9 Awesome Back To School Snacks

Can you tell I’m in the back to school mood lately? I’ve posted Back to School Organizing tips and Back to School Cupcakes. And now I’ve been looking through all the fantastic Back to School snacks I’ve found on friends’ blogs and of course Pinterest. I knew I had to share some of my favorites with you all. I haven’t tried most of these yet, but I plan to!

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9 Awesome Back to School Snacks

These awesome Back to School Snacks come from the following blogs:

Top (Left to right)

Second Line:

Third Line:

Do you have a favorite Back to School snack recipe?

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  1. Those pretzels look delicious! Haha. Thanks for sharing all these great recipes.

  2. Making me drool with some of these!

  3. The hot pockets look good, I think I might have to try those!

  4. Samantha Stamp says:

    thank you for the links to these recipes!! I make most of the meals for my boyfriend and his brother and I am always looking for new recipes to try!!

  5. Thank you – I am always looking for new snacks to make my son and literally just ran out of ideas – lol!

  6. Ooooh thank you so much! I’m going to pin this page for reference. Can’t wait to try those hot pockets!

  7. OMG those homemade hot pockets just made my mouth water!!!!

  8. Great post! Definitely going to try the GF pizza bites!

  9. WOW! Thanks for all of the links to great recipes! The pics are wonderful to view too!

  10. These all look like such great ideas! Thanks for featuring my homemade hot pockets! I’m off to check out the rest of them now…

  11. Yum, all of these look so good, and I’m totally loving the apple idea!
    Thanks for featuring my pizza balls recipe :)

  12. Those are great ideas! I love soft pretzels so I can’t wait to try those and I have a version of a no bake energy bite that my kids love too, looking forward to trying yours!

  13. Oh wow! All of those all look so yummy!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Thinking I may be trying these really soon! :)

  14. Hi Erika! Thanks for these recipes. We will definitely put the apples and the pretzel bites on our to-make list! :)

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