6 Things I Love About Sending My Kids Back to School

Note: this is a guest post from Sara, who blogs at My Rural Mommy.

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Especially now that I am a parent! There is just so much fun to be had with the kiddos. Apple picking, baking, brisk afternoon walks, playing in the leaves. The options are endless! But my very favorite part of Fall? Sending them back to school!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love having them all to myself during the summer but the school year has so many perks that I forget about until it rolls around again.

1. Getting back into a routine!
Like most of us I love the lazy days of Summer. Being able to pick up and head to the beach on a whim. Staying in our swimsuits all day just because we can. Staying up late. Sleeping in. (I know, who am I kidding? Kids don’t let you sleep in!) However, my kids thrive on consistency and schedule. Once school is in session life gets more organized. Naptime for the little one is a guarantee. Homework is done before tv/playtime. Bedtimes are enforced. This makes mommy happy!

2. Fewer people to pick up after!
There is just something about have one or two less people in the house during the day that changes the whole dynamic. It’s truly amazing how clean my home becomes when I don’t have a tween in and out of the kitchen ten times a day! I can keep up with the laundry while the little ones are playing quietly by themselves. Dishes actually get put into the dishwasher instead of overflowing in the sink!

3. More time to myself!
Since school is in session I have more motivation to get up early and have an hour or so to myself in the mornings before the kids wake. I am able to drink my coffee in peace before the day begins. Naptime and quiet playtime allows me time to get more blogging and networking accomplished. By the time bedtime rolls around I know that “Mommy time” is right around the corner. It does wonders for my mental health!

4. Less words!
My girls are chatty to say the least. Especially my oldest! I love hearing each and every one of their stories throughout the day. BUT…..I do not enjoy the constant excuses, debates and arguments. Once school starts there are simply fewer words being spoken to me during the day. By the time school lets out in the afternoon my tween is happy to discuss her day and then she’s busy doing homework. The little ones spend more time playing quietly either with each other, with me or by themselves. There is simply more peace and quiet in the house.

5. Running errands in peace!
Going to the grocery store by myself does not happen anymore. I have learned to come to terms with it. At least now that school is in session I know that I have two days a week during nursery school when I can go with just the baby. One child in tow while running errands is a piece of cake compared to three! She’s not old enough to beg for toys and snacks yet. Plus she can’t reach the shelves to throw in random items that I don’t discover until I hit the checkout. Bonus!

6. More quality time with each child!
I love being able to give more focused attention to each of my girls. While the older two are in school I have one on one time with the baby. While the baby is napping my toddler has my undivided attention. When my tween arrives home in the afternoon I relish hearing about her day and helping her with homework. I don’t feel like I am being pulled from three different directions anymore. The girls are each getting quiet time with mommy and they love it!

Having said all of this I should mention that the activities have not started yet. Within the next few weeks we will be getting into Girl Scouts, gymnastics, chorus/band concerts, etc. By then I may very well be yearning for those lazy days of Summer again. But for now I am peaceful and content. Happy to be back to “normal”.

What do you love most about back to school?

Sara is a mom, wife and writer on a journey to parental bliss. She blogs at MyRural Mommy about parenting, family and more. She is also a contributing staff writer at Pardon My Poppet. When she’s not wrangling a baby, a toddler or a tween you will probably find her drinking too much coffee and hanging out on Twitter @myruralmommy.

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  1. None of my kids are school age yet. But I do value my time, that’s for sure!

  2. Back to school is so very bitter sweet to me!
    I love the alone time, time to clean, time to get things done, but I also miss them so much! I’ve been known to keep them home from school for family fun days! :)
    Enjoy your alone time! :)

  3. bill elliott says:

    With the return to school we all can take the well deserved couple of hours break from those little ones we love and cherish so much

  4. I don’t have children, but I have friends who do and I look forward to having more opportunities to talk and visit with those friends because they have more time to themselves when their children are in school, usually.

  5. Angel Shearl says:

    I had to send my baby this year! Ar=t first i was sad but now i am getting use to having time to get things done that i always couldn’t!

  6. Katherine G says:

    I know exactly what you mean. I feel the same way.

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