Annual Homeschool Testing – The CAT

Many states require some form of testing or evaluation to show that homeschooled kids are learning. A great place to easily check the laws in your state – or a state you may move to – is HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association.)

For my state of New Hampshire, we are required to submit an annual evaluation of our children’s progress. It can be a written evaluation by a certified teacher or a national achievement test.

We do testing each year, in the form of the CAT or California Achievement Test. I usually like to do it in April because it’s a good, almost-done point in the year. We did the test a couple weeks ago. I think Nathan did pretty well and we’ll see when the results come in. It’s always a relief to have that completed and then I feel like we’re really almost done for the year once the CAT test is finished.

Here’s a few pictures of our mornings of the CAT testing:

Nathan wasn’t doing the timed portion of the test here (I wouldn’t be that crazy and distract him with taking a picture!) Here he was just doing the practice instruction page.

Emily was my good little helper and played with the little boys upstairs so I could do testing with Nathan in (relative) peace.

Joshua played with his trucks:

And Lukey got excited over a “new” toy I pulled out from the closet:

If you homeschool, does your state require testing or evaluation? What do you do?

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  1. so glad we do not have that requirement in Florida! We are enrolled in an unschooling homeschool program, I only have to have my son homeschooled 180 days out of the year and we surpass that because we homeschool all year round. I do keep a portfolio. I think in 3rd grade I will have him evaluated through our homeschool group.

    • It’s interesting to hear how different families do it. I wish we didn’t have to do the testing every year – I think every three years like the public schools do it is fine, but at the same time, Nathan always does great, so it is a nice reminder that we’re doing a good job.

  2. I just stumbled on you site. I don’t have a website. i couldn’t skip that option so i put yours in it. I am wondering if you are the one testing you own kids? how do you do that? in wv. We have to have a state certified teacher person to evaluated or test the children with a specific test. I am starting my first year of official homeschooling, we will probably do a portfolio evaluation. my kid would so stress if she had to test. then again she is in kindergarten I do not have to have her enrolled until she is six, but i would rather her her enrolled where she is at in school. my poor kids have been home schooled since they were born, think they are used to it by now.

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