FurReal Friends Dizzy Dancers

FurReal Friends have a new addition to their family: Dizzy Dancers are adorable round little pets that swirl and twirl all over! Each pet comes with a base that you attach it too. Then, by inserting the included Dizzy Cord accessory and quickly pulling it out, you send the little “dancer” spinning.

We were sent two Dizzy Dancers to review. Each one comes with a fun accessory card and a cute name. Emily received Purranda, the spinning pet cat and Matailda, the monkey. I think their names are adorable!

I love how their hair sticks straight up. It reminds me of the troll dolls I used to have when I was a little girl. Remember those?

The pets came already attached to their “bases” so it was just a matter of putting the Dizzy Cord stick into the base and pulling. At first I wasn’t sure how it was going to work. I was thinking it would be like a top where you had to let go of it and then pull. But you can actually hold the Dizzy Dancer upright as you pull the stick out, let go, and off the pet spins.

The faster you pull the Dizzy Cord stick out, the faster the pet will go. It’s fun to watch. It took Emily a couple tries to figure it out, but once she got the hang of it, it was easy. She had fun getting both Purranda and Matailda to spin at the same time and waiting to see who would spin the longest.

You can see our Dizzy Dancers in action here:

The boys thought these were pretty neat too. Of course, they’re Emily’s and she wasn’t so keen on sharing right away, but eventually she let Nathan try them out. Joshua and Luke are too little to pull out the cord fast enough, but they like to watch the Dizzy Dancers go.

These are fun little toys from Hasbro’s FurReal friends and I’d definitely recommend them.

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You can find Dizzy Dancers at stores nationwide and online at (affiliate link) Amazon.

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    I like Chipalou and I would give it to my granddaughter.

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  56. I like Pinkysweet.

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