My Mother’s Day Present – A Cockatiel!

Yes, a new bird! Nate & the kids took me up to  the pet store today and I picked out my new cockatiel! I’ve wanted to get a cockatiel for awhile now and since we already had a cage, it worked out well.

Our new bird is a baby – about 6 weeks old now – so we’re not sure whether it’s a male or female. It’s hard to tell before they’re 6-9 months old. Apparently once they go through their first molt at that age, their new markings are a good sign.

We think the bird might be a girl because it wasn’t as vocal as some of the others. So I’ll be saying she because another 6 months is a long time to say it!

I’m still thinking of a name, but I like Cherry, Peaches, Katniss (yes from The Hunger Games!), Bella, Savannah, or Phoebe. Or maybe something entirely different. Cherry is at the top of my list for now.

What do you think?

She’ll be a friend for our Parakeet, Sky, too!

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  1. Dorian (Short for Dorian Gray, because most of her plumage is gray)

  2. We got my mom a parakeet one year for mothers day. She loved it! It would repeat “Hello JP” after we would say it to him every day. Enjoy!

  3. OH, and I would name her Phoebe (from Friends, the best tv show).

  4. So cute! I have had cockatiels all my life, I always raised them from bald baby birds to grown, I taught them to talk also!

  5. My friend has 5 cockatiels and they can live as long as 10 years or more! It’s just like having a dog or cat around. :) I think yours is a male. Check out Wikipedia. If the yellow part on its face becomes more pronounced, it’s a male.

    • Really? Thanks for the tip. We were thinking its a female because the bird wasn’t as talkative (or in this case chirpy) as the other tiels at the pet store. But that’ snot a lot to go on, lol.
      Thanks! I will look into it some more.

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