Spring Fun & Potty Training

I forgot how exhausting potty training a 2 year old can be. You chase them all day and then the one time they go out of sight, bang! you know the rest… *sigh* I’ve gotten practically nothing done all week, but it will be worth it if this works.

That’s what I wrote on my Facebook page yesterday. And then I decided this was worth blogging about. I wrote half this post last night and then was so tired, I put it aside and finished it this morning.

Just a heads up about this post – if you’re not a parent, this may gross you out. Ok, it might still gross you out, even if you are a parent.

First, the weather – it’s gorgeous. It’s been in the 70’s this week and even 80 yesterday. Today is a slightly cooler 60 degrees, but still beautiful. I can’t remember the last time I wore capri’s and flip flops and got bit by mosquitoes in March. And I love it. Well maybe not the mosquito part (I’m allergic and swell up) but that’s just a fact of life.

I’ve been wandering around outside and snapping photos of spring. Flowers beginning to bloom, the first buds on the trees, grass turning green, and more. But I’ll share those in another post; this one is about the family.

Everyone, even Luke, is enjoying the outdoors this week:

Back to the potty training.

Joshua will be 3 in June and with him and Luke in diapers, we are beyond ready to get this done with. I tried little bits of potty training here and there in the last couple of months without a lot of luck. But I didn’t really go for it. I’ve found you have to be serious about it or they won’t be either. If you try it for a day and give up, of course they will too. Naturally there’s a time when they simply aren’t ready, but sometimes they need a little persistence from Mom.

The warmer weather this week presented a great opportunity, so on Monday morning, we started. I give Joshua 1 Skittle (a super special treat, they never get candy) each time he pees in his potty. FYI, I’m still loving our Munchkin Arm & Hammer Potty that I reviewed a couple months ago. It’s a really great potty and it puts up with a lot.

The first day, he had one accident, but he’s surprised me by doing pretty well with going pee in the potty. The last 2 days, he’ll actually go on his own without me reminding him.

But poop?


He just does not seem to get the concept that you should poop in the potty. He held it all day Monday and then on Tuesday, when it was 70+ degrees, he went in the backyard (it’s fenced in) and pooped. And again Wednesday. I cannot believe I scooped up my son’s poop from the yard. It’s one thing to scoop the dog’s – that goes with the territory, but my kid’s? Gross.

Yesterday, I was determined to keep that from happening. I watched Josh like a hawk and frequently had him sit down to try going. No luck. At one point, I left him on the deck with Emily for a couple short minutes while I ran inside to do something. That’s all it took for him to go out in the yard and poop. At least I think he did. I can’t find it, but that doesn’t mean much because there’s still unraked leaves all over the place.


I’m trying to remember when Nathan & Emily were potty trained and neither of them had an aversion to pooping in the potty. I know if I stick with it, Joshua will learn, but ooh I’m tired of scooping poop!

Does anyone have any poop potty training tips that worked for you?


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  1. It look my guy a number of months to get both areas of potty training mastered.

  2. I just found your blog today via Pinterest. I really enjoyed it. I have never used a potty chair for potty training. I have always used a seat insert on a big potty (5 down, 1 to go!). I have never dealt with this issue, but I wonder if you scooped it into the big potty and he go to watch it flush away and then next time try having him use the big potty knowing that it will go away (rather than be sitting in the potty chair. Maybe he doesn’t like the idea of it sitting in the chair?) I’m just grasping here, but sometimes the oddest things work! Good luck!
    Oh, and I totally agree with the momma having to be ready part, it took me a while to be serious about number 3. And I have a feeling number six will be the same way.

    • Thanks for sharing, Suzann. We did try the seat on the big potty (and I’d prefer it – less mess to clean up!) but Joshua seems to prefer the potty seat so we’ll stick with that until he’s a little more confident. But thanks for the idea – sometimes you need someone to point something out really simple thats right in front of you, lol! And you’re totally right about the oddest things with kids! lol

  3. I have to say your post gave me a great laugh mainly because i can relate. My older son (who is now 4 and potty trained =) pooped in the back yard several times. ike you I couldnt believe that I was scooping my son’s poop. lol.. I can laugh all i want but I still have the twins to go and then we will be all done for good. Abby I feel will be quick and easy about it while Henry i think will be just like my other son and take his time. Leo was actually 3 when he was ready. I think what finally did it with Leo was the fact he got tired of us changing his diaper because we would say everytime “Boy when are you gonna go in the potty” We tried everything from candy to buying him hotwheels anything that would entice him to go in the poty. Finally one day he just did and he only had a few accidents. Oh and by the way, I do not believe in Pull-ups. I think they are just like diapers and encourage them to go in their pants.

    • Becky, I’m glad my child wasn’t the only one doing that! lol. Well not that you had to deal with it, but you know what I mean. Lol!
      I agree with the Pull-Up’s – it’s just a fancy diaper. The only advantage IMO is that they’re easier to slip on once they are older. I have one package I’m using with Joshua only for at night now.
      Thanks for commenting!

  4. Too funny! I also used the seat on the big potty for all my kids. They liked to flush the toilet after they pooped. Sorry you are dealing with this. You know what they say–this too shall pass! Let us know when it happens!

  5. This made me laugh, and of course just like the other mom’s only because I can relate. My two oldest children (2 and 4) are afraid to do what we call “stinky” on the big boy potty. They both snuck away and did it right in the house, in carpet. I flipped, cried, all kinds of panicking. I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong and why my kids would think that would be even close to any kind of appropriate. Maybe boys just do that. Maybe they each have to do it at least once. lol I’m not forcing the issue but not just because I’ve run out of ideas, but more because I kind of just hope they’ll come around. I’m surely going to follow this post though in case anyone shares something I could try!-Sabrina

    • Oh my, “stinky” in the house is even worse! We had one “accident” today but we actually had 2 successes in the potty, so I’m happy. I don’t know. Some kids are stubborn, others don’t get it, and the rest? Who knows! Joshua is my 3rd that I’m potty training and they have all been soo different.
      Good luck!

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