Beyond Coastal Sun Care Review

We all know it’s important to wear sunscreen when we’re out in the sun, but what about all the chemicals that many sunscreens contain? I usually don’t have a clue what most of the lengthy ingredient lists mean and that can be a little unsettling, especially when I use sunscreen on my little ones.

Beyond Coastal Sun Care knows how important sunscreen is and they also believe it’s important to use clean and healthy ingredients while leaving out empty fillers and fragrances. Some of the ingredients include green tea leaf extract and coconut oil for nourishing skin, vitamins C & E and Yerba Mate Leaf Extract for repairing skin, and Aloe Vera and Algae Extract for hydrating it.

I learned some interesting facts from Beyond Coastal. I didn’t know that only 8% of sunscreens block harmful UVA and UVB. And it’s the UVB rays that are the primary cause of burns and skin cancer. Beyond Coastal sun care is in that top 8% of sunscreens that has true broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

I was sent some samples to try out with my kids. It’s rained almost every day this month, but last Saturday we put them to the test when we marched in a parade and were outside in beautiful 75 degree sunny weather for the whole day. I used the products for our whole family. I was impressed that they held up so well. I was also happy that I could use these on Joshua, who has really sensitive eczema-prone skin, and my 17 month old, Luke, without worrying about yucky chemicals. The Active Face Stick with SPF 30 was my favorite because it went on clear and was so quick and easy to apply to my kids’ faces. A lot of “natural” sun screen makes you look white as a ghost but I didn’t have that experience with Beyond Coastal.

I definitely recommend this brand and I’ll be stocking up on more for our summer activities in the sun!


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Disclaimer: Thank you to the sponsor for the free product I was sent to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.
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  1. Suburban prep says:

    We like to go to the beach and to the park. Either way I usually must wear sun screen because I am very fair.

  2. Emily Drake says:

    We spend a week at the beach with my mom’s family and it is a blast having everyone together! We could definitely use some sunscreen for that!

  3. We always need sunscreen for church camp. And I have lost my mind and am bringing the almost 3-year-old and the baby, who will be almost 6 months old, so I need a safe, effective, chemical-free sunscreen!

  4. Swimming!

  5. Jennifer Rogers says:

    Swimming is our favorite Summer Time Activity

  6. Julie Lynn Bickham says:

    Going to the beach.

  7. Janet W. says:

    We enjoy riding bikes!

  8. Kiley P. says:


  9. Pamela Halligan says:

    Swimming – best summer activity.

  10. Sue Hull says:

    I like to go to the Marina where I live and have a picnic lunch with ymy family. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Stephanie Hungerford says:

    Swimming and I swim in an outdoor pool at my apartment complex. I can spend hours swimming

  12. swimming

  13. Janelle Prentice says:

    Going to the beach for sure!

  14. Jessica Hays says:

    Swimming in the pool!

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  15. we love going to the pool!

  16. Trung Nguyen says:

    My family love going to the beach or camping in the summer.

  17. Colleen Maurina says:

    We do a lot of swimming and visit the zoo in the summer!

  18. Soha Molina says:

    We love to swim

  19. Krystal Ramirez says:

    Playing in our pool!!

  20. Patrycja Chudziak says:

    long days in the park n zoo

  21. Julia Reffner says:

    We love hiking. :)

  22. We love to hang out around and in the backyard pool. That means sunscreen is a MUST especially here in Central Florida.

  23. lounging by the pool


  24. susan hartman says:

    I love going to Swartzwood Lake.

  25. catherine c says:

    going to the beach

  26. badminton !!!

  27. Christy Anderson says:

    I would need sunscreen when we go to the pool.

  28. Nicole G. says:

    We like going to the waterpark.

  29. Denise Taylor says:

    We go to the zoo and have picnics all summer long, we go through a lot of sunscreen as a result!

  30. Christine W says:

    We love going to the beach!

  31. Brittany C says:

    My family has been going to the beach almost every weekend! This would be great! Thanks for the giveaway:)

  32. Christine says:


  33. Danielle says:

    We love swimming and going to the beach

  34. I love sitting on my balcony on a warm sunny Sunday morning and reading the newspaper.

  35. Erin Rok says:

    We enjoy swimming and could definitely use this kit

  36. Barbara Scaff says:


  37. going to the creek!

  38. Definately our favorite summertime acitvity is going to the beach! That is where we use a lot of sunscreen!

  39. Holly Hook says:

    My family often goes “floating,” where we just relax in inner tubes and let the current carry us down river.

  40. Waterslides.

  41. going to the beach

  42. Hanging out at the beach!

  43. We love having picnics in Central Park

  44. Patricia says:

    Swimming in the lakes for us.

  45. we love going to the beach

  46. parades, small towns celebrates

  47. we love to swim so that requires alot of sunscreen!

  48. Mayla M says:

    We will sunscreen on our trip to Texas!

  49. Missy L says:

    The beach definitely but every day playing outside too

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