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Our home is an old house that constantly needs something done. I have grown to love it over the 7 years that we’ve lived here and we’ve made a lot of improvements, but it’s been a lot of work and still continues to be. Whether we are remodeling one of the bedrooms, replacing old plaster walls, or simply updating an old kitchen faucet, there’s always something to do.

Just about all homes need things done, whether it’s routine maintenance or a big renovation project. There are many ways to approach projects – do you do it yourself or do you hire a contractor? Either way, you will want to do some research first. Doing the wrong thing can be very costly and even permanent. Maybe you know what to do but what if you have a simple question about what type of carpeting would be best? Do you forge ahead unsure or do you look for some peer to peer opinions with an expert opinion thrown in too? is a wonderful resource that is available to help you find home improvement answers. From simple gardening questions to interior design ideas to major renovations, it’s a free service with no advertising, that can save you time, money, and huge hassle.

There are three simple aspects to Hometalk:

1) Search: find existing answers, photos, and more posted by homeowners & professionals who have worked on similar projects.

2) Ask: if you’ve got a question, the Hometalk community is there to help.

3) Share: Add updates on your latest project. Review a contractor. Share pictures, videos, and helpful advice with the community.


We’ve done a lot of projects on our own – or I should say my husband has – and sometimes we just went ahead although we weren’t quite sure what to do. Now there are a few things we wish we had done it differently, like our bathroom remodel. With Hometalk, we can search for answers before we take on a project, not after.

I was very impressed with the questions and answers I found as I browsed Hometalk. People are very active on this forum, but the answers are helpful and educated. The variety of questions, from arranging furniture all the way to different style counter tops down to refinishing hardwood floors, was great too.

We have always done home improvement projects ourselves as it’s much more affordable than hiring a contractor but if we did want a professional, it’s great to know we can look for reviews and recommendations on Hometalk too.

When spring approaches in a few months, I plan on finding some answers for our lawn problems. We have the hardest time getting grass to grow in our small front yard and even the back is ugly. I don’t expect a picture perfect lawn with the kids, but having something besides weeds would be nice. Now I can search on Hometalk for some solutions.

Hometalk has a great group of featured panelists, some include folks from HGTV. There are also weekly $250 giftcard giveaways on their website that would be perfect for helping out with your project!

Look for more great home articles at the related Networx website as well, including some interesting cleaning articles, like Home Flu-Proofing Myths, Busted. 

Check out Hometalk; the folks there are ready and willing to help save you time, frustration, and money!



This was a paid post, although my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor. Regardless I will only share and recommend products I use personally or believe will be good for my readers.
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About the Author

Erika is a happily married mom with four energetic children. With a love for Jesus, photography, organizing, and encouraging other moms, she stays busy and definitely does not have it all together.


  1. I would love to do some organizational renovations – nursery, pantry, laundry, it all needs help!

  2. Marilyn Wons says:

    I belive Home Talk could help me with laying tile in my bathroom!

  3. I would love to redo the entire living room

  4. Ellen Byers says:

    Organize my kitchen and do some updates! I had to tweet from the top button because the one on rafflecopter wouldn’t let me tweet – too long or something. Thanks.

  5. organize closets. rhonda1111 twitter rlrlaney gfc
    would not let me enter on raffle

  6. I want to put in some tile in my bathroom. Home Talk could probably help me with that.

  7. I would like to replace our bathroom vanity and put a backsplash on our kitchen

  8. kindra baron says:

    I would love to better organize either our playroom or my daughters bedroom!


  9. Jena Whipking says:

    I want to redo my parents’ bathroom

  10. Jeffery Ewald says:

    I would fix my kitchen, as that needs some upgrading/improvement.

  11. I would like to pain the inside of the house, and maybe Home Talk can give me tips about how to paint the really tall walls in our “great room”.

  12. Brittany Boardley Renaldi says:

    We just moved and I need help decorating!

  13. Gary Emes says:

    I need to put up a new wall in the kitchen, it is beat and in need of a total makeover

  14. We just moved into a new rental home, and the lawn needs some serious work! I’m interested in figuring out how to fill in the dead spots with better grass (without having to tear up the whole thing and start from scratch!)

