Wordless Wednesday Linky – Fearless

My little guy has no fear – he’s ready to climb anything and go at it. I found him standing on the bench on our porch a couple days ago, happy as a clam, watching his big sister.

I wish he was just a little less fearless at times…

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  1. He’s definitely a Boy LOL.

  2. Ma.Dhares says:

    What a very brave kid! I like the idea that he is watching his big sister…I hope someday I can have kids like them too…

  3. Oh my. They can get into some pretty scary stuff (for us). Good luck :)

  4. Being brave of a kid on doing such thing has good and bad effects. Just always watch for your children.

  5. Haha-I feel the same way with my son

  6. Non of my kids have fear. I know how you feel!

  7. My 11 month old is the same way! Completely fearless. I’m hoping it’s just a stage =)

  8. Once fearless, always fearless. My 8 year old still climbs on stuff that makes my heart stop at times!

  9. well good luck! I had only one climber…and that was enough!!!

  10. BOYS!!! fearless!!

  11. such a lil sweetie!! be careful!

  12. How brave!!! Boys will be boys!

  13. Isn’t it great that he has such a wonderful sense of adventure, but that certainly makes moms nervous!

  14. I just don’t think that at that age there is such a thing as “fear,” there is only adventure!

    Thanks for the link-up!

  15. Janelle Prentice says:

    Thanks for the linky! Oh boy, I know all about fearless little boys!

  16. He is really fearless and I am sure his sister didn’t notice it…

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