Huggies Wipes to the Real Life Mom Test

Huggies has been working hard to make their products better than ever. I’ve already talked about the new and improved Snug ‘n Dry diapers and now, as a Huggies Ambassador, I’ll share how I put the new and improved Huggies wipes to my “real life Mom test.”

The new and improved Huggies wipes include three varieties, all of which are fragrance-free and alcohol-free:

  1. Huggies Natural Care Wipes are hypoallergenic and gentle for baby’s delicate skin. Now they’re softer than ever with fewest added ingredients and contain Aloe & Vitamin E.
  2. Huggies Simply Clean Wipes provide a consistent versatile clean and are good for faces, hands, and bottoms.
  3. Huggies One & Done Wipes have improved texture and thickness, which means you can get more done with fewer wipes.

I’ve tried many different brands of wipes and, just like diapers, I’ve always returned to Huggies. I remember how one summer another brand had coupons that made for free wipes and I stocked up on a bunch. But I couldn’t stand them! I ended up donating them and went back to Huggies.

Why do I love Huggies wipes? I love their texture and thickness. Because they work so well, I use fewer Huggies wipes at a time than any other brand. Other brands may be a little cheaper (usually not by much if you take advantage of the many coupons Huggies offers), but because they’re thinner, I use more at a time, so it negates any savings. I have literally cleaned massively poopy butts with just 2 or 3 Huggies wipes. Now that’s impressive.

Huggies Natural Care wipes, Huggies Natural

And because Huggies wipes aren’t too thin, they don’t stick together like other brands. Have you ever tried separating stubborn wipes while trying to keep a poopy toddler from squirming away with the other hand? It’s not fun!  But thanks to Huggies, that rarely happens to me. (If it does, it’s usually because my children have yanked all the wipes out of the container and then crammed them back in. But that’s just life with kids.)

Huggies wipes, Huggies

I use Huggies wipes for so many things besides wiping little bottoms. They’re perfect for wiping faces and hands. And because I always have Huggies wipes with me, I never have to think about packing wet wipes for out and about.

Here’s a short video I took of me wiping Luke off with a Huggies wipe. He just finished spaghetti for dinner and was a huge mess!
(Don’t mind his screeching; that has nothing to do with Huggies and everything to do with an active 17 month old hating to get his face wiped off! And really what child likes getting his or her face wiped off?)

I also use Huggies wipes for cleaning. Yes, I said cleaning! I wipe off dirty door frames, light switches, fingerprints on the walls, even wiping up a small spill on the carpet. These wipes are really one of the most versatile products I know of. Look at my dirty door frame – before, during, and after – all with one little wipe! No yucky chemicals, just a baby wipe.

I put all three of the new Huggies wipes varieties to the test. I’d have to say the Natural Care wipes are my favorite because they are so soft. My next favorite is the One & Done; they’re a little thinner, but still have great texture for “grabbing” things. Simply Clean are the thinnest and so gentle, they would be perfect for a newborn or a little one with really sensitive skin. I would have loved them for when my Joshua was a baby; he had really bad eczema and Simply Clean would have been perfect.

The new & improved Huggies Wipes really are better than ever and definitely pass my “Mom Test.” It’s no wonder I’m a Huggies mom all the way!

Be sure to visit the Huggies Facebook page where you can learn more about their products!

Have you tried the new & improved Huggies wipes? Which one would you choose first?

You can buy Huggies wipes at stores everywhere and find them at great deals on Amazon! (<affiliate link)

Disclaimer: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central for Huggies. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating
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Erika is a happily married mom with four energetic children. With a love for Jesus, photography, organizing, and encouraging other moms, she stays busy and definitely does not have it all together.


  1. Hello,
    Wow! Those are some great wipes. I used them when my daughter was little, or it could have been another brand that worked. I’m pretty sure it was huggies because I used Huggies diapers. My daughter is now 26 yrs old. I keep Huggies wipes in my truck just for me to use. I have 2 neices who are messy so in case they’re in my truck with me I’m prepared. That’s amazing how clean they got ur door frame.
    Thanks for the review. Huggies really is the best diapers and wipes.
    Take Care.

  2. Nicole DeLeon says:

    Personally we LOVE the Huggies Natural Care wipes. We buy them in bulk from Costco. We have several children with special needs and who are not potty trained so we are constantly changing kids. We recently were given (as in FREE) another brand of wipes and we could not wait to switch back to Huggies. The Huggies wipes are bigger, stronger and easier to use. Nothing worse than getting poop on your hands while changing a diaper. I use them to clean EVERYTHING!! I keep a container in just about every room of the house (& in the car).

  3. they are also great for quick stain removals on clothes. i always carry a travel case of huggies wipes in my (thirty-one) purse! :)

  4. jennifer says:

    I really love using Huggies Natural Care wipes, it’s able to provide a great satisfaction to me and for my baby…

  5. We love Huggies wipes in our house! They are one of the only brands that come out of the dispenser box well without always getting caught with each other and creating a baby wipe train!

  6. melissa says:

    We also use solely Huggies Natural wipes! They are awesome! What an adorable video of him! I never though about using them to clean.

  7. I love that they have a natural care line. So great to have natural choices from brands I trust.

  8. I like the Natural Care ones.

  9. Natural Care – nice! Great idea to do cleaning with them & they WORK!

  10. i love huggies brand and love that they have a new formula to them to be even better!

