Review: Johnson’s Natural Baby Products

My family’s health is very important to me. It’s not just about keeping them healthy from cold and flu germs, but their overall health. Eating nutritious foods and using products with less chemicals are great places to start. I’ve been trying to gradually incorporate more natural foods and products into our lifestyle. Gradually is the key word here because dumping out all the old and bringing in new overnight isn’t going to happen.

There are some products I like but I wish they didn’t use all those un-natural ingredients, especially when it comes to things for my children. But there are so many choices available now that it can get overwhelming and seem easier to stick with what I know. You know what I mean. One friend recommends a product you’ve never heard of and you don’t know where to buy it. Another friend recommends something else but it’s expensive and you aren’t sure it will work for your family anyways. Sometimes it feels like it would be easier to just stick with the tried and true brands.

This is when it’s great when a company we already know comes out with a new natural product line. Johnson’s baby products have been around over 100 years and they’ve recently introduced Johnson’s Natural line for babies and children. With at least 98% natural ingredients, they are the only line of baby skincare products with natural ingredients and that many years of experience.

The Johnson’s Natural Baby line has a baby lotion, foaming head-to-toe baby wash, and baby shampoo. I received all three and I am very pleased with them.  They are gentle and leave my children with clean, soft skin, with that gentle Johnson’s baby feel that I love. The lotion is amazing; it absorbs quickly and is soft and non-greasy – perfect for my 1 year old, Luke’s skin.

I’ve used Johnson’s regular baby products when my older 2 children were small but since my two year old Joshua came along with very sensitive skin I switched to something more natural. It was more expensive and harder to find. Now I am thrilled that I can go back to my favorite Johnson’s and not have to compromise on the green aspect. And perhaps best of all is how affordable the Johnson’s Natural line is with a starting price of $4.59 and that it can be found at stores nationwide.

I love when I find a product I feel good about using and it’s affordable and that describes Johnson’s Natural line perfectly. I highly recommend that you check out Johnson’s Natural line – you won’t be disappointed!


“Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Johnson’s Natural and received a product sample to facilitate my review, and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”
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Erika is a happily married mom with four energetic children. With a love for Jesus, photography, organizing, and encouraging other moms, she stays busy and definitely does not have it all together.


  1. Gina M Maddox says:

    This is the first I have heard about Johnson’s naturals. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I have a 5 and 3 year old, I use the lotion for them and myself. I love it. Great product and great review! :)

  3. Natural is the way to go. Good for baby and good earth.

  4. christina moore says:

    Love Johnson’s baby products

  5. Dianna Thomas says:

    Great review and Now I need to try it!

  6. Johnson’s baby products are great. Who does not like them?

  7. marthalynn rodriguez says:

    Your baby is so cute! I’ve been using the regular Johnson’s products on my son, but I’ve been hearing a lot of negative things about that line lately. I think after reading this I’ll switch to the Naturals line. Thanks for the information!

  8. I am so glad the J&J is finally coming out with a natural baby product! It’s great to know that they’re concerned with the health of our children and that they’re providing options!

  9. I like that these products are so affordable!

  10. I already loved Johnson’s baby products…now with this natural line of products I love them even more

  11. I love this product! THanks for the review.

  12. Melissa Benekos-Chatlos says:

    Not a fan of Johnson’s Baby Products. I use lotions and soaps from The Honest Company. That stuff is AMAZING. You should really check it out!!!

  13. Wow, had no idea they made these! I’ll definitely try them next time – I usually get Burt’s Bees!

  14. kindra baron says:

    All of my kids have sensitive skin & I’m always looking for natural products to use on them. Can’t wait to try these out!


  15. I am planning to get these for my sister, she loves the johnson and johnson baby line, and strong chemicals tend to irritate her skin easily.

  16. Vicky Carlson says:

    I really love that companies like Johnson and Johnson are making positive strides in making their products for conscientious consumers.

  17. Pamela Halligan says:

    I have always sworn by Johnson & Johnson products, probably because my mother did. I have yet to try the Naturals Line, but will have to give it a try. Thanks for the review.

  18. Wow, had no idea they made these! I’ll definitely try them next time – I usually use a generic all natural lotion! Love these lotions

  19. I would love to try this!

  20. I was never really sure if my son needed lotion or not. They have so many different kinds that it is hard to pick what you need

  21. Tanya White says:

    I love Johnson’s natural baby products my babies were always so soft and smelled so good after their bath

  22. Jan Messali says:

    I’ve been looking into Johnson’s Naturals. They seem like a good alternative to the very expensive 100% organic brands. Glad to hear that the lotion wasn’t greasy. Thanks for the review.

  23. Austin Baroudi says:

    I love this stuff! It’s what my girlfriend uses on her baby.

  24. Gina Ferrell says:

    Natural is the way to go. Good for baby and the earth too. I love using all natural products for myself and my kids. A great review!!!

  25. Jackie Griebel says:

    I love Johnson’s Naturals and you are so right, it is nice to find natural products that are reasonably priced!

  26. It’s great that Johnson’s has created a natural product line for babies. :)

  27. Jennifer Dooley says:

    adorable little baby!! :)

    I’ve got to try this out! I didn’t know it was out there

    Thank you!

  28. Thanks for the info – I use aveeno pretty exclusively but will think about trying this brand!

  29. The Naturals work great! I do wish scent was a little better, but they were very gentle for my son!

  30. Kimberly says:

    I don’t normally use Johnsons products on my daughter, but I love that they have the natural products available. I would definitely pick some up if I didn’t have time to or forgot to order her regular bath products. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Evelyn Goettner says:

    We have always used Johnson’s products but we haven’t tried the naturals yet. I’ll have to pick some up the next time I go shopping. Thanks for the review.

  32. Katharina says:

    It’s so good to know that a company I’ve already trusted for years
    has heard what consumers want and developed this line! Great
    Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

  33. i love this brand but haven’t tried their natural line yet. i’d love to as i prefer natural/organic products for my son

    annae07 at aol dot com

  34. These products are such good products! Johnson’s baby products have been around over 100 years, and that is why I trust their products. They also work very good!

  35. Juli Guthrie says:

    Thanks, I will have to check this out, I’d quit using Johnson’s products because of some of the chemicals that are in the regular ones. I will be looking into this!

  36. Azslyn Cole says:

    I really love johnson and johnson baby product they leave baby’s skin so soft and i look forward to trying this lotion thanks for the review

  37. lisa brown says:

    I really like Johnson & Johnson products. Have used them for years.

  38. Lauren U says:

    I didn’t know they had a naturals line. Thanks for the review.

  39. saida ahmed says:

    We have been loyal J&j product users but I never got around to use the Natural line. Thank you for sharing your review.. I will try to use them.

  40. Love their products and just added these to my Target list!

  41. I don’t know why I haven’t tried this line yet. I’ve been trying to go natural as much as possible and I think these products would be great for my kids.

  42. Nicole G. says:

    My mother tells everyone that my father always commented how he loved the smell of babies; he thought they came that way. He finally realized by the third one of us that is was the Johnson’s Baby products that made us smell so good. I would love to try the Johnson’s Natural line.

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