Land O’Lakes Eggs & Breakfast Biscuit Bakes Recipe {Giveaway}

Eggs are a staple food in my house. Not a week goes by that I’m not buying at least 2 dozen eggs. We use them every day.

Land O’Lakes All-Natural Farm Fresh Eggs come from hens who are fed a vegetarian diet, consisting primarily of whole ground corn and soybean meal, with no added hormones, antibiotics, animal fats, or animal-by-products. The eggs are gathered at the peak of the egg-laying cycle, which can mean more nutritious and better tasting eggs.

I normally buy the cheap store-brand eggs and I could tell the difference in the darker colored yolks of the Land O’Lakes All-Natural Farm Fresh Eggs. To be honest, I can’t say I noticed a big difference in taste, but I really like that the hens aren’t fed hormones, antibiotics, or other yucky stuff.

Breakfasts and brunches are a great way to incorporate eggs and Land O Lakes has many delicious recipes on their website.

Nate usually makes breakfast foods in our house so I asked him if he’d try one of the delicious-looking Land O’Lakes brunch recipes. We knew the Breakfast Biscuit Bakes would be perfect for our family, since they looked simple and not very messy.

Nate changed the recipe slightly – instead of using sliced cheese, he used shredded cheese (much easier) and simply cooked the eggs like scrambled along with the ham and butter/onion mixture. They baked for about 15 minutes and were ready to eat.

Everyone loved them, even our littlest, Luke. They’re a perfect, hearty breakfast for the family. I’m going to try making this recipe again and freezing them. If it works, it would be a great breakfast to cook up ahead of time on the weekend and use for a perfect on-the-go breakfast during the busy week.

Find the Breakfast Biscuit Bakes recipe and more brunch ideas at

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