  11. I am actually VERY disappointed in the “new improvements”. I use the natural care. To me, the new ones are thinner, I have to use 5-6 when I used to be able to clean anything in 1-2 wipes. They are all attached instead of stuck in there like tissues where they come out one at a time. They come out in a long chain because they have cheap perforations instead of being folded into each other.

    To me this is NOT an improvement. I bought an 800 pack at Sam’s not knowing they had changed them. I’m stuck using them, but I’m not happy about it.

    • I’m sorry to hear that, Marie! I wonder if you got a bad batch. I had some of the older version of Natural Care wipes around the house and I compared them directly with the new ones. In my opinion, the new ones were much thicker and softer.

      If I were you, I would contact Huggies directly and tell them what’s going on. They’ve always been really good about sending replacement coupons or fixing a situation if something’s not satisfactory.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    • I agree with Marie, the “improvements” aren’t. Not only is the wipe thinner and less substantial (and that’s no mistake, I bought out all the old ones in my area and compared two side by side to the new seconds ago to double-confirm), but the new wipes slide more, as if they were more like a poly blend and less like fluffy cotton, to put it in fabric terms. Worst—and I don’t know if a lot of people will realize this, because I don’t know if most other people use them for any personal hygiene—but the new formulation stings, whereas the old one was mild as water. Yes, in addition to all the cleaning uses (I once used half a box to thoroughly degrease a belgian waffle iron), in our family the adults use them for personal care too. I also used them as stain cleaners (they used to work great on blood) and inexpensive face cleansing cloths/eyemakeup removers. The new, supposedly improved product fails on all fronts, from stainfighting to mascara removal. But again, for me the biggest failure is stinging. I’d never use something on a child that stings me as an adult! I’m going to continue to look for the old Huggies Natural Care, and when they’re gone, I’ll have to go through the whole testing of wipes process all over again. It’s a shame, because I’ve been loyal to Huggies ever since they launched the Natural Care line. It’s more than a shame, really—I’m truly disappointed and sad that Huggies ruined a perfect (and tremendously popular) product.

  12. Nicole - Mama to 4 Blessings says:

    I agree Huggies makes some of the best wipes on the market – strong and durable!

  13. We’ve loved Huggies wipes forever- and now their even better!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  14. Great idea to clean you walls with the wipes, it worked very well! I use baby wipes for the whit e trim on my son’s shoes, works like a charm :)

  15. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I love their wipes. My granson is 4 and we still use them. There is always messes to be wiped and we love them

  16. Congratulations on becoming a Huggies ambassador =) After reading your review I’m considering switching to Huggies Natural Care wipes. I like that they are thicker then other wipes. The wipes I currently use (up&up) just don’t hold up and I have to use 2 at a time in order to get the job done. Excellent review!

  17. I love wipes they are good for almost anything.

  18. My cousin always used Huggies, and loved them. I bet she’s be surprised they’re getting even better 😀

  19. Still using after 6 kids are now 12 to 31. we keep in our van for mishaps. We have a live in grand daughter now and also day care. Those wipes work WONDERS for spot cleaning on carpets to hold off till the carpet can be thoroughly cleaned by machine!

  20. Julia Reffner says:

    I love Huggies Natural Care wipes. So many other products caused me to break out into a rash.

  21. Another great thing about Huggies is that you can ALWAYS find a coupon for them! At least in my experience. I’m actually looking at a package of huggie wipes as I type. And I also use them for everything – cleaning up my lil girl, the high chair, the floor underneath the high chair…well, you get my point, lol

  22. Tim Stephens says:

    We’re a pampers family but I think I’ll give the natural wipes a try… I think they might be better for my daughter who get a irritated bum often

  23. Denise C says:

    You said the magic words: massively poopy butts! We have those often around here, so I love the idea of a wipe that’s strong and thick enough that you don’t have to use half a package on one messy job. I haven’t used these wipes since they were improved, and I’d try the natural care first. I usually pick the product that contains the fewest ingredients.

  24. I have never used these but I like the huggies diaper brand a lot. Thanks for the great review. I will have to pick some up for grandson!

  25. Harmony B says:

    I agree huggies are the best. I havent tried the new one yet but I think I’d try the one and done since my boys are getting bigger

  26. I love Huggies wipes! They are the easiest to come out of the box when you are trying to change a squirmy baby plus I think they last longer because I am not having to use twice as much to do a task like I have on other brands. I have a 4 month old who just learned to roll over so its so nice to be able to just grab a wipe quick. I also have a 6 year old and they come in handy for kids who like to “clean” or wipe everything.

  27. chelesa sims says:

    i love huggies.Their diapers and wipes are awesome.I like how the wipes are thick and I agree you can clean up with them and wipe up the kids.

  28. i really like huggies wipes too! it’s a great idea to keep some in the car for quick clean ups or to wipe up after a messy dinner- i’ve only used wipes for diaper changes!

  29. Thanks for the review. We keep wipes on hand in the car to clean up the kids and sometimes the car. I used a lot of brands because the ones I kept finding were too thin, so it’s nice to know that these ones are thicker.

  30. thanks for this review…i used to like pampers but lately they are so slimey it makes cleaning a baby bottom potentially very messy because they slip when you try to wipe…I am going to try these next time

  31. Debi Holmbo says:

    Love Huggies wipes. Used them on my grandson, and have them in all the bathrooms and cars still.

  32. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    I like Huggies, I like to keep wipes in my car and at home for my own use.

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