even better. Very cool! Very cute baby in there! :)

  5. Just the fact that this is completely washable makes it rock! I love that they are making these so much more comfy than they used to.

  6. Tiffany Kinney says:

    What a handy thing to have for a baby when traveling!

  7. I love that this playard is washable! i have a newborn at home so i’ve been searching for a good playyard for when he’s ready to be in one and based on your review, i’d love to try it! thank you :)

  8. Jennifer Young says:

    This is soooo cute!!!! And it sure has a lot more cool gadgets than mine did when my girls were little, lol! This would be a fantastic baby shower present for my best friend!

  9. Austin Baroudi says:

    This look really nice! I think I might actually pick one of these up for our new baby! Thanks for the wonderful review!

  10. Amy Orvin says:

    It’s so fancy. I like it!

  11. This playard looks awesome – I especially love that the changing area is washable! I’m a bit of a germ freak!

  12. So adorable! I wish they had things this cute when my twins were babies!

  13. I love the playard! Lion King is a huge favorite!

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