Emily’s Swimsuit Discovery #Humor

A couple weeks ago, we sent Emily to a day karate camp and she went swimming. When she got home, I asked her if she had needed any help with her swimsuit. (She had a one piece that was hard for her to take on and offf.)

Emily said, “Nope. None, Mommy!”
I said, “Really? You were able to go to the bathroom okay all by yourself ?”
Emily leaned in and, with the thrill of announcing something as exciting as sliced bread, said, “Well did you know that I can go pee right through my swimsuit, Mommy!?!!” And she skipped off happily.


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  1. I remember when discovering how to cope with having to “go” was something to be mighty proud of too!

  2. Cute story…

  3. Oh goodness I laughed so hard. Kids will be kids 😉

  4. LOL, too funny!

  5. Gotta love them!

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