Introducing Orville Redenbacher SmartPop & Healthy Snacking Challenge


I’m excited to announce that I’ve been chosen to be a Orville Redenbacher SmartPop Ambassador! As an ambassador, I’ll be sharing a series of posts this month about healthy snacking with Orville Redenbacher SmartPop and taking their “Healthy Snacking Challenge.”

With a household of six, I’m always on the lookout for healthy new snack ideas. It seems my kids eat more each week and my husband and I enjoy a snack here and there too. It could be a mid afternoon snack for the kids before karate practice or a light snack for myself while I blog.

But snacking can add a lot of calories and really mess with a healthy-eating plan if we’re not careful. I’m not on a diet, but I definitely watch what I eat so I can maintain a healthy weight. And I try to help guide my children to make smart choices when it comes to eating too.

That’s where Orville Redenbacher SmartPop popcorn comes in. With just 100 calories per 6 cup serving (yes, that’s SIX cups!), it’s a great alternative to other snacks. The popcorn is 100% whole grain, a good source of fiber, low in fat, and has zero grams of trans fat. You can eat a decent amount too which is more likely to keep you full and satisfied verses other snack foods, like crackers or potato chips. Even a new study by ConAgra Foods found that to be true. And who doesn’t love popcorn?

The “Healthy Snacking Challenge” is to replace other snacks with Orville Redenbacher SmartPop. I’ll be trying this out over the next couple weeks and I’ll let you know what I think! My kids and I have already tried out the SmartPop! popcorn and yummy! I’m really excited about this challenge!


Will you join the “Healthy Snacking Challenge?”
In next week’s article, I’ll be hosting a giveaway for 5 winners too!


I wrote this review while participating in an ambassador campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Orville Redenbacher’s. I received Orville Redenbacher’s SmartPop! products as well as a promotional item as a thanks for my participation.
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  1. Gisselle says:

    This looks definitely perfect for me.. And for me, this is a great challenge for all of us.. I just hope a lot of people would participate..

  2. Tiffany Cruz says:

    Big congrats to you on being selected as a Orville Redenbacher ambassador!!!

  3. 6 cups for 100 calories! Awesoe!

  4. Now that’s a cool title to hold!
    And a great challenge for everyone as well!

  5. Definitely a great challenge. I’ll join you!

  6. Wow, congrats on being an ambassador! I’m a popcorn monster too…lol, so I love that low calorie stuff!
    Whirlwind of Surprises

  7. I love Orville Reddenbocker!!

  8. Farrah says:

    I’m always trying to figure out which one to buy- thanks for introducting me to this popcorn :)

    • I know – so many choices these days! This one is really good, it doesn’t taste low-cal or light, like so many other brands. I’ll be posting more about that next week!

  9. I Love Popcorn:)

  10. This popcorn is so tasty! I’m lucky to be an ambassador as well :)

  11. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I actually just bought these and haven’t tried them yet I think ill pop it tonight after reading this!

  12. MommaMary says:

    I also love those new bags. Really easy to use.

  13. Farrah Morelli says:

    We love these in our house, the Pop Up bowls are so cool!

  14. Congratulations on being their ambassador!!! Popcorn is a healthy snack without all the butter of course. Thanks for the great information.

  15. StephanieH says:

    I would love to try this. right now I pop a big bag and eat it all. When since I am single I only need the 100 cal serving

    • It’s really easy to watch portions this way – and for me the whole 6 cups is way more than I would ever eat in one sitting, so I just eat less. It’s great knowing I’m eating a less-than-100 calorie snack!

  16. Michelle S says:

    I think this is a great idea to teach Americans portion control. Granted, they could eat multiple bags, but the company is relieved of “liability” so to speak against people making effortless claims of companies not looking out for the best interest of their consumers, ie. “their product made me fat”.

  17. Samantha says:

    I absolutely LOVE popcorn so this is definitely for me. My problem is making a big bag of popcorn and eating it ALL. I really need to start getting these to eat less and have it be more healthy!

  18. This makes me hungry for popcorn. And wow to the low calories!

  19. Bindiya says:

    Love the popcorn

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