New Fish For Our Aquarium

Among our family of pets (not nearly as many as we used to have!) is some fish in our 29 gallon aquarium. I love our fish tank because, not only is it very peaceful and soothing to watch, but it’s neat for the kids. They can learn all about the different fish, and for Nathan, I’ve been teaching him about tank chemistry. Things like checking the pH levels, nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia. As he loves chemistry, this is a very fascinating but practical aspect for him to learn.

There were just a few Bleeding Heart Tetras remaining so we went to the pet store last Friday to get some more fish. Here’s a picture of one of our Bleeding Heart Tetras peeking out from behind a plant – they are a somewhat shy, schooling fish:

We decided to let Nathan & Emily each buy their very own fish with their money (approved by me of course.) I thought it would be a neat way for them to help take responsibility with something small.

Nathan choose a Dwarf Gourami and named him Alex.

Dwarf gouramis are beautiful peaceful fish. We got two.

As are their cousins, the Pearl Gouramis; we got two of them as well. We’ve had 2 Pearl Gouramis before (each living 2-3 years and affectionately named Mr Gourami.) I could not get a decent photo of the pearls. This is the best one I have and it’s so blurry! One of these days when I save up enough money to get an SLR camera, I’ll be able to get better shots.

That’s a little corydoras (cory for short) sitting with her.

We got 6 cory “catfish”. Unfortunately 2 have died (they are pretty fragile fish.) Thankfully one of them was not the “baby” cory that Emily picked out to be her fish. Of course she picked the tiniest one (she’s just like me and wants to “help” and “save” the little ones.) So far, it’s doing well. Here’s our little gang before we put them in the big tank, while we were “acclimating” them to the new water:

Lastly, we got 3 Amano or Japonica Shrimp. These fascinating little creatures are freshwater invertebrates and love to eat algae. They’re really fun to watch as they zoom fearlessly around the tank. Or hide for days as they sit in the tree log eating away.

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  1. Your children are cute. I would do the same as you did. I’d most likely give them small responsibilities as well to start them early. I remembered something when you had a “Mr Gourami.” I actually named my pairs as Mr “fish” and Mrs “fish.” “Fish” because it depends on what kind they are. :)

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