New Athletic Shoes from Heelys

I’ve worked with Heelys before and they’re a great company. Last fall, I reviewed Heelys for my (then) eight-year-old son, Nathan, and he loved them. Seriously, he wore them everywhere (even to church one day when I didn’t realize it!) But this summer, he outgrew them and was really bummed. So it was perfect timing when the folks at Heelys contacted me about reviewing a pair of Heelys from their new designs.

There’s actually three new Heelys designs, released for this fall/winter:

  • Athletic shoes that are much lighter than traditional Heelys, making them ideal for students who play sports or have active lifestyles
  • Street shoes that have low profile “skate outsoles” that make skating easier.
  • Lifestyles – designed just for girls/women with more fashion-forward colors and styles.

I was given the option of choosing a style from any of these three new lines. I seriously considered getting one of the new Lifestyles Heelys for myself because they are so nice looking! I love this one:

Check out this pair, called Socialite – You can’t say Heelys are just for boys now!

As nice as those were, in the end, I decided to get some Heelys for Nathan since he really wanted a new pair. We looked over the options (it’s hard to choose) and Nathan picked:

Swift – “the lightest pair of Heelys ever made. Swift’s athletic-inspired design will keep you moving all day.

We already like Heelys a lot, but this new pair really impressed me. It looks and feels just like a regular athletic shoe, except there’s space for a wheel on the bottom.

One of the first things Nathan said when he tried them on was, “Wow, Mom, these feel really nice!”

It took him a little practice to get used to the one wheel per shoe (his other pair had two wheels per shoe) but he figured it out quickly and in no time, was wheeling all over the place.

Check him out in action on this video:

With school starting very soon, Heelys can be a fun alternative to regular shoes. If you don’t want your child wheeling around at school or it’s not allowed, there’s a quick solution: simply pop out the wheels and put the plugs back in. Then your child can walk around, wearing regular shoes and once school is finished, they can put the wheels back. Fun for everyone!

Nathan gives his new Heelys a big two thumbs up!

The new Heelys are definitely impressive and I highly recommend them. To see the full line of Heelys, visit 
You can find a great selection of Heelys on Amazon too.

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  1. Those look fun! I am a totally heelys failure, but I bet my son could master them pretty fast! I couldn’t even make mine go, lol! I’m not very coordinated!

  2. I love the new styles! We have a couple pairs of Heely’s here but nothing cute and stylish like that!

  3. I love the new designs! My daughter has been wanting a pair for quite some time now.

  4. Those are cool. My son would love them.

  5. Della Dabner says:

    I would love these for my nephew. I didn’t even know they still made these!

  6. I like the look of these new Heelys a lot. They are definitely getting more stylish. As a teacher though, one word of advice to moms — leave the wheels at home!

    • You’re absolutely right there, Mariah! That’s why I love how you can pop the wheels out and replace them with the plugs. Only I misplaced Nathan’s plugs, so I need to find some more. Oops!

  7. Those look cool, I love all the different styles they offer, my son has been begging me for a pair of these for awhile now, thanks for sharing :)

    • They are awesome. I love this particular pair because it can double as regular shoes. I don’t have to go shoe shopping for Nathan this fall now because he’s got these. I just pop out the wheels, put in the plugs, and he can run around like usual. It’s great.

  8. I never knew they had anything besides sneakers, love the ballet flat esque ones! very cute!

  9. Wow, he does way better than I did in them! I fell so many times…they have been sitting on my shelf for months…I’m scared to try again! LOL

  10. Chavonne H says:

    Oh wow those are pretty cool shoes. I bet all kids would love to have these!!

  11. I really can’t picture myself wearing Heely’s, but I know how fun they are for kids. My nieces and nephew each have a pair for summer and after school (they are banned in school). So glad your son enjoys his so much!

  12. Valerie Carpenter says:

    My son loves his Heelys until he outgrew them. He would love these new styles.

  13. These shoes look and sound so cool! Why didn’t they have this type of thing when I was in school? My daughter would have a blast with these and I bet they might get her outside more. I love that the wheels can be popped in or out!

  14. I just learned that the wheels pop out! I didn’t know that. These look nice and sound fun too!! Thanks for the great review. They are stylish for girls too!

  15. Anita Jones says:

    my kids would love to have a pair of these. thanks for the review!

  16. Carla Bonesteel says:

    I, personally, would KILL myself on these!! I’m super clumsy!

  17. Karen Glatt says:

    I can see whey your son and other kids would love to wear a pair of these Heelys becasuse they are fun to wear. You can make your wheel roll you around, and kids like to have these shoes to be able to do it. I think that they are a great and fun product to let your kids try out.

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