  15. I would like to replace the cabinet that fell in our kitchen, and possibly replace the light fixtures in the bathroom. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. i very bad at i could use help with that!

  17. Susan Smith says:

    I need to replace my kitchen floors

  18. Margaret Smith says:

    I would love to replace my bathroom vanity cabinet, sink & faucet.

  19. Chris Shari Alligood says:

    I am looking forward to renovating my dining room

  20. Love to redo my kitchen, in all ways.

  21. I want to work on the awkward part of my counter that sticks out to separate it from the dining area. It’s too plain, and we don’t use it with stools anymore.

  22. Cheryl Abdelnour says:

    I would like new appliances for the kitchen and redo the area above the stove.

  23. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I want to do interior decorating and a closet reoganization

  24. Almost finished with the kitchen. Would love to start on the living room next!

  25. Kathy Bose says:

    My husband and I bought a 100 year old farmhouse. Lots of updating to do.

  26. Kathy Bose says:

    I think I am going to startwith the upstairs bedroom first.

  27. I live in an old 1930’s home would need help with the plumbing

  28. Cheryl Barnett Saves says:

    I need a new bathroom wall. I was pricing them at Home depot and found even the inexpensive 139. dollars was way over budget. I would love to win this and replace the wall.

  29. Sylvia White says:

    Fixing up out third bay in the garage to hold a model train

  30. I need a new vanity in my bathroom, or just fix all the broken drawers. :) Thanks for the chance!

  31. Allison Downes says:

    I would like to redo my kitchen!

  32. We really need to paint our interior rooms. They’ve been beige for the past 4 years since we moved in!

  33. I want to repaint and refinish an entire bookshelf. It will look beautiful!

  34. Vivien Lee says:

    I have a really scuffed up wooden floor that I would like to replace or resurface.

  35. Jennifer Rogers says:

    I have a bathroom I need to re-do!

  36. Cathy Truman says:

    We would like to get some new counters for our Kitchen and maybe some new Kitchen

  37. courtney b says:

    i would like to redo my kitchen!!!

  38. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I would love to have help with remodeling my bathroom

  39. we are wanting to redo all of our floors in the house.

  40. Michele Boyd says:

    I would like to redo my kitchen.

  41. Boost #888

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  42. We want to repaint the downstairs playroom. It needs new paint, molding, carpet, curtains etc.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  43. Jessica Cox says:

    I would really like to put in a hardwood floor

  44. I’d like to redo my floors.

    I’m entering on rafflecopter with my FB username Mary Happymommy. Thanks.

  45. Beth Hill says:

    I need a valance/swag/scarf/fishtail something for my doorwall and to match something again for my kitchen window. I need window treatments, they are bare!

    We are currently patching walls and preparing to paint

  46. Gena Carrico says:

    I would like to repaint the inside of my house

  47. Jamie Brigham says:

    Well we are moving soon and our new house needs new lighting fixtures so we would add ceiling lights with fans

  48. I would love some help on redoing my kitchen

  49. I want to remodel my entire house starting with the living room. I want the snap flooring. THank you

  50. Alicia Zirjacks says:

    I would redo the kids bathroom!

  51. we need to put in a deck and every little bit helps

  52. I need to totally redo my whole kitchen! It needs new paint and a new floor! this would help so much~Thanks for the chance

  53. Audra Weathers says:

    We’re in the process of remodeling our entire home (room by room of course). One of our biggest jobs, that we’ve had to hire-out in the past and I’d love help with, is replacing sheet rock. We’re tearing out old plaster, re-insulating the walls, fixing wiring and putting up new sheet rock. We’ve tried to hang sheet rock before and had tons of problems.

  54. D Schmidt says:

    We really need to remodel the upstairs bathroom, we purchased the house when it was in foreclosure and not in the best condition.

