Wordless Wednesday Linky – Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is coming early this year. It’s been in the 50’s and even the 60’s the past couple days. The weather is gorgeous and we are loving it!

I also took these photos of the first spring crocuses. I love how these tiny little flowers so determinedly pop up in the middle of all the dead leaves.


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  1. CUTE !

  2. SavingwithSaveOne says:

    Great photos and love the title :)

  3. Those are some great shots of the flowers! You’re kids are adorable btw =)

  4. fun pics!!!

  5. We hit the 80s today. It’s going to be a miserable summer.

  6. Beautiful blooms! I remember them growing in my grandmother’s garden in Poland and tried to plant some in Atlanta when we first moved into our house. I had 150 crocus carcasses laying out from the dirty old squirrels eating them. I’ve been afraid to try since them!

  7. So pretty flowers! I am a new follower on google+ :-)

  8. Beautiful photos! I have the same flower theme up on my WW post this week 😉 hehe.

  9. Those flower pics are beautiful! The kids are too, of course :)

  10. Great pics! The flowers have me itching for spring. Ours haven’t popped up yet, but I am patiently waiting!

  11. The first two photos are lovely and I love the bench in the one photo. Spring has sprung!

  12. Beautiful pictures of the flowers. Your kids are really cute.

  13. We had those “spring” (almost summer) temps here, too! It was in the 80s, and we have lots of flowers blooming, too. Your Crocuses are so pretty, and it looks like the kids enjoyed the weather, too.

  14. Tiffany Cruz says:

    Great photos. I’m sure you all are glad to finally get outside. At least it was a short winter :)

  15. Love your springtime photos. We posted one too!

  16. Love the crocuses, they are so pretty. I saw that my lilies are poking their little green selves up, got to share it with the children.
    Looks like your kids were having a grand old time.

  17. Don’t know what is more beautiful; the flowers or your children. Lovely post!

  18. Thanks for hosting. I hope it is okay that I have a few words included in my post.

  19. LOVE spring,… you know why?!? It means summer is just a few weeks away… I am a sucker for summer! :)


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