Happy 9th Birthday, Nathan!

Today is my oldest son’s 9th birthday. I can’t believe another whole year has passed and now my Nathan is 9!

Here he is, with a picture of the yellow Angry Bird that he drew all by himself!

He requested a birthday cake with the yellow Angry Bird, so I did my best. I was pretty happy with how it came out. The angry bird is a buttercream transfer. I decided to add the green pig on at the last minute so I did that free-hand. I loved how all the colors came out. I use AmeriColor Soft Gel Paste Food Color and they make it so easy to mix up exactly what I want.

Birthday party!

With his new Plasma Ball – he loves it!


Happy Birthday, Nathan! We love you so much!

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  1. aww! that’s a fantastic drawing!!

    Happy Birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! :) You made that cake Erika? Wow – i am impressed, when do you have the time? Great job! Looks professional!

    • Thanks Nicole! the only way I had time for that was with hubs helping with the kids. And naptime. Thank the Lord for naptime, lol!

  3. Happy Birthday to Nathan!

  4. Happy Birthday to Nathan and of course Mommy who did all the work!!!!

  5. Dianna Thomas says:

    Happy Birthday Nathan–my goodness–9 years old–they just grow up so fast–He’ll be shaving next thing you know. I look at My 4 little ones and I still see babies and they aren’t—other than my babies.

  6. Happy Birthday to Nathan! Wow, the Angry Birds cake came out amazing!! Great job on that, I pinned on Pinterest!!

  7. What an amazing cake. Looks like quite a birthday. :)

  8. Happy (belated) Birthday to Nathan! It looks like he had a great party. I LOVE the cake…you did a great job! Wow!

  9. Awesome, awesome job! Could you make a Dora cake for my daughter? :)

    • Lol, you could do it! It’s really not that hard. I feel like such a pro doing buttercream transfers, but if you can trace, you can do it!

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