  55. We are buying and remodeling our first home. I don’t think I could list all the ways we could use help!

  56. I would like to remodel my downstairs bathroom.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  57. Jennifer Marie says:

    I would like to finish our basement-I think they could help :)

  58. My closet really needs some work!

  59. Kristi Hayes says:

    I need to replace several closet doors.

  60. Sara Wood says:

    I want to replace the flooring in my kitchen and bathrooms.

  61. Brynn Dexter says:

    I’s like to redo our bedroom!!!!!!! Needs a makeover badly

  62. I’d like to redo our master shower.

  63. christina moore says:

    I would love to redo my kitchen and bath

  64. id love to reorganize my closet and they could help with how to get started!

  65. I would like to update my kitchen!! Thank you for the giveaway!

  66. I would love to paint some rooms in our home!

  67. So far, in the last year, we’ve completely redone our kitchen, insulated, drywalled and refinished the hardwood in the nursery and the dining room.

    This year, I want to tackle the porch. I need to replace the supports and re-deck all of it. We are also replacing 8 windows and tiling the bathroom and replacing the shower and the sink.

    We do a LOT of DIY projects and tips and help are always welcomed! I did these projects with my dad when I was a teen and while I have a firm grasp on what we need to do, it’s always in my best interest to do a little research first!

  68. We have to many to list. We would love to do some work on our bathroom though. It is over 30 years old and needs some help

  69. Ashley Williams says:

    Maybe put some extra storage in my kitchen.

  70. Janet Jackson says:

    I would like to re-do the bathrooms and yes I think home talk can help! :)

  71. Trung Nguyen says:

    I would love to re-do the garage to get more storage room.

  72. I’ve got a job ahead of me: taping and mudding the Living Room wall panels. When we moved in, there were weird pieces of molding up and we ripped them down only to find they put them up instead of mudding the drywall for a smooth adjoin. Ugh.

  73. Kelsie Harris says:

    We are really interested in doing quite a few home improvement projects gradually. We want to start with the walls. The wall paper and paint really need to be redone.

  74. Linda Hawes says:

    turning our little “office” into an actual room and adding a closet!

  75. Cheryl Free says:

    We’re looking at replacing our roof this spring ヅ *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  76. love to redo my living room

  77. sarah shult says:

    I have white simple kitchen cabinets, just flat particle board/wood no design or anything. I would love to paint them but can’t bite the bullet on the colors.

  78. April Clark Trent says:

    My kitchen needs remodeled in the worst way. When we bought four years ago, it was at the top of the list. Three weeks after we closed I got laid off, and we decided I would be a full time homeschooling mama after I ended up in the hospital with liver failure. With the loss of income things went on hold as we built up savings, only to have my husband laid off. A year and a half later, he has found full time employment. I am optimistic that I might get that kitchen remodel in the near future, but feel very fortunate that even with the set backs, we managed to survive, face serious health complications, and hold onto our home. Thanks for the giveaway!

  79. We really need to remodle our kitchin.It is at least 30 years old.

  80. I really need more bookshelves and could use some tips on what the best ones are to buy. Also, bookshelf storage in odd areas.

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    Basa Body All-Natural Skincare Review
    My skinneeds all the help it can get.I may try this.

  82. Wow! Tough one to narrow it down too because I have had my house for 13yrs and as a single mom have not been able to do only basic what is needed. Could not afford anything else. But the most pressing would be a new bathroom sink do-over because mine is constantly backing up and needs replaced.

  83. We need a new, updated ceiling fan in our den! Ours is 12 plus years old, white with brass accents. UGH! 😉

  84. Tari Lawson says:

    We want to remodel our main bathroom. This would include learning how to lay a tile floor.

  85. i really need to work at redoing my living room from studs on up! need new walls, trim and flooring!

  86. My whole house needs painted outside and inside. My bathroom needs a total overhaul too!

  87. We need our whole basement finished..

  88. Shannon Wieneke says:

    Our bathroom is in need of a major upgrade. (as well as our kitchen.)

  89. Kathryn Costa says:

    We would like to put a backsplash in our kitchen.

    katbirdfl (at) gmail (dot) com

  90. Janice Cooper says:

    Definitely need to redo our living room.

