Wordless Wednesday Linky – First Day of School

I have classic photos for this particular Wordless Wednesday – first day of school pictures!

Being the supermom that I am, I naturally staged these photos last Friday. *grin*

I’m homeschooling Emily for kindergarten this year. Technically, we did some kindergarten last year but we’re continuing now. Since she’s 5, with her birthday in late November, she’s in that middle stage where we could push ahead and try first grade, but I see no reason to rush her.

Nathan started 4th grade yesterday. It was his first day of public school ever. But in an effort to keep this not-too-wordful, I’m saving those details for my Mom Life post tomorrow.

I love Emily’s color combinations. That girl’s “style” is somethin’ else, I tell you.

I know, I know. My gate needs a paint job in a bad way. That’s been on my summer to do list, but since it was somewhat on the bottom… it hasn’t happened yet….oh well.

They are growing up way too fast.

When did/do your children start school?

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  1. Great photos. They look happy! Thanks for hosting and have a great week.

  2. Love the huge smiles!
    and may they have a wonderful and memorable year!!

    My Organized Chaos

  3. Now that the kids are back in school, moms can have a little life? lol

    • That would be nice, but I’m homeschooling Emily for kindergarten and with my 3 year old and 20 month old running around, that is still in the distant future. Lol. :) But I will say it is much quieter during naptime now without Nathan and Emily arguing!

  4. Heather McD says:

    Those are cute pictures!

  5. Yeah for back to school! I really do miss my kids in the day, but I’m so amazed by just how much I can get accomplished in a given day! lol.

    • I know what you mean! I still have my other 3 at home, which keeps me quite busy. But I’ve had about 2 hours in the afternoon, when the little boys are napping, to get stuff done. It’s been so nice!

  6. cute!

  7. These are such cute pics! I can’t wait to hear about Nathan’s first day in public school.

  8. Their precious smiles totally stole the show so that I never would have noticed the gate ;), I bet your son is really excited, hope he has a great first day! My daughter started a 3 day a week class towards earning her Masters in Electrical Engineering today, and her 3yr old daughter started back to preschool. The real challenge is her 4mo old son. Her husband will be working from home 1 day a week and she may be studying on line the other two. I’ll try to help out too but it’s a 3 hr drive from home so a sitter will have to fill in sometimes.

  9. Crystal C says:

    Great shots. They grow SO quick!

  10. In the school mood! They look happy. Great shots! Thanks for hosting.

  11. Gorgeous photos. The banners are a cute idea :)
    We’d love you to add your linky to our list if you have time.

  12. I love how you used the signs, genius! I wish I’d thought of it to do with my kids too. Thanks for sharing, looks like they were about to have really great days, to start off a really great school year!

  13. Such a cute little toothless smile. Hope they had great first days. We started back on the 20th.

  14. Great first day pictures! They look excited to go back to school!

  15. mine don’t start until 2nd week of Sept. I take a pic every year but hadn’t thought of the signs. I’m going to do that!

    They’re cuties!!

  16. Super cute! My daughter is 2 and a half, she’s going to a preschool/mom’s day out program that is twice a week. She started early this month. Unfortunately we’re moving though and it’s just not worth the hour drive to continue going there.

  17. Our children start school after Labour Day. They also go until the end of June.

  18. These are great, and I love the fence just like it is… people are paying tons of money to get that rustic look nowadays ya know. :)

  19. I love how excited they look, great pictures. My kids aren’t back yet. My son (funnily enough, a Nathan too!) starts grade five this year and goes back next Wednesday. The following week my daughter will start back her second year of preschool, so next year it will be Kindergarten for us and I will be getting her to pose for pictures! My son’s picture ended up in the newspaper as he was crossing the street for his first day of Kindergarten…Perfect memory!

  20. Awesome photos! And I agree with you that doing things with your children is much more important than painting a gate :)

    Happy WW!

  21. Such happy faces! I hope they had a wonderful first day!

  22. Awww, they look so excited! I love the idea of using signs like that. I have pictures of my daughter from every year but now that I will have more than one in school it might not be so easy to remember which year the pic is from…lol!

  23. YAY for 1st day of school pics! These are adorable!

  24. They looked excited to be going to school… Did it wear off at all?? Great pics!

    Mines up as well at AussiePomm – Its (nearly) Spring!!

    Have a great WW!!

  25. Aww, cute kids! I hope they have a great year in school.

    ♥ aquariann
    Featured Photo: Purple Allium Flower

  26. School doesn’t start here until Sept 6th!! My kiddos have been going crazy ’cause in AZ where we just moved from school starts the beginning of August!

  27. Great pics! We started our homeschool year on Thursday! I already know I’ll be posting their “back to school” pictures next Wordless Wednesday! haha :)

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