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Nathan is 9 and I can hardly believe he’s old enough to go to summer camp. And not just a day camp, like he did with karate camp earlier this summer, but a full 5 nights away! We dropped him off yesterday afternoon and was he ever excited! He’s been planning for days, packing his bag a week ago (I insisted he not because then I wouldn’t be able to find things when we did need them), writing out directions to the camp, telling me that he would write me a letter “every day.”

(You’ve probably already guessed this isn’t so much of a Wordless Wednesday post today!)

Yesterday, I told him I’d really miss him and Nathan looked at me and very logically said “Well, Mom, don’t worry. I won’t be gone forever!

Here he is at the camp sign:

One really cool thing? Nate (my husband) went to this camp when he was a boy! And Nate’s grandparents (Nathan’s great-grandparents) volunteer at this camp all the time.

Nathan, in front of his cabin:

With his camp counselors, waving good-bye:

My “little” boy is not so little anymore. He’s growing up so fast! And the crazy thing? I miss him, but I know he’ll do just fine! He’s really ready for this.

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  1. Looks like he’s having a great summer!!! Thanks for hosting and have a great week.

  2. Nicole - Mama to 4 Blessings says:


    • Yeah, it was hard. This week has been even stranger – he’s never been away this long. But I know it’s a great experience for him so it’s worth it.

  3. Hard to tell if that’s a smile or holding back tears in the middle picture, sure he misses you even though he’s having fun. Makes it very special that his Dad went here too and his grandparents volunteer.

    • Oh he was excited already – no tears from him, lol! And yes it’s very special that it’s become a family thing.
      Thanks for the comment!

  4. Thanks for linking up to Oh My Heartsie Wordless Wednesday!! Looks like camp was fun!!

  5. All kids need to go to summer camp. It’s good preparation for when they must leave home and it’s fun.

    I must have hit something because the link went to photo before I finished linking up. I’m surprised it took since I hadn’t filled out anything yet.

  6. Wow! Great for him. He will have a blast I am sure.

    My son is going on 11 and hasn’t been away for more than one night at a friend’s house. Next year he will go to Nature’s Classroom with his school – that will be a week away….it will be more traumatic for Mom I think!

  7. melissa says:

    Looks like a totally awesome summer!

  8. They do grow up oh so fast.

  9. I never had the opportunity to go to overnight or “sleep away” camp as some call it but it always looked so much fun! I hope he’s having a great time!

  10. I used to dream about the places my parents would camp when I was a child, wishing that I could go and see where they had so many happy times. Thank you for sharing this!

  11. I love it! My husband is a youth minister and he loves summer camp. I can’t wait until my boys can go!

  12. Carolyn says:

    The camp looks WONDERFUL! Memories like this camp will last a lifetime!
    Have a great w/w!

  13. That is so cool!! You must be freaking out but I am sure he is in good hands!! IDK if I could survive it…. :)

  14. that is so fun that your son went to the same camp his daddy went to! I love that!

  15. Awww I hope he has fun!

  16. Ah! I went to camp in Maranatha with my church when I was about 10 years old. Small world! Looks like they had fun, thanks for sharing!

  17. ooh! that’s awesome! My daughters only go to day camps, and they’re 7 and 11!

    • Day camps are fun too! My kids went to one in June – they loved it and it was nice for them to go away, but still have them back in the evening. I think a little easier on Mom, haha. :)

  18. I have such good memories of going to camp. How cool for him to go to the same camp as his dad!

    • Yeah that is pretty special. The funny thing is that Nate (hubby) forgot he went to camp there until we dropped Nathan off and he was like “Hey, I DID go here!” haha

  19. Hope he has a great time

  20. That’s so awesome! I’m sure it was hard to have him away, but I bet he had a blast and was blessed by the experience!

  21. Oh how fun for him! My daughter went to her first sleep away camp last summer and loved it! I think I was more nervous about it than she was…lol! I’m sure he’ll have a blast!

  22. He’s going to have so much fun! Thanks for the linky.

  23. That is so neat. I love that we have so many fun ways to have kids engaged productively through summer. Nathan sure does look like he’s excited!

  24. He is going to have so much fun. Summer camp was always my favorite. The crazy stories and just all the new friends. My first overnight camp was in 3rd grade.

  25. Aw, I bet he had a wonderful time! I remember when my son went away to camp. It is hard to let them go but so worth it.

  26. I bet he is going to have a great time! That is so cool that the camp has so much family history!

  27. They sure grow up fast, don’t they? I bet he is having a great time!

  28. Aw, he must be having so much fun! Are you allowed to send care packages? That was one of my favorite parts of girl scout camp, despite having to sing to receive it. ;D

    • Yes, we’ve already sent him two letters. If he were there longer, I’d send him cookies and treats, but it’s just until Saturday so I haven’t.
      That’s funny that you had to sing to get your packages. I can see GS doing that, lol! I’m sure that brings back good memories for you.

  29. Amber Faith says:

    He looks like he’s having a blast! I never went to camp as a child :(

  30. That’s cool that he was so excited. I imagin it is also a comfort that your family is so familar with the camp.

    • Yes it is. It’s pretty neat to have it be a family tradition now. The camp counselors were excited about that too. They were pulling me aside and saying “Hey, this is Caroline’s grandson’s wife!” haha :)

  31. They really do grow up so fast. It never dawned to me that there was an age limit for summer camps. Tell him I said Happy Belated Birthday! I stumbled upon your blog from the Wordless Wednesday Link party and I love the layout!

    Love and Whimsy

  32. Hi Erika,
    It’s nice to let our children experienced camping and other activities like that. We should teach them how to be independent. And your son is right, don’t worry too much, he will not be gone forever..

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