Pet Peeves

Like most people, I have a few pet peeves, but my biggest pet peeve is people spelling my name wrong. My name is Erika, with a ‘k.’ No ‘c’ anywhere. I get it if someone’s just met me and doesn’t know how my name is spelled. But when you do know me and you email or message me on Facebook (my name is RIGHT THERE!) spelling my name as “Ericka” or “Erica” can get really annoying.

Poor grammar also gets under my skin. Interchanging your and you’re. They’re, their, there. I don’t think badly of the person, I just want to fix it. I guess that’s the Type A person in me coming out.

Ironically (I seriously couldn’t make this up) Nate just sent me a message regarding one of my blog posts he was fixing and said “your all set.” I had to laugh, what are the odds?

It also never ceases to amaze me how people post every little thing about their life on Facebook. I am taking a walk. I am going to the movies again. I just went to the bathroom (!!!) Here’s a picture of what I ate for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner.

Nothing personal, but I just don’t want to read all that. It clutters up my timeline and I don’t see the updates I really do care about. Of course that’s their prerogative to post what they want on Facebook. But it’s also my prerogative to unsubscribe from their notifications. Handy little feature there.

What are your pet peeves? What gets under your skin?

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Erika is a happily married mom with four energetic children. With a love for Jesus, photography, organizing, and encouraging other moms, she stays busy and definitely does not have it all together.


  1. My pet peeve is the same as yours but a little different. My last name is Sims. People who I have known for years still spell it Simms. At Christmas time friends that we have met through church conferences etc send cards with it spelled wrong. My husband thinks it is funny he said for some reason through the years most people add the extra M. But my biggest pet peeve is getting in my car and my 17 year old daughter leaves it just above empty. I hate to pump gas and it never fails that it is just enough to get to the gas station left in the car. I enjoy your blog. Thanks for blogging. God bless

  2. I feel you on the whole name thing. People assume my name is Jennifer, when my birth name is Jenny. It gets rather annoying since I dislike the name Jennifer A LOT! lol

  3. I`m with you on the facebook and it also happens on twitter, I don`t need to know everything little thing they do.

  4. hahahaa, I was going to do a post on this very same subject today but I had a very busy day and didn’t get a chance. It’s funny that we were thinking the same thing though. My name, Delrina, has been misspelled and mispronounced my whole entire life so that’s why I go by Dee. It’s SO much easier and I don’t have to ask the numerous questions when people say “What did you say your name was?” It becomes a 30 minute conversation because I try to pronounce it as clear as possible and they ALWAYS get it wrong. I too am tired of reading every single move that some FB followers post. Those people have way too much time on their hands when they have the time to be on the internet all day long telling everyone else exactly what they’re doing and when. I am too busy throughout the day to do that. And if I spent that much time on the internet my family would leave me and my home would be a huge mess. Good post!

  5. Ok, here’s the A-type person in me…. “I don’t have to ANSWER the numerous questions when people ask” — not ASK.

    I was typing too quick. hahaa!

  6. Katherine G says:

    I hate when people misspelled my name as well. Especially on FB when it is right in front of them. I also hate when people complain about something I am doing and then turn around and do the same thing they were just complaining about. I hate when people make so many grammatical errors that I feel like I am translating. I hate when people smack and chew with their mouth open no one wants to see all that. I also hate when people act as if everything they say is correct and everyone else is wrong.

  7. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    I know what you mean, my name is Carolyn and all my life people call me Caroline and I hate that.

  8. my friend if I ever spelling your name wrong I apologize – I hate when people spell my name wrong and add a “h” in it! :)

  9. Karla Curington says:

    Ditto to the misspelled name thing…Karla with a ‘K’ NOT ‘C’ and Curington with ONE ‘R’ not two!! My biggest pet peeve, though, is when people passing me (or anyone, really) in the halls smile and ask “How are you?” – and then keep right on going never bothering to even wait for an answer!! If you don’t care, don’t ask. I’d at least like the chance to say, “Fine, thank you!” :))

  10. I agree with you that it kind of annoys me why people post every little thing they do on Facebook. I don’t care what they ate for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It just seems that the person who does that doesn’t have anything clever or important to say on their FB statuses. I’d much prefer those of my FB friends who aren’t so obsessive-compulsive in having to post everything. At least, when they post something, it’s about their latest vacation trip or meeting with their long-lost childhood friends or spending quality time with their family. Now, that’s something worth seeing and being happy about.

  11. Tiffany Cruz says:

    Your name is easy for me to remember. My cousin-in-law’s name is Erik so it’s second nature to me when spelling your name :) I love this post. Very funny but so true.

  12. Well, with a name like Pam Thompson, I hardly ever have anyone spell it wrong! However, grammar errors are my pet peeve. They bother me the most when they come home in school newsletters. This year’s batch of teachers seem to have the English language mastered, which is a good thing for me!

  13. My first name is always misspelled and mispronounced…it’s Kari (like “Carrie”). I’ve just learned to deal with it over the years. One of my big pet peeves is people chewing loudly or with their mouth open, poor table manners in general bug me.

  14. There are numerous ways of spelling Vicky (Vikki, Vicki, Vickey, Vickie). Mine is the old-fashioned way, but most people guess one of the more modern versions. Like you, I’ve gotten used to it it… But when it’s someone who should know better or someone who has my name RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM (facebook, email), it irks me.

    I agree on not needing every minute detail on Facebook… which is one of the (many) reasons why I nixed my FB account 6 months ago. Oh the freedom!

  15. Oh I feel ya!!! My name is Shari, not Sheri, not sherry, not any other spelling! It annoys me when they have to type in my email address correctly, and then put hi Sheri…it’s like uh delete…unless it’s a really great offer! ha

  16. Bellesouth says:

    I hate it when people spell my name wrong too! Especially when they can see it typed out! I also cannot stand when people pronounce the t in “often.”

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