A Busy Week, an ER Visit, and Summer Family Time

Summer officially started this past Wednesday – June 20th – and it’s already flying by for me.

Nathan and Emily had karate camp this week. Nathan was gone from 9-3 each day and we sent Emily on Monday and Wednesday. Nathan even went to an amusement park with the group. It was the first time he’s ever done anything like that without me, but he did awesome. He rode some of the big roller coasters for the first time and had an absolute blast. Somehow I don’t think Story Land will ever be the same for him again. This week was weird for me, because with homeschooling, they are never away that long. But it’s been a fantastic experience for them and we’ll definitely be on the lookout for more opportunities for them to get “out” more like this.

It’s been hot this week, so I’ve spent time with friends and going to the beach. On Tuesday, we went to a beautiful state park here in New Hampshire. I’ve got some more photos I’ll be posting tomorrow.

This was with my old camera – I didn’t want to risk ruining my new camera

It was our first beach day of the year and we had a great time. This was also Luke’s first time going to the beach at all. He walked right in the water, but then fell over because of the sand, so he wasn’t so sure after that. But he soon figured out it was fun to play in the water at the edge.

Luke fascinated with his ER bracelet

Yesterday, I had to take Luke to the Emergency Room. We were at the beach again and I was walking along with him on the sand, holding his hand, when he suddenly dropped to his knees, like toddlers do sometimes, and started crying. I thought he had stepped on something or a bee had stung him. After a few minutes, he was still whining and I realized he wasn’t moving his right arm. I knew something was wrong. My friend and I thought he had popped his shoulder out of joint. We packed up quickly and went home. My friend watched the other kids and I took Luke to the ER.

They were really nice and quick about things. The triage nurse took us back immediately and we only waited an hour to see the doctor. Luke was very good, only whining on occasion if something bumped his arm, or he tried to move it. When the doctor did come in, he asked what happened, I told him, and he said it sounded like Nurse Maid’s Elbow. He gently took Luke’s arm, shifted and twisted it, and “popped” it “back” into place. I had no idea it was Luke’s elbow – because Luke wouldn’t lift his arm, I had assumed it was his shoulder.

Luke cried for about 2 minutes and then was perfectly fine. He started using his arm just like normal. The ER sent us on our way and Luke was completely back to normal and racing around, making huge messes (as usual) as soon as we got home. Whew! I had pictured trauma, and doctors holding him down while trying to get a joint back. I was so thankful it was so simple.

I was told that Nurse Maid’s Elbow isn’t uncommon. Little kids  – up until the ages of 5-7 – don’t have fully formed joints and ligaments and if pulled the right way, the joint can move where a ligament gets in the way and causes pain. That’s what happened to Luke. Thankfully, it’s not hard to fix.

That was our little adventure for the day.

We have a busy couple of weeks planned. My dad is coming for a two week visit today. We’re excited to see him. The kids adore Grandpa and was always have fun. We take family trips to the mountains and do home improvement projects with him. He’s planning to help Nate repair and expand our porch, so I’m excited about that.

All that means that, while I’ll still be around, I won’t be quite as much as usual for the next two weeks. Don’t worry – I still have some giveaways scheduled (thanks to my awesome review team!) and some guest posters too..



What are your summer plans this year?


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  1. Katherine g says:

    I’m glad your little guy wasn’t seriously hurt and everything is okay.sounds like you guys had a great time.

  2. Well it sounds like at least a couple of the kids had a good week. Poor Luke, though. At least they were able to reduce his elbow at the ER. When that happened to Bryce, 3 different medical professionals tried to reduce it with no luck. He had to be in a cast for the weekend until we were able to get in with the ortho doc on Monday, who of course popped it right back in. Just search “nursemaid’s elbow on my blog” if you care to read about the whole story.

    Anyway, I’m glad Luke was OK and I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your summer!

  3. Wow – I never heard of that! SO glad that it was a quick *fix* and that he’s okay now. Enjoy your Dad!!

  4. Jeannette Laframboise says:

    Wow, I have never heard of that! Thank goodness it wasn’t anything too terrible, but all the same it is scary when something is wrong. Poor little guy, must have hurt him so much to move. I always remember panicking when my children were his age if I thought anything was wrong. So glad to hear that all’s well!

  5. Growing up, my sister was constantly in a sling from her nursing maids elbow. My little guy (now 4) has it also! It’s apparently more common than I originally thought! We’re now very careful of pulling on his arms and watching when he falls so he doesn’t land wrong and pop it out. Did they teach you how to put it back in yourself?

  6. kathy brower says:

    Which state park is that? I live right over the MA border and it doesn’t look like the ones near here.

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