Banana Boat Natural Reflect Sunscreen

Summers on the East Coast mean lots of pool time, beach time and outdoor play. Both my husband and I are very fair skinned, and I have been very careful to make sure the girls are coated from head to toe every time we are outside.

The girls both have very sensitive skin, which makes it difficult to find a good sunscreen with a high SPF that doesn’t irritate their skin or eyes.  I also lean towards products that have natural ingredients. I was really pleased to review the new Banana Boat Natural Reflect sunscreen.


Natural Reflect sunscreen is a 100% naturally sourced mineral sunscreen, active with Zinc Oxide, deflects UVA and UVB rays — and is ideal for sensitive and delicate skin.

When I opened the tube the first thing I noticed was the lack of scent. There is a very faint smell which is pleasant, quite different from the other lotions that we generally use. Banana Boat Natural Reflect sunscreen is think and creamy, rubs in very easily and absorbs quickly.

We used this sunscreen for hours in the pool; while we took some bike rides; during our river excursions and with general outdoor play.  My girls are super sensitive about having creams on their faces and both of them had no problems with me putting this cream on them.  They also didn’t complain about any discomfort if it ran into their eyes.

My husband and I are really pleased with this sunscreen as well.  While we always ensure that the girls are covered in sunscreen, we have been lax in using it ourselves.  Knowing how important it is to care for your skin, we have made a point to use sunscreen ourselves whenever we are outside.  After days of using Banana Boat Natural Reflect, we have had no skin problems, and best of all, no sunburn!   I really like that it is made from natural ingredients and low smell!

You can purchase Natural Reflect Sunscreen as well as other Banana Boat products here, or at your local drug stores.


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Aurie Good is a pastor's wife, a "retired" youth minister, and probably the most relaxed mom that you'll ever meet! She blogs at Our Good Life about life as a homeschooling mom to her two girly toddlers and all the fun that comes with being a foster parent. She is married to her best friend and consider the simple life that they've created absolute bliss!


  1. Nichole Smith says:

    I love bananna Boat products!

  2. I have always thought that the smell of Banana Boat tanning products smells like summer. Nice to know that there is also a protect to protect skin from sun exposure that is also gentle for even sensative skin.

  3. We go through tons of sunblock, with 3 kiddos that live in the sun, we are always stocking up on this stuff! I love when it smells good!

  4. This is the only sunscreen my family and I use. We are all really active and fair skinned. I know that this will protect us!

  5. THanks for sharing this – both of my boys have sensative skin too so I really need to look into this!

  6. My girls both have extremely sensitive skin too. I’ll have to give this a try :)

  7. We have some of this sunscreen and it has worked fabulously for us!

  8. We wear sunscreen daily to stay protected since we live in Sunny California!

  9. cheree ritter says:

    I would like to try it. My kids all have very sensitive skin. We can’t even use baby lotion on them

  10. judy gardner says:

    i have very pale skin and my niece’s little boy does too. looks like the have something for both of us!

  11. Debbie Welchert says:

    I love that this sunscreen has very little scent. I have breathing issues and can’t breathe in a lot of heavy scents.

  12. We wear sunscreen almost everyday and when it runs into our eyes it burns. Thanks for reviewing this product and letting us know that it does not irritate the eyes.

  13. We’ve been using this sunscreen on our son all summer. It works great and I love that it’s naturally sourced most of all!

  14. Thanks for the review; I am always looking for natural suncare products. I’ve always liked Banana Boat stuff.

  15. Melissa Shirley says:

    I would use this for my son because he has sensitive skin and breaks out with a lot of sunscreens. I have never tried this on him. I will have to try it.

  16. Sarah Yurga says:

    my oldest had excema and it was nearly impossible to find sunscreen that didn’t aggravate her skin. Very frustrating for a mother who wants to keep her child safe from the sun.

  17. Amanda Phillips says:

    Gentle enough for kids? I’m willing to try this! I haven’t noticed this in the stores but with extremely pale skin and no tanning abilities I go through sun screen like a monkey goes through bananas. I’m extremely sensitive so I’m always looking for something that won’t break me out.

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