Signature Pancakes at IHOP This Summer

I love going out to eat, but we don’t very often because it’s expensive to feed our family of six. However one place we do enjoy visiting that doesn’t ruin the budget is IHOP. With their famous buttermilk pancakes, there’s a yummy treat that each person in my family loves and their prices are pretty reasonable compared to other sit-down restaurants. Plus it’s such a family-friendly place that I don’t worry about making people mad if Luke yells or Joshua spills his milk.

I always love that IHOP is constantly offering new twists and creations for their pancakes; it’s not just the usual buttermilk pancake that we can make at home. This summer, there are three signature pancakes at IHOP on the menu:

Red Velvet Pancakes: Rich chocolaty red velvet pancakes, drizzled with cream cheese icing, a dusting of powdered sugar and crowned with whipped topping.

Sweet Strawberry Pancakes: These fluffy famous buttermilk pancakes are crowned with cool strawberries in a glaze, drizzled with cream cheese icing and crowned with whipped topping.

Whole Wheat Pancakes with Banana: Wholesome and lightly sweet, fluffy whole wheat pancakes topped with fresh sliced bananas. Plus they are part of IHOP’s Simple & Fit under 600 calories menu options.

These delicious looking pancakes are available for a limited time (now through September 2nd at participating restaurants) starting at $4.99.

I was sent a giftcard from the kind folks at IHOP so my family could try them out. There’s just one downside to IHOP for us: there’s only two locations in the state of New Hampshire and the closest one to us is about 50 minutes away. Still, it’s worth the trip (or better if we’re already in the area) and we took the kids on Sunday for dinner. Because it’s hard to beat delicious pancakes for dinner, right?

The people are always so nice at IHOP and my family was seated immediately. There’s always a lot of commotion when we first sit down because Nate and I are trying to get the little kids seated and Nathan is already looking at his menu and practically shouting what he wants. Once we got everyone settled, we looked at the menu.

I personally love strawberry panckes, so it’s lucky for me that there’s at least two varieties at IHOP. Originally I had planned on ordering the Sweet Strawberry Pancakes, but I was in the mood for Strawberry Banana so I went with that. It was just as delicious as it looked. A stack of four mouth-watering pancakes! They were so yummy and filling!

(I didn’t dare bring my nice camera and risk the kids getting syrup on it, so these photos are from Nate’s iPhone.)

Nate ordered the Red Velvet Pancakes and let me have a bite. I personally thought they were so sweet, they were more of a dessert than a meal. But they were delicious!! Especially the cream cheese icing. Nate really enjoyed them too. He said he doesn’t normally like that kind of thing, but he loved these. He had ordered the two pancakes with sausage and eggs meal option.

We didn’t try the Whole Wheat Banana pancakes, but the next time we go, that will definitely be on the menu for us.

The kids loved their own “Create a Face” pancakes too.

Luke was busy trying to eat with a fork. He made a very big mess, which I felt bad about, but our server was very nice about it. (We left a nice tip.)

This was before the mess.

We all enjoyed our meal at IHOP. Once again, they have a hit with their summer signature pancakes. IHOP is a great family-friendly restaurant with reasonable prices and I definitely recommend them. Now I wonder what they’ll come up with for autumn?

To find a restaurant near you, visit You can also find IHOP on Facebook.


Disclaimer: I received a gift card to facilitate this review and I did not receive any monetary compensation. My opinions are 100% my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.

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  1. I just went to IHOP last week! At the one I went to (not sure if it’s everywhere) every day between 4-10 pm, kids eat free! It’s buy one adult entree get one kid meal free.

    • That’s an awesome deal, Isra! I think I saw a sign at our IHOP saying that kids eat free on Tuesday, but I can’t remember for sure.

  2. OMGLeeee… Now, I’m starving :)
    I love their spinach/cheese omelets… Would you mind picking me up one and making a home delivery maybe??

  3. OOooo. LOVE IHOP!! We haven’t been in forever. I think I’m going to tell the kids that’s where I want to go for my birthday meal next week (we always eat out on someone’s birthday – they choose the place – it’s a ‘family thing’ LOL!). I’m thinking the buckwheat banana pancakes sound the best!

  4. From your photos, I just realized we don’t go to IHOP as much as we should! Now I want their pancakes! :)

  5. Everything looks delicious!

  6. Those strawberry pancakes in particular look delicious!

    Our closest IHop is also a good drive away but these definitely look worth the drive!

  7. Of course I haven’t had breakfast yet! This looks so yummy. Love IHop!

  8. Our closest Ihop is so far away :(

    These red velvet pancakes would totally make it worth the trip though!

  9. kelly nicholson says:

    i love ihop baby!..give me breakfast

  10. Laura Love says:

    I love pancakes of all kinds! Red velvet pancakes with cream cheese icing? That sounds incredible. I am going to have to go check that out!

  11. Paula Schuck says:

    I would Love the banana whole wheat pancakes. Yummy!


  12. I have had these pancakes called the Whole Wheat Pancakes with Banana! They are so delicious! IHOP has very delicious food at a good price!

  13. Red Velvet Pancakes? Sounds to good to be true! I make red velvet cakes from Paula Dean;s grandmothers’ recipe and the are gone very quickly every time!

  14. Carly B. says:

    Those strawberry banana pancakes look amazing. I live in NH too, luckily I am closer than 50 minutes to IHOP!

  15. Nena Sinclair says:

    IHOP has the best breakfasts!! I especially love their Country Fried Steak & Eggs Combo!

  16. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    Mmm those red velvet pancakes look heavenly… I always feel bad when my 15 month old makes a mess too! But its nearly impossible to keep everything clean lol

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