Aloha Chicken

I’ve been using my new Chicago Cutlery DesignPro knives a lot lately. And do you know what? I am really impressed. Not only are they very good quality, but they really make a huge difference in my cooking.

I love cooking with chicken breast because it’s healthy and there’s so many things I can do with it. Up until recently, I never liked cutting chicken, or for that matter – any meat. I guess it’s because I have a slight phobia about raw meat, but also because my old knives were poor. The Chicago Cutlery knives make it a breeze to cut up chicken. The big 8″ Chef’s knife slices right through, both raw and cooked chicken, effortlessly.

I’ve also been using my new knife set for chopping everything from vegetables to fresh bread. The Scalloped Bread knife is like a new species of knife compared to my old bread knife. I never realized what I was missing! There’s no more “squished-bread” syndrome with this knife, because it cuts so gently and efficiently.

As I mentioned in my post announcing the fact that I’m a Chicago Cutlery Mom Ambassador, I’ve been working on my knife skills as well.

I’ve learned a couple of things:

1) It’s very important to hold a knife properly as this allows for better control. The Chicago Cutlery DesignPro knives make this easy with the innovative grip.

2.) Let the knife do the cutting. It’s not about force, but rather gently guiding the knife to do what you want. I used to have to really push down with my old knives, but my new Chicago Cutlery knives are ultra-sharp with Japanese steel blades and I don’t have to anymore. It’s almost effortless to use them! (And I never thought I’d say that!)

One thing I dread chopping the most is rhubarb. While I love rhubarb, it can be such a pain to cut up! I’ve always had a hard time chopping it into even pieces because the top layer peels off and gets in the way. Maybe I was doing it wrong, but I’m pretty sure my problem was my old knives. My new knives arrived the day before our neighbor gave us a nice bunch of rhubarb; the timing couldn’t have been better. Normally I plead with Nate to chop the rhubarb (he has more patience then me), but this time – armed with my new Chicago Cutlery DesignPro Chef knife, I set to work. In a matter of minutes, I had a nice big bowl of rhubarb chopped that would have previously taken me at least a half hour. Now that impressed me!

Here’s one of my family’s favorite dinners that I’m nowable to prepare much quicker thanks to my new knives – Aloha Chicken:

Aloha Chicken

Aloha Chicken

  • 4 boneless skinless chicken breast halves (4 ounces each)
  • 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 1 can (16 oz) pineapple chunks
  • 1.5 teaspoon cornstarch
  • 1.5 tablespoon honey
  • 1.5 tablespoon reduced-sodium teriyaki sauce or reduced-sodium soy sauce
  • 1/8 teaspoon pepper
  • Hot cooked rice

Cut the chicken into pieces or flatten into 1/4" thickness if you keep them whole. Place four in a ziploc bag; add chicken and toss to coat.

In a large skillet, brown chicken over medium heat in oil 3-5 minutes on each side or until juices run clear. Remove and keep warm. Drain pineapple, reserving 1/4 cup juice. (Discard remaining juice or save for another use.)

In a small bowl, combine cornstarch and reserved juice until smooth. Gradually add to skillet. stir in the honey, teriyaki sauce and pepper. Bring to a boil. Cook and stir for 30 seconds or until thickened. Add pineapple and chicken; heat through. Serve with rice.

*recipe from Taste of Home

Chicago Cutlery DesignPro knives work extremely well and they are 100% worth the cost. I’m a pretty frugal person, but kitchen knifeware is not an area to skimp on; buying a good quality set of knives will pay for itself over and over. I highly recommend Chicago DesignPro.

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Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in a Brand Ambassador Campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of ChicagoCutlery and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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  1. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I like the Full lifetime warranty with every knife

  2. I like that they have ultra-sharp with Japanese steel blades

  3. Michelle R. says:

    My favorite is the innovative grip.

  4. i love the handles. they look like they’re easy to grip :)

  5. Tina crisman says:

    I am currently using knives from the dollar tree (which arent really helpful) to cook for me and my 3 sons, The designpro knives look wonderful!! They would get ALOT of use in my household :)

  6. The Japanese steel blades.. my knives are in desperate need of replacing

  7. I like the warranty.

  8. The innovative grip allowing you to slice things easier.

  9. I have to have this Knife!!! I love Chicago Cutlery!!!!

  10. I love the grips and the design very nice!

  11. I like the handles. They look like they’ve been designed really well for grip and comfort.

  12. I like the grip

  13. Anna Maloy says:

    I love that they are really quality knives and the life time warranty is a big plus!

  14. Teressa Morris says:

    I like that all the knives have a lifetime warranty.

  15. Emily Adams says:

    The knives are super sharp,with Japanese steel blades!

  16. Colleen Maurina says:

    My favorite feature is that these knoves are made with high quality Japanese steel blades.

  17. The best thing is they look like they can cut what a great thing.

  18. I like the new Chicago Cutlery DesignPro knives they look like they would be great to own.

  19. Debbie Jackson says:

    the innovative grip and the sharp edges debbie jackson,
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  20. i like the grip on these

  21. i hate touching raw meat, too!

  22. The grip handle (some knives are so uncomfortable to use!)

  23. Thao Nguyen says:

    I have learned that they are made with high quality Japanese steel blades

  24. Cheryl Abdelnour says:

    I like the grip handle.

  25. I love how sharp the knife is!

  26. That’s one nice sharp knife. My knives are old and dull. For me cutting a watermelon is always hard but I bet a knife like this would have no problem cutting it. Thanks for the nice giveaway! :)

  27. Trung Nguyen says:

    I like the grip handle design and the sharpness of the knife

  28. Marti Parks says:

    I like the sharp steel blades.

  29. Dawn Hatton says:

    The handles look very comfortable

  30. Kayla Skjaret says:

    The chicken recipe looks absolutely delicious! I had a set of Chicago cutlery, and I have to agree one of the best sets of knives I’ve ever owned! We passed them on to a friend after we bought a new set because their knives were so poor they were dangerous to use. They love them! Thanks for this post! Wonderfully written post by the way. :)

  31. I like the grip on the handles. They also look well weighted.

  32. Jessica Carnaggio says:

    I like the innovative grip.

  33. The handles and the design look really awesome. The knives look like they handle really well too.

  34. I love the lifetime warranty and the steel blades. I really need new knifes. I hate cutting sweet potatoes with my current knifes. It is so difficult. I think these would make it a breeze.

  35. My favorite feature is “Ultra sharp for effortless cutting” :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  36. I like the grips and design

  37. Debbie Welchert says:

    I like how the Scalloped Bread Knife doesn’t squish the bread when cutting it.

  38. My favorite thing would be the Easy Grip Handles.

  39. I love the Lifetime warranty and innovative grip.


  40. Just guiding the knives, no pushing.

  41. Joseph Stowell says:

    The design of the grip look like it wouldn’t slip if my hands were wet. Great!

  42. Stephanie Hirsch says:

    I love that they are ultra sharp, mine keep having to be sharpened because they aren’t so sharp anymore.

  43. Heather Zeh says:

    I like the grips

  44. Christy Anderson says:

    I like the innovative grip feature.

  45. Fav feature…I like the fact that they have ultra-sharp Japanese steel blades!

  46. I love that they are Ultra sharp for effortless cutting. My knives are dull and are a lot of work. Thanks!

  47. Wow! This seems like a great knife!

  48. I like the innovative grip!

  49. bill elliott says:

    I like the innovative grip!

  50. My favorite feature is the ultra-sharp with Japanese steel blades!

  51. Those handles look absolutely comfy! My hubby would love this set of knives I think. He would also love your chicken recipe! Thank you for the wonderful review, awesome giveaway and yummy recipe!

  52. Ultra sharp blades…my knives are always dull and need sharpening before every use!

  53. The grip looks very comfortable and naturally controllable

  54. Betsy Rubendall Barnes says:

    My favorite feature are the handles. I have arthritis in my hands and these look like they wouldn’t cause stress :)

  55. Samantha Stamp says:

    Thank you for both the giveaway and the recipe I look forward to trying it out on my family!

  56. Angela Hartness says:

    I like that they have a full lifetime warranty.

  57. i like the sharpness of the knives

  58. I love that it has a lifetime warranty

  59. They have an innovative grip and a japanese steal blade!

  60. They seem to be of high quality. The knives I use now really wouldn’t cut hot butter.

  61. Danielle Williams says:

    I love the grip and the sharpness of the knives!

  62. How well it cuts.

  63. my favorite feature is their lifetime warranty

  64. Melinda Dartmann says:

    I own only 1 of these knives I would love to have more. Can’t beat the quality of them.

  65. sharp and innovative grasp

  66. I love the innovative grip.

  67. lifetime warrenty

  68. Kristine L. says:

    The easy grip would be a great feature for me.

  69. Gretchen Gerth says:

    I love the handles, they look easy to grip (all knives say they are but these actually look like they are). I have weak wrists from breaking them in the past and using them constantly on the computer and my wrists get tired very easily when prepping dinner.

  70. Christina Almond says:

    I really love that these knives have a lifetime warranty…that shows how much the company really stands behind their products!

  71. renee walters says:

    My favorite is the innovative grip. Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!

  72. Sherry Compton says:

    love that the knives cut without much force


  74. innovative grip

  75. i like the life time warranty.

  76. Sarah Carletti says:

    I love the good grip hold.

  77. i also like the warranty because you can always use a lifetime warranty!

  78. I really like the grip and I’ve heard nothing but great things about Chicago Cutlery!

  79. Thomas Murphy says:

    the innovative grip.

  80. Ellen Levickis says:

    The Scalloped Bread knife cuts so gently and efficiently.

  81. I wanna win Erika!

  82. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    i like the innovative grip!

  83. I must have missed this contest or I surely would have entered for these wonderful knives. I love the handles on them they look sturdy and easy on the hands to use. We’re a big knife family – we use lots of different knives for things. And the bread knife now this is one that sounds great , no more smushed bread – yeah. Thanks for the great review of them and the nice big pictures of the knives .

  84. Christina Almond says:

    Congrats Christine L.! :)

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