  91. Kim O'Hanlon/Contest KAO says:

    We are turning the basement into a bedroom. Thanks for the chance!

  92. Michelle C says:

    I would love to renovate my kitchen. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  93. We’re moving in a few months and have lots of changes planned–painting, changingthe entry/kitchen flooring, backsplashes,adding a spa retreat to the basement….so much to do!

  94. I’d like to give my living room an updated look without spending a lot of money. Thanks for this opportunity!
    Sml Footprints
    reducefootprints at gmail dot com

  95. I want to redo my kitchen floor. Think they could help me figure out some things.

  96. Joni Lackey says:

    We are moving in a couple months and would use this wonderful gift to help us get some much needed things done at the house like painting, tiling, etc.. Thank you so very much for offering this AWESOME giveaway. I am hoping so very much to win.

  97. Patti hess says:

    Would love to get our roof repaired it has wet spots in it and the one contractor said it wouldn’t last the winter.

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com

  98. Sarah Hirsch says:

    i’d love some new flooring. I think hardwood floors for the kitchen would be up first.

  99. Michele Behlen says:

    We have a small room that needs to be finished . Walls need to be made ready for paint and flooring needs to go down.

  100. I would like to reorganize my office to better use the (small) space.

  101. Deborah Rosen says:

    I think HomeTalk might be able to help me finish our bathroom redo by helping me choose paint colors and fixtures.

  102. our big project is to renovate the master bathroom

  103. Cynthia C says:

    I need to redo the bathroom and could use help with various materials and fixtures.

  104. I need to redo our kitchen cabinets!

  105. Our backyard is need of help! It’s just dirt at the moment.

  106. Ashley Hatten says:

    I want to redo our kitchen floor thanks!

  107. teressa oliver says:

    The bathroom needs a complete redo

  108. jules mcnubbin says:

    i want to repaint my bedroom

  109. we need to repaint various places around the house, and to refinish our wood floors

  110. I want to build some shelves for more organizations

  111. Alison Flores says:

    The roof over my back porch needs to be replaced!!

  112. I would love some great tips on decorating on a budget, while still being kid-friendly!

  113. i could use help with redoing my kitchen

  114. We need to totally redo our bathroom. The bath, toilet, vanity and nasty carpet floor are all over 20 years old.

  115. Dorothy Ransom says:

    At my house we need a new roof.

  116. I want to redo our shower.

  117. cathy miller says:

    we are going to redo our bedroom basically paint and flooring nupa123atgmaildotcom

  118. Stephanie Hirsch says:

    I am really needing some more lighting in my kitchen, it always seems so dark in there. =(

  119. Suzanne K says:

    I need to finish tearing out the plaster over the master shower, get new green backerboard in and then tile it! I’ll bet I could get some great tips from Hometalk.

  120. We will be moving in a few months. That always means a trip to lowes. I think I need to re-cock my bath tub. Hope I can find that on hometalk.

  121. Eric Breunig says:

    I would paint my bedroom.

  122. tiling my kitchen backsplash

  123. We have a bonus room in our garage that needs some new cabinets and a new carpet.

  124. Toni Allen says:

    We need to do a bathroom remodel, hope that hometalk can help with that

  125. Build a gazebo in the backyard.

  126. Our master bathroom desperately needs help!

  127. Joni Dolniak says:

    I’d like to put hardwood flooring in my living room and I’ll take any help I can get.

  128. Rebecca Graham says:

    We need to rebuild our deck.

  129. Shawna O. says:

    The interior of my house seriously needs to be painted and I’d love some help with adding some color to our walls.

  130. Carrie Phelps says:

    My daughter owns a condo & due to some basement flooding she needs to replace a few walls.

  131. jodi lasher says:

    I really need to redo my bathroom floor. It’s rotting right by the tub and being that SSD is my only income i dont have any money to fix it right now

  132. i would love to make a nursery for my baby coming in 5 weeks…

  133. Ugh Help! I need advice on a bathroom

  134. Need to re-tile the shower and really need help!!! project to BIG!!!

  135. jennifer horn says:

    I could use help with a bathroom remodel.

  136. Elizabeth Braun says:

    We are in the process of trying to come up with ideas to remodel our kitchen

  137. Clay Whittaker says:

    Organize the closets for sure!

  138. I want to put new tile down in my bathroom

  139. Amy Orvin says:

    I’d like to paint my kitchen cabinets.

  140. Amy Orvin says:

    NO SPACE to boost blog which is # 927 as Amy Orvin

  141. debra hunter says:

    I would love to redo my kitchen

  142. debra hunter says:

    “Like” Hometalk on Facebook

  143. debra hunter says:

    “Like” Yournetworx on Facebook

  144. debra hunter says:

    Follow Home Talk on Pinterest

  145. debra hunter says:

    Add Musings From a SAHM to your Google + circle

  146. debra hunter says:

    Follow @Erika105 on Twitter

  147. debra hunter says:

    “Like” Musingsfromasahm on Facebook

  148. We have several home improvement projects on our to-do list that Hometalk could help us with! The biggest is probably replacing our fence, followed by replacing the carpet throughout the whole house. When you are a homeowner, there is always something to do, right? 😉

  149. Catherine says:

    I’d love to re-do our home office. It’s a messy mess!

  150. I want to update my bathroom with a more ecomomical toilet.

  151. Stacey Bicovny says:

    Want to repaint all the rooms!

  152. I’d like to expand my porch.

  153. Eric Breunig says:

    I would paint my bedroom…

  154. Christine M Tubbytelly says:

    We need to update our 60s kitchen; I would love some budget friendly and green ideas.

  155. Cassie Smith says:

    This would be great so we can finally finish our basement remodel!

  156. Laura Sloan says:

    I’m actually in the middle of a remodel project in my spare bedroom. Hometalk could help me figure out how to put up crown molding.

  157. I need help redeisgning my master bathroom, i hate the layout , i want a huge shower but not sure how to redo the plumbing imnotarunner at gmail dot co

  158. We need new counters in our kitchen.

  159. Lindsey M says:

    I need help rennovating the kitchen in the house we just bought

  160. I need my decks redone and there is plenty of them. I need a fence repaired or redone. Rita

  161. Biku Toria says:

    I’d like to remodel my kitchen.

  162. sarah davis says:

    i’d like to paint and decorate a nursery in one of our bedrooms for our son on his way!
    sarah at

  163. Michelle R says:

    I need some serious interior decorating advice. I have a small place so I like to keep it as open and spacious as possible…but that means I have nothing on the wall (or anywhere really). Where to start?

  164. Amy Orvin says:

    boosted blog: #935

  165. installing a ceiling fan in my living room

  166. I think Home Talk can help me renovate/update my bathroom.

  167. Jessie C. says:

    I’d like to build shelves in the garage and remodel our sun room.

  168. My home improvement project is to repair the wall around my wood-burning stove where previous tenants ripped it apart.

  169. Our 30-year-old home needs a lot of work. Sure would love to renovate and redecorate, but as always, time and budget constraints are the main issues.

  170. richard twark says:

    i want to drwall my kitchen and hometalk can show me how

  171. Grace Pamer says:

    Hi Erica, Our house has always been the same for who knows how many years. So thanks for the post, I know what I will be doing in case my husband and I think of renovating our home. Love, Grace

  172. Eric Breunig says:

    Paint the bedrooms….

  173. Kathy Davis says:

    My FB name is : Kathy Newsom Davis

  174. Stephanie Macdonald says:

    My husband and I want to change our current upstairs into a master suite with a bath!

  175. I think they could help me replace the carpet on my stairs and upstairs hallway that is starting to come lose.

  176. marthalynn rodriguez says:

    I would love to do a budget kitchen renovation!

  177. I plan on repainting my bathroom

  178. Debbie Bennett says:

    Bath room redo

  179. We need new window treatments

  180. I would like to do a bit of landscaping/garden planning!

  181. The project I’d most like to do is to add built-in bookshelves to the living room and bedroom in our home.

  182. I would like to put hardwood flooring in my bedroom

  183. strip wallpaper and paint

  184. Cassandra Holdeman says:

    I would love to help my hubby build our own pantry cabinet that is designed specifically how we want it since the once we can find aren’t exactly what we are looking for or cost an arm and a leg. Then when we put in the pantry cabinet, I would makeover my laundry area so that it looks nice and is more functional.

  185. I’m moving into a condo soon, and it’s new construction so there’s not a lot to do. However, I do have to install a shower curtain rod, curtains, maybe mini blinds, and a storage cabinet in the bathroom. A few years down the road, I’ll want to replace all of the upper kitchen cabinets because the builder installed very shallow cabinets. In fact, I have to buy new plates because my current plates are too big to fit into it (I don’t like them anyway, so I get to go shopping!)

  186. Elizabeth K says:

    I would like to replace a stand-up shower with a bathtub.

  187. Mary Baker says:

    I would like to build storage cabinets for my craft supplies.

  188. Claudia N says:

    I would like to organize my son bedroom and toys.

  189. Becky Davis says:

    I would love to redo my bedroom
    bdavisnc at gmail dot com

  190. I’m thinking of removing the linoleum in my laundry room, and replacing it with tile!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  191. We are wanting to start an addition for our house. We live in 963 square feet and there are 11 of us living here. We are wanting to do an addition so we can have more room! Also, the house really old and in need of some repairs, so if we don’t use it for that, we can use it for the general repairs.

  192. Brenda Gaines says:

    i would like to paint the inside of my house and replace the carpet

  193. We’re in a DIY project right now. We’re turning our walk up attic into a master bedroom. We’re going to need help with wiring and windows though

  194. Shampoo my carpets (a lot) new door handle on bedroom door, toilet repairs, and things like that.

  195. Kimberly Schotz says:

    We need new flooring in the kitchen

  196. I would really like to do my living room from top to bottom – it really isn’t a very inviting room…

  197. Trasina McGahey says:

    I need help with painting techniques!

  198. Amy Orvin says:

    boosted blog # 949 as Amy Orvin

  199. Gina M Maddox says:

    I would love to fix up my master bath with new tile, fixtures, and decor!

    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  200. Mary Baker says:

    I need to tear out the kitchen and start from scratch.

  201. Re do my kitchen

  202. The floor in my laundry room needs to be replaced and I will need some new floor covering–need to decide between tile and sheet flooring.

  203. I just want to repaint the hallway – ugh, I hate the color

  204. Juli Guthrie says:

    I would love to fix up my bathroom!

  205. Manda Valenti says:

    I would like to update my kitchen somehow. It is pretty outdated!


  206. Jodi Kershuk says:

    I need to redo my bathroom

  207. I need attractive black-out curtains for my bedroom.

  208. I would love a kitchen makeover! its so drab! Thanks for a super giveaway!

  209. I would love to take the HUGE mirrors in our stairwell down. I’m sure they could help!

  210. I need to remodel my bathroom!

  211. Gordon Gerth says:

    my kitchen

  212. I want to redo our kitchen – granite countertops and new cabinets!

  213. Mary L Cottingham says:

    I need to rework some cabinets in the kitchen…

  214. Laura Jacobson says:

    I would like to replace the lighting in the bathroom

  215. Amy Orvin says:

    boosted blog #964

  216. I would love to redo the tiles in my kitchen!

  217. Hello, thanks for introducing us to Hometalk. I am a DIYer and I want to paint my kitchen cabinets and replace the countertops and I think Hometalk will be a great help. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  218. Rhonda Grisham says:

    My master bath needs to be totally gutted and start over :) Maybe they could tell me where to start.

  219. Angela Michels says:

    Thanks for a great giveaway! I am getting ready to remodel my bathroom right now because I have NO closet in there to put towels and it is driving me crazy! Nobody wants towels in their bedroom! :(
    Angela Michels
    lilsweeper76 at yahoo dot com

  220. Robin Quick says:

    Need new front & back porches that the April 2010 destroyed.

  221. Kristie Betts says:

    My husband and I are in the process of remodeling our house and some input would be nice and the current moment. We’re trying to build an extra room for my son, that way all of our kids have a room, which includes of remodeling our living room. Hope to find some help, this couldn’t have come at a better time,


  222. colleen boudreau says:

    I would love to add on to my house and build a second living room.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  223. I have so many small furniture building projects (have never done one before) and organizing projects to be done! And probably a lot of painting!

  224. Denise McDonuts says:

    I am in desperate need of a new toilet! That is where my $200 winning would go! lol

  225. Need to remodel our bedroom

  226. Theresa Shafer says:

    Fix or replace section of doggie door

  227. I want new carpet!

  228. My husband would be overjoyed to recieve a Lowes gift card. He’s just getting his furniture making business off the ground, so this would be great. Hope I win!

  229. I want to redo our kitchen cabinets

  230. Our bathroom cabinets.

  231. I’d like to install a backsplash for our kitchen sink area.

  232. My home improvement project would be :

    Replace my sliding door and all my windows to be more efficient!

  233. Kimberly M. says:

    I am in the process of remodeling a couple rooms in my house. I think HomeTalk could help me in each of these rooms.

  234. ericka coello says:

    I want a new shed to storage my son’s things while he is growing

  235. Amy Orvin says:

    Boosted blog #998

  236. Hometalk could help me décorate my space without actually doing anything permanent, due to the fact that we are renting. :)

  237. Carrie Phelps says:

    I just boosted you to #999 & tried to post saying this, found there were others that also had this number & it wouldn’t let me post my comment.

  238. I would like to replace the sinks in all of the bathrooms in the house

  239. katherine d. says:

    Putting new tiles in my bathroom

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  240. I’d like to start a garden

  241. Betsy Hoff says:

    A complete bathroom redo!

  242. I’d love to fix our master bathroom shower!


  243. I would love to give my bathroom a face lift. Paint, new tile and a few added shelves for storage.

  244. I’d like to finish off a craft room in my basement!

  245. Need to replace carpet in play room, paint and redecorate area

  246. Kathryn Nolan says:

    Well I honestly don’t know what I would fix fiirst. I live in a real fixer upper.
    So I need a mattress for my daughter, new front door or floor in hallway???

  247. Charlotte Varner says:

    We had a real bad water leak last year during the winter time. It was the hot water hitting all the flooring in the cold weather. Can you just imagine? We need new flooring, just don’t have the extra money to fix them.

  248. We’re going to need to put in a new bathroom when my parents switch to a different bedroom.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  249. Arthur Caudill says:

    I will be remodeling a trailer and might need some new ideas.

  250. I want to get rid of the carpeting on our staircase, and find some cool way to do the wood underneath … it’s terrible wood though, so I keep procrastinating.

  251. Julie Cutshaw says:

    re tiling my shower for a new look

  252. Cathy Naughton says:

    Thank you

  253. darlene bohannon says:

    i need to get my home reinsulated with blow in insulation and new windows

  254. Heidi McMahon says:

    I need to paint my kitchen. I can’t seem to find a color I like enough to commit.
    Fun giveaway – thank you for the chance to win! :)

  255. I would love to paint over the paneling in my living room.

  256. I’d love to paint a few rooms in my home

  257. we are going to be putting, spruce pine up for walls on the inside of our cabin, not sure how to go about this–sure they can help me with that

  258. tamra childers says:

    Both of my bathrooms could use some interior decorating and a colour scheme.

  259. april yedinak says:

    I would like some ideas for fixing up my front porch

  260. if money was not option, i’d love new kitchen cabinets

  261. if money was no option, i’d love new kitchen cabinets.

  262. Shelly Peterson says:

    We need new tiling or a way to cover old tiling in the bathroom. It’s pink and ugly

  263. Lyndi Flugum-Collins says:

    We have a basement that got wet in a flood a few years ago but is otherwise water tight. