Wordless Wednesday Linky – Random Family Fun & Tree Frogs

I’ve got some random photos for this week.

I like to get up before the kids in the morning, so I can enjoy my coffee and get a little blogging done in peace while I wake up. (I’m not a morning person.) One morning as I was about to go upstairs to get the kids,  I saw this at the top. It was a cute way to start the day!

Emily brought me a pretty pink flower:

My clematis – so pretty!

We also found a cool tree frog in our yard. Nathan spotted it sitting on his soccer ball. We thought it was a toad at first, but when we saw its sticky feet, we knew it was a tree frog.

tree frog

We identified it as a Cope’s Gray Treefrog. It was pretty neat to see it hang onto the porch post:

We all thought he was pretty cute.

One last picture with my sweet Emily – she was enjoying the sprinkler with her brothers:

Lastly, a photo from down the road a little ways – the sky was so pretty!

It’s your turn! Link up your Wordless (or not so wordless) Wednesday posts here!

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  1. You got some beautiful pics this week!

    My boys loved the frog shot1

    Thanks for hosting!

  2. Nicole - Mama to 4 Blessings says:


  3. Wonderful photos! Love the kids waiting at the top of the steps! :)

  4. Great pics you have, tender moments. Thank you for having the linky I am #9 today. Have a great day!

  5. love the frog wrapping his little hands around the finger…it looks almost cute. lol

  6. Great shots! I love the ones of the frog, pretty neat!

  7. Jennifer says:

    cool tree frog!

  8. Love that landscape! Feels so peaceful though the image of the kids in the sprinkler certainly changes that LOL!

  9. Very cool! Love the last one!

  10. Heather McD says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures and your kids are so cute. The first pictures is precious.

  11. The first photo is so super cute and I love the frog photos very cool shots!

  12. Aaaaaaaaack. That little froggy was on your finger. Shivers down my spine but gorgeous gorgeous pictures.

  13. First do your kids get themselves dressed? I need to get up early but end up staying up late and sleeping in with the baby. Second oh man those frogs are AHHMazing but I wouldn’t want to touch just look! 😉

  14. Ann (Misplaced Penh) says:

    fantabulous photos! 😉
    your children look adorable.
    Have a happy Wednesday!

  15. Tiffany Revels-Cruz says:

    The first picture is really funny. All your kids stuck behind a gate, love it. Thanks for the linky!

  16. These are great!! I love that first one. My kids are always catching frogs – don’t think i’ve ever seen one like that!

  17. Looks like a great week :O) I wish my kids were small enough for a baby gate still.lol

  18. That’s adorable how they were waiting for you in the first picture! And love the frog pictures :)

  19. That frog is WAY COOL!!! I love these pics

  20. What great pictures. The tree frog was an amazing study.

  21. Priceless!!! I like the first one…so cute. Happy WW!!!


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