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I can’t stand a dirty kitchen.  I’ve always been this way.  Maybe it’s because my mom always made us put our dishes away and clean up after ourselves. Or maybe it’s because it’s where we prepare our food. But whatever it is, I love a clean kitchen.  Sometimes, I will even let dinner get cold because I wanted to clean the mess first.  Luckily, I married someone who totally understands this way of thinking.  A dirty kitchen never lasts long at our place.  Now don’t get me wrong, just because I love a clean kitchen, doesn’t mean I love cleaning a kitchen.  In fact, like most people, I’m not a big fan of the actually cleaning part; I just love the results.  With that, I am always on the look for a quick and effective way to clean things.  Products that work without having to use all of my muscles to scrub out stains?  Yes please!

So let’s just say I was a little bit excited when I was given the opportunity to try out some new products.  Products that claimed to make my kitchen looking and smelling fresh.

It was a happy day when I received this package of goodies from Affresh.

There was a kitchen appliance cleaner, stainless steal cleaner, cooktop cleaner, a cleaning towel, produce preserver, dishwasher cleaner and even a washer cleaner.  I dove right in.

First, the cooktop cleaner.  Stoves are hard to keep clean.  You have to wait until they cool and by that time the food is stuck and it is just a pain.  I have an electric stove and I have scrubbed those puppies so many times and they still never seem to look clean.  I was pretty skeptical about (any) cooktop cleaners.  They just don’t work on my stove I thought.  This is what mine looked like…

Ew.  I know, I know.  I’m embarrassed.  But I tried Affresh’s cooktop cleaner.

A little cleaner with a light scrub (emphasize the light, I barely used any pressure)…

A slight wipe clean…

BAM! Clean stove!  Isn’t it beautiful?  Seriously, people, I have been trying to get it to look like this for months!

Repeat on all stove tops and then your counter can look like this…

I loved it!  Sold.

Next I tried the stainless steal cleaner.  Have you ever tried taking pictures of a stainless steal appliance?  It’s extremely hard.  Well, I’ll just tell you that the fridge had many fingerprints and water stains.  After a quick (seriously, about 12 seconds) spray and wipe down – all gone!  And no streaks.  I’ve used a lot of stainless steal cleaners (weird, I know, I’m experienced…), and most of them leave streaks.  Affresh Stainless steel cleaner did not.  Winner!

Oh and did I mention my favorite part?  It smelled DELICIOUS.  I wanted to clean it again and again just so I could keep smelling the sweet citrus scent.  It was a wonderful aroma to top off my almost totally clean kitchen.

The kitchen appliance cleaner was next and I don’t know how else to describe this experience except for calling it the cherry to my ice cream sundae.  Let me show you, when you use this, your appliances look like this…

Nice and shiny!  This cleaning can also extend the life of your appliances which I am happy to do.

I also used the produce preserver, which, is said to absorb the ethylene gas as the produce ripens so that it doesn’t let other produce absorb the gas.  It allowed my greens to stay fresh the entire time I had it.  Usually, I can’t finish the entire bag of spinach fast enough before it goes bad, but this preserver really helped!  And bonus, it lasts for up to 6 months!

The washer cleaner and the dishwasher cleaners were beautiful additions to my kitchen cleaning (and laundry room) as well.  The dishwasher looked spotless on the inside, smelled wonderful, and even cleaned my dishes!  I didn’t have to use any dishwasher detergent and I ended with clean dishes and a clean dishwasher.  As for the washer?  The washer cleaner not only cleaned my washer thoroughly, it actually made the entire house smell wonderful.  When my husband got home, he asked me if I cleaned the house today because it smelled so good.

All in all, these products were amazing.  They smelled great, they were easy, and they worked.  My search for a stovetop cleaner is officially done and I have new products that have trumped my old ones for the rest of the kitchen.  Time to relax, because my kitchen is clean again.

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