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Even though crib bumpers are associated with an increased risk of SIDS,  bumpers are still widely available and used. As every parent of a moving baby knows, there are also other risks associated with not using them. SIDS is definitely a concern that was on my mind all the way til my boys’ first birthday, but without a bumper, so were head injuries from nap time crib gymnastics. And nothing undermines sleep training like having to fish your now crying baby’s feet out from between his crib rails after he fell asleep playing in them. Wonder Bumpers are a thoughtful and innovative solution to this problem, made for parents, by parents. Because I don’t have a baby anymore, my three-month-old nephew got a chance to try them out.


Wonder Bumpers come in a set of individual bumpers that you zip around each crib rail separately, leaving space between the rails for airflow. They are secured by zippers so that your child can’t pull them down onto himself, and while traditional bumpers get pushed down and stepped on, these vertical bumpers are always standing tall and looking new, no matter how your child plays on them.



They are very soft to the touch and while many of them are sold as sets,  you can also buy them individually, which allows you to mix and match to fit your nursery color scheme perfectly. I find the vertical bumpers to be very modern and unique; a great place to throw some color into your nursery. Other designs that I find especially cute are the baby blue birds nursery set,  the pink and cream set for a girl, and if you’re looking for a neutral design, the grey and yellow set is really perfect as well.


Baby Oliver seems to like his new bed quite a bit, and so does his mommy. She sleeps a lot better knowing that she is doing everything she can to reduce his risk of SIDS and at the same time making his crib a soft and cozy place for him to learn to sleep.



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Austin is the stay at home mother of twin two year old boys, lover of all things green/organic, and a freelance product reviewer.


  1. I never had any problems with crib bumpers with all of my six children, but I never was really happy with them. I don’t like not having anything up against the slats of the crib because babies do tend to smash up against them. These are the perfect solution!

  2. I think a lot of mom will like to have this kind for their babies…its a good kind of bumpers and safety for their kids..

  3. Jenny Sims says:

    Wonder Bumpers look super cute, and like a great solution to ease both SIDS risk and the risk of bumps and bruises from the crib! Thanks for the tip.

  4. Michelle S says:

    These look a lot safer than tradition bumpers, however I hope some day they can improve upon this concept and come up with something even safer.

  5. I love this! I want to get this for Cyrena’s crib!!!

  6. I think these bumper protectors are great. I wish I had these 26 yrs ago when my daughter was little. I saw on Rachel Ray a woman who used to these to use as a bench cover on the bleachers to sit on. What a good idea! Now you all know what you can do with your baby bumpers when your baby is grown.LOL!! I think these are just awesome! :)

  7. Chelsea W says:

    Those are so cute! and they look SO much safer than traditional bumpers

  8. Carrie Phelps says:

    I really love these. I love love love that there is not extra fabric in the crib the child may get wrapped into.

  9. Heather V says:

    Wow! Never seen crib bumpers like that! Would make a great shower gift!

  10. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I have never seen this before. I love the idea of having them stay on place and not scrutche at the bottom. I also love that the air flow is still there. Thank you for such a wonderful review I will be looking to get these.

  11. Valerie Carpenter says:

    These new crib bumpers will let a lot of mothers rest a little easier knowing they have done all they can do to provide a safe environment for their little ones.

  12. My grandson has these slat bumpers in his crib and they have been wonderful! They have saved him from many crashes when he learned to start pulling up and taking his first steps.

  13. Alicia Ponce says:

    This product is great for keeping baby safe and also giving Mom a peace of mind while her baby rests.

  14. Stephanie says:

    really cute!

  15. olivia rubin says:

    this seems like an ingeniuous product. i dont have kids, so i dont know if this is a new baby product, but it makes sense…to protect baby from slipping, getting bruised, stuck limb, or even gnawing on crib. Also great for older crib that u want to hide wear and tear of.

  16. These are great. Way different from the older type of paddings. Nice colors and soft and easy to put on and take off if need to be washed . It gives parents one less worry with their young babies.

  17. These bumpers are ingenious! I’ll definitely be looking for them for my next grandchild!

  18. This is so wonderful! I want it

  19. pelirroja cupones (Joselina Serrao) says:

    I love this

  20. This is such a great product to keep baby from hitting their head. I think that this is so much better than having something bunched up against the sides. This is a safe product that mom will not have to worry about using!

  21. i just love these bumbers! susch a great idea for the air flow!

  22. Anna Maloy says:

    What a great idea! I like that the baby is safer, but it is also nice to be able to see through to them as well. My kids are too old for these now, but I’ll keep them in mind for baby showers.

  23. They look like a great product but just not sure about the zipper idea! These bumpers look very appealing to the eye.

  24. cool! ive never seen or heard of these until i read your post… something to definitely look into!

  25. Those look great! What a great alternative to the normal bumpers. I know moms who still use bumpers because they like the look of them

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