Mommy Meltdown

Not the kids this time, but me. I had a meltdown – a mommy meltdown that is. I had enough this morning and went upstairs and cried and cried. And then I decided that I’m going on strike. At least for tonight. (One plus – I didn’t yell at the kids! I went upstairs before I got that far.)

There’s days like today where I just want to give up. On keeping up the house, that is. I’m just done. It’s like quicksand and I can’t win. I spend hours scrubbing floors, vacuuming, folding laundry, etc. (the list is nearly endless as you well know!) only to have to do it all over again.

I wash the dishes – there’s a dozen more as soon as I finish. I do the laundry – the cat decides to pee on my towels in my doorless bathroom cupboard (spellcheck says doorless isn’t a word, but I say it is!) and I have to do another load. I finish that load – Joshua misses his aim for the toilet, gets pee all over himself, the toilet, and surrounding floor. (I still don’t know how he managed that one.) And on it goes.

We have ONE bathroom, in our household of six people, and that doubles as my laundry room. It does NOT work.

There’s Luke. He’s the sweetest, cutest kid, but there’s a reason we call him the “Tornado.” He’s into EVERYTHING. He splashes the dog water bowl all over the kitchen floor (again) and while I’m cleaning that up, he’s trying to scale my kitchen cupboards to reach the sliced bread on the counter that Nathan left out. I’m not kidding – the kid is a monkey. He climbs up everything now. As soon as I stop him and go back to the dog water mess, then he’s climbing on the kitchen table to shred Emily’s drawing (that she left out), and dump Joshua’s cup of water. I take him out of the kitchen, put the gate up, only to realize that he’s in the bathroom putting Emily’s swim suit into the toilet. I could go on, but I won’t.

Joshua is driving me nuts at the same time. He needs speech therapy. I’ve just sent in a request to our school district to get him evaluated. He turned three in June and he talks plenty, but we can’t understand him most of the time. It’s gotten so frustrating for all of us (including him.) I can’t help feeling that he would be a really happy easy-going kid if he could just communicate what he wants.

I’m frustrated that my bathtub is so disgusting (a bad caulk job that Nate still hasn’t fixed 7 years later) that I can’t accept a bathtub toy review that I would really love to do. I have no idea how to fix it or I’d try it myself.

The other big reason for my little “mommy meltdown” earlier is that I’m stressed about my surgery in September. I hate the thought of being “down” for possibly a month or more. Hopefully it won’t take that long for me to recover, but I keep hearing all these stories about being completely exhausted for months afterwards. Granted, I’m already exhausted as it is…

Okay, so this is really a pity party post. But I feel better having gotten that all out.

What’s driving you crazy these days?

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Erika is a happily married mom with four energetic children. With a love for Jesus, photography, organizing, and encouraging other moms, she stays busy and definitely does not have it all together.


  1. Awww, Erika, I’m sorry. Those days (when you feel overwhelmed and one more thing happening puts you over the edge) are SO frustrating! I don’t have as many monkeys as you but I can only imagine. A mama can only do so much. Praying for you and your upcoming surgery! I’m sure that stress and worry isn’t helping any.

  2. Kailee Adams says:

    Oh girl! I feel for you! I’ve had days like that, where EVERYTHING is just a disaster, where I’ve even fell face first onto the arm of a chair tripping over toys and just trying to NOT fall on the baby. I guess what’s driving me most crazy lately is that Mark is not helping around the house at all unless I specifically map out what I need. I feel like a mother of three instead of two! I hope your day gets better, and that you get some quiet time. I know my favorite part of the day is when Mark is at work and both kids are napping, which is getting fewer and farther between these days! Cheers to you for being an awesome mom :)

  3. Well, let me tell you its good to know you also have meltdowns/your kids also drive u nuts once in a while/you get to your limit. I was starting to think youre from another planet!! Cos you always seemed to have everything under control. Well id say not to worry about the surgery cos that doesnt help and everyone is different so maybe youll be up and running only days after it. As for the rest: it doesnt matter if your house is a mess, soon enough the kids will be kids no more and youll miss the days luke was monkeying around, i suggest you take more pictures instead of getting angry!!

    • Haha, I am definitely human – believe me! And that’s why I share these kinds of posts- because I’m NOT perfect. And you are so right – I will miss those days with Luke “monkeying around.” Thanks, Mara!
      Hope you have a great day!

  4. We had very similar days, Erica. My daughter drove me to tears today too. I think all moms have these days now and then. I also believe that we are hardest on ourselves. It’s okay to have a meltdown, it can be therapeutic. I hope the weekend is much better for you:)

  5. Picked up a temporary housesitting job.. sounds easy.. doesnt it.. well.. with the driving here and back.. and everyone and their cousin wanting me to drive them places (mind you I told everyone I wouldnt be available this week.. ).. and trying to finish off orders and get my stuff done on the computer.. working on the garden (before more stuff rot on the vines, etc).. and just keeping up.. I am exhausted.. so yes, I can relate this week.. and this day just hasnt been a good one..

    First my brake light went out… so how did I find out.. lol.. a cop stopped me.. thankfully I didnt get a ticket.. so I had to get the bulbs.. my BF tried to put them on (I was suppose to already be at my friends to drive her shopping.. that I had to cancel twice before cos of stuff this week).. and of course it would work.. so I told him let me go to our mechanic.. he snapped at me.. and then I SNAPPED (very loudly) at him.. and he got mad.. sigh.. got it done.. and went to pick up my friend… who of course wasnt ready.. I melted down.. so she decided not to go.. lovely.. so went home.. got ready to leave for my housesitting job.. packed my meal.. hit the bank (cos I needed toll money).. and at each stop things just went wrong.. even the store I stopped at to pick up stuff I needed.. I couldnt cos their machine was down.. and I had exactly enough money I needed for everything else but the groceries.. UGH!!

  6. your post really hit home with me. we have ALL been there! sometimes being a mama is just so, so hard! hope you’re having a great day, today though!

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