Wordless Wednesday Linky – Meet Our New Kitten

Yesterday, we welcomed a new member to our family – Emily’s new kitten, Josie. Our neighbors took in a stray cat who had kittens a couple months ago and they generously let us have one. Since we already have a male cat – Shadow – we picked a girl so they would get along better. (Don’t worry – Shadow is fixed and Josie will be too in a couple months.)

Emily is thrilled to pieces with her new baby. She carries Josie all over. They are so sweet together.

Josie loves to sleep in the window:

kitten sleeping

The neighbors brought over Josie’s brother for a visit too. They are so cute together.


While I was editing photos earlier, Josie climbed up in front of the computer – I guess she’s decided to be my little blogging buddy! She’s since fallen asleep – so adorable! (And you can pretend you didn’t see the embarrassing amount of dust behind her – darn lighting! haha)

cute kitten

Do you have a cat?

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  1. Awe – so precious!!

    My Organized Chaos

  2. Your new kitten is SO adorable! :-)

  3. OOHHH how sweet. I love kittens/cats…but they make me sneeze.

  4. Nicole - Mama to 4 Blessings says:

    how adorable!

  5. Heather McD says:

    OMG I so want a kitten now! :) I especially love the one of the kitten stretched out in the window.

  6. Such GREAT pics!

    You probably will appreciate my WW this week. (:

    I hope you will link up at The Weekend Blog Hop this Friday!

    Have a great week!

  7. Congratulations on the kitten. They’re so cute! We have an old cat. I’d like to add another to the family but I don’t think he would like that too much.

    • Thanks, Erica. Yeah it’s harder when they’re older and more “set.” Our Shadow is only a year, so we figure he’ll adjust. I think the kitten is already the boss because Shadow runs away from her and peeks around the corner. He’s so funny.

  8. they both look so cute in that last one..and I love the one of the kitty sleeping in the window sill.awwwwww

  9. Adorable photos!

  10. Crystal C says:

    Aww, how sweet!

  11. She appears to be the purrfect age to have a kitten ~

  12. What precious kitties!! I have 2 also!

  13. Adorable!

  14. We don’t have a cat or a kitten, but I love your new addition. What a cutie…Great photos. Thanks for linking up!

  15. how cute. Enjoy your newest family member. and no we don’t have pets.

  16. Oh, it`s adorable!

  17. I love your kittens! I just want to hug them.

  18. What a BEAUTIFUL kitty!! I just showed my hubby and asked when we were getting a new cat – he’s not quite on board yet.

  19. awwww! I can’t wait to get another kitten to torture our cats with! These are some seriously cute pics!! Especially the one of her in the windowsill. Adorable!

  20. What a cute kitty!! Looks like she is already welcomed into the family! So sweet.

  21. How cute!!! I would love to have a kitten- stinkin allergies!

  22. I wish my husband wasn’t so allergic to cats so my kids could have a kitten of their own!

  23. Your kitty is very cute. I remember when we first brought home two kitties named Socks and Molly. Lots of fun!

  24. Love the one of her lounging in the window sill. Kittens are adorable. Mine is now 16 years old but is just as cute as when she was 8 weeks old. Thanks for the linky.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

  25. Aww! How sweet. The kitty is precious!

  26. Oh my word!! They’re all such sweet sweet shots!!

  27. Your daughters face is priceless! What a cute kitty! :)

  28. They look like they love each other lots!! Love how the color of your daughter’s eyes complements kitty’s fur

  29. Sweet photos.

    Cheesecake and Cupcake

  30. Emily looks so happy to be the proud new owner of a super cute kitty.

  31. Awww! So cute! :). Congrast on the new addition and have a lovely WW!

  32. Sharon Schoepe says:

    What an adorable kitty!

  33. Oh my goodness how sweet!!

  34. What a pretty kitten! Love her sleeping in the window all stretched out. And your daughter certainly looks very happy!

  35. SOOOOO SWEET! It’s so nice that her brother can visit her too :)


  36. Ahhhh what a cute little thing. We just had to put down our beloved 21 year old last week. The thought has crossed my mind to get a kitten but I think we might just go pet free for a little while. The two year old keeps my busy enough!

  37. How cute! My roommate has a cat named Two-Face and she loves to sleep in some of the strangest places as well!

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