Our First Trip to the Beach This Summer and Encounters with Ducks

On Tuesday, I took the kids up to a beautiful state park beach nearby with one of my best friends, Kristen, and her kids. It started out a cool 65 degrees, but once the sun came out from behind the clouds around noon, it turned out to be a very nice day.

Emily and her friend, Avery

The ducks were quite brave. When we took out our sandwiches for lunch, they came really close. Even the babies started climbing all over our blanket!

ducklings, mallard ducks

I’ve never been quite that close to ducklings before!

Luke loves little animals and was excited about the ducklings

One of the ducklings even came up and tried to take a bite out of Luke’s sandwich. That he was holding!
My friend and I had to literally almost pick them up to shoo them away! They had no fear at all. Obviously too many people feeding them!

Even the “Daddy” duck came along.

We had a wonderful time.

Where’s your favorite place to go swimming?

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  1. omg! I would love it if little ducklings would come up to me while I was at the beach. That is really cool. Made
    your first trip even better.

    Dreams Do Come True

  2. Jeannette Laframboise says:

    I really enjoyed looking at your pictures. Reminds me of when my children were younger. I can’t believe how bold the ducks were…I have never been that close to ducks either. Sounds like it was a lovely day for all! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  3. Katherine g says:

    Looks and sounds like you all had a great time. My kids, nieces, & nephews would’ve been thrilled if that happened to them minus the duck trying to eat their sandwich. Ha ha ha!!!

  4. Stephanie Steffan says:

    I love reading about your experiences on your blog. I am recently a stay at home mother of a 3 1/3 year old lil boy! Im always looking for creative ideas from other moms! Thanks for sharing! :)

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