Wordless Wednesday Linky – Vacuuming With Little Ones

This is why I’m having a hard time vacuuming these days:

He likes to be right in front of the vacuum studying it.

I have to gate off the area or give him to Emily to hold…

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  1. awww. poor little guy! he really really wants to help! lol

  2. Janelle Prentice says:

    So cute! What’s with little guys and vacuums! I just posted last week about my son and our vacuum – too funny!

  3. He is cute. Maybe he will grow up to be a vacuum repair man?

  4. Kristin SAwatzke says:

    My son has been doing the same thing for a couple months now lol. IT takes twice as long to do now days!

  5. Aww poor kid! Its funny how they are fascinated at the silliest things.

  6. SavingwithSaveOne says:

    Thanks for the WW linky :)

  7. Katherine G says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha! !! That is too funny

  8. Maybe you need to get him a toy one or something like it a lawn mower or something. He is so cute and smart. He knows what he wants?!!!!

  9. The only way I can vacum is to put my 21 month old son in the Ergo on my back or if hubby is home and can distract him the same goes for sweeping.

  10. That is too cute. Poor thing.

  11. LOL – both my little guys are fascinated by the vacuum!

  12. Tiffany Cruz says:

    Thanks for the linky 😉 Your son is so cute. At that age they are curious about everything.

  13. So cute!! He really wants to know how that big machine works! My daughter loves to use the broom and pail and tries to sweep all around the house…

  14. He is so cute, he was really ready to help!

  15. How cute. My 9mo old does this now. The dogs go running from it but she follows and “helps” me.

  16. R Hicks says:

    So cute. One day he will be muscling that machine around on his own!

  17. Shar Donoho says:

    Oh- I miss those days…well, yes they were difficult and tiring but…now that my kids are in college I really miss those precious moments.

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