Allergies, Poop, Princesses, and Sleepovers

I’ve had a long week.

I thought about my usual just deal-with-it and not say anything, but darn it! I’m a blogger and I’m going to write about it! I’m done with the whole perfect-mom thing. I’m a good mom and I love my children more than I could ever say, but I’m not perfect.

Joshua and Luke are clinging and cranky, thanks to allergies/colds.

I’ve given up trying to keep the snot off their faces. I used to wonder why moms didn’t just wipe their kids’ disgusting noses. I know now: it’s not that simple. The snot dries leaving you to scrub it off while they kick and scream like you are killing them. When they are already whiny and hanging on you, the last thing you want is to irritate that beast further. Not to mention that 5 minutes later, their faces are snotty and gross again.

I’m sick of poop. {I just posted that on Facebook.} Poop blow-outs and poopy pants. Thanks to the trip, Joshua’s regressed with potty training and poops in his pants nearly everyday. I can put him down for the nap he really needs, but then he always poops then. If we skip the nap, I can sometimes get him to go in the potty, but then he’s super cranky. So cranky, poop-in-the-potty child or happier, poop-in-the-pants kid? I’m seriously ready to throw in the towel & go back to pull-ups.

Luke is my tornado child. He gets into everything. I found him throwing my clean laundry all over the floor, one thing after another. He even took one of my clean shirts and hung it over his head and I found it in the dog water bowl.

I’ve only seen Nate twice this week. He’s worked something like 60 hours this week and when I have seen him, it’s more like a quick hug and “good night.” I’m not complaining about the overtime. But it adds to a very long week.

I’m spent.

My week hasn’t been all bad – the weather’s been gorgeous and Nathan and Emily have been good.

Emily’s growing up so quickly. She informed me this week that she wants to marry the neighbor boy. Our conversation started when we were baking cookies together (We are the “Baking Gals” according to her. She’s got a New England accent, so emphasis on “Gals”.) Emily mentioned that she was going to have “3 girls and 1 boy” when she was grown. Of course a “daddy too.” Then she said she wanted to marry “Ben.” But “only if he treats me like a princess, Mommy. I have to ask him that tomorrow if he will treat me like a princess!

She was completely serious. I had a very hard time biting my lip and not laughing. Of course her daddy might not find that quite as amusing; he’s very protective of his little girl. But I think it’s cute.

Nathan’s been really good this week. He wants to have a sleep-over with his best friend and we told him he had to show us he would listen and behave first. He’s taken that to heart and really is.
I can’t believe he’s old enough for sleep-overs! When he commented that he would be a teenager in 4 years (he’s 9), I was ready to correct him, and then I realized he was right. Yikes!

But enough of my week.
How was your week?

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  1. Maybe it’s just the name Luke because mine is like a hurricane too! The poop is only for a season :) Only one more child to potty train after Joshua! :)

  2. I so hope she will find someone who will treat her like a princess some day!

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