Our Visit with Grandpa

Have we ever had a busy two weeks! My dad was here visiting and we’ve done everything from go to Santa’s Village to swimming at the beach to even (attempting to) hike a mountain with all the kids. Nate and Dad even replaced my old kitchen door! I have so many great photos, so I’ve decided to take this week to sort through them and share. Dad went home yesterday and we all miss him, but are thankful we had such a great time with him.

I recently purchased Lightroom (I always want to call it Lightbox – I have no idea why, but I’m driving myself nuts by doing that!) and I’m learning to edit my photos in there. That always takes me a little time to figure it out, but so far, I’m really liking it. More on that later!

Today, here’s one of my favorite photos of Grandpa with the kids:


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  1. I enjoy seeing your family pics! Your kids are so cute! God has blessed you with a beautiful family! I’m a single mom,my daughter is 26 and getting married next yr. So hopeflully in a few yrs I’ll be a grandma. I told her to wait until I was 50 and that’s in 3 yrs. Lol! My sisters take all the family pics.I’ve never been one for taking them so I’m glad they do. I just wanted to say Hello and tell you alittle about myself.
    Have A Blessed Wk!

    • Thanks Sue! It’s wonderful to hear from you and learn your story. It sounds like you will love being a grandma.
      Have a wonderful week yourself!

  2. Grand parents, great grand parents and their brothers and sisters are always a treasure in the kid’s life.

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