A Tooth Fairy Tale

I found a site that lists all sorts of “national” days, like National Relaxation Day, National Blueberry Day, etc. Most of them are pretty silly, but they can make for some interesting topics. Guess what today is? It’s National Tooth Fairy Day! And have I got a tooth fairy tale to share with you! This happened a couple years ago, but I don’t remember blogging about it before. So here it is:

In our house, the Tooth Fairy leaves $1.00 for each tooth she finds. Nathan is the only one of the kids who has benefited from her visits so far, since the others aren’t old enough yet. Although it won’t be long for Emily, since she’s almost six.

The first time Nathan lost a tooth, it was a very big deal. He went to sleep after we assured him that the Tooth Fairy couldn’t visit until he was in dream land. The “Tooth Fairy” dutifully waited until he was sleeping and then slipped the tooth from under Nathan’s pillow, stashed it in her handy-dandy ziplock bag, and left a dollar bill in its place. Nathan was ecstatic the next morning – the Tooth Fairy had actually come.

She came again for the next tooth.
And then “she” messed up big time for the third tooth. She forgot.

The next morning, we woke up to the sound of wailing. Heart-broken, devastated wailing. It was around 5:30 in the morning and I stumbled out of bed into Nathan’s room. In between sobs, Nathan told me that the Tooth Fairy had not come. “Why didn’t she come, Mommy? She FORGOT!”

Oh crap.
Give me Mother-of-the-Year award right then and there, people, because I deserved it.

I think I mumbled something about we’ll figure it out and maybe the Tooth Fairy had a really busy night and would come later. And we went back to bed. That was a futile effort though because I felt so guilty, I didn’t sleep a wink. Really, what mom forgets about the tooth fairy?! I could have scarred my child for life there, people! For life!

Mid-morning, when Nathan was outside playing, the “Tooth Fairy” stopped by and left a dollar plus a ‘note.’ The note explained that she had been really busy the night before and she was very sorry she was late.

When Nathan found the note later, he was thrilled. Not only had the Tooth Fairy not forgotten, but she had left him a personal note too! He carried that note – calling it his “sorry note” – all over for days, telling everyone he saw how the Tooth Fairy had been late, but she left him a note to say sorry.

Whew! Disaster barely averted!

Lesson from that Tooth Fairy tale? Don’t underestimate the power of the Tooth Fairy. Ever.

 What’s the funniest Tooth Fairy tale you’ve ever experienced or heard?

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  1. My younger twins lost her teeth before the oldest one did so the oldest was anxiously awaiting her visit with from the TF. However, before that could happen, the younger twin discovered her tooth stash and the TF had to come clean. That didn’t stop the older twin from insisting that I wait to give her the $ and gift {for the first tooth only} until she was laying in her bed. She was too excited to go to sleep so she turned her head while I slipped everything under her pillow. Poor thing, her sister ruined it for her!! :)

  2. OMG Love it!! Our tooth fairy was broke- so he woke up to a few quarters. I felt so bad for forgetting to grab cash. LOL

  3. Haha love that he carried the note with him.

  4. YOUR FUNNY! Our family doesn’t do the tooth fairy. How is Nathan doing adjusting to school?

  5. You’re only human! I forgot one time myself and *found* it on the floor :)

  6. Haha- this is so cute. Being a dentist, I feel as if I am the tooth fairy to thousands of kids,lol!

  7. We don’t do the tooth fairy but cute idea:)

  8. Jennifer Clay says:

    This has got to be the cutest little story. My oldest daughter lost 2 teeth two days in a row a few months ago, but she was not very excited about the Tooth Fairy. She liked the dollar I put under her bed…but it was like no big deal to her. Now I know with my other daughter she is going to be very excited!

    • Isn’t it funny how they are all so different? Like I never would have guessed that my son would be that excited about the tooth fairy. Thanks, Jennifer! have a great week!

  9. We do not do the toothfairy at our house. Glad you averted disaster.

  10. That is so cute!
    We haven’t had to deal with the tooth fairy here yet. Soon, I think! Need to remember to have some money on hand and remember to give it to them! :)

  11. I have won “parent of the year” award in this department too! I felt horrible. Told her that she must have had a really busy night. Ours came the next night and lift a gold dollar coin and “fairy dust”. Glitter in paper. It was a bit of a mess. lol

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