Wordless Wednesday Linky – Moonlight

I took this photo a couple weeks ago. We had just returned home from picking up Nathan from karate when we looked down the street and saw this beautiful moon. The moonlight was so bright as dusk fell upon us. I love the way the trees framed the sky too. Now if only the power lines weren’t there…

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  1. SavingwithSaveOne says:

    That’s a nice photo! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh that’s amazing!

  3. That is a beautiful picture of the moon. I like that it’s still dusk but the moon is easily seen.

  4. Beautiful! I love the color of the sky!

  5. Wow, that’s an awesome shot!

  6. Thanks for hosting this. Did I miss the button? I looked for it.

  7. Yay! My link is a little video of the Fantasy arriving at Port Canaveral. She is beautiful- with or without fireworks. 😉

  8. cool pic!!

  9. Awesome shot!

  10. Beautiful pictures…even with the power lines are in the shot 😉

  11. Lovely shot.

  12. Lovely photo this week.

  13. WOW!! Love the capture!

  14. Beautiful photo! It’s like what you’ve seen in the movies. the moon is so perfect.. Thanks for sharing this.. Good job!

  15. Chezianne says:

    The photo is really perfect! Its kinda black and white effect and it looks definitely unique!

  16. Tiffany Cruz says:

    I really wish I lived somewhere where snow is always expected. It’s kinda upsetting always getting jipped out of a winter here. Great photo by the way.

  17. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    beautiful, there’s nothing like God’s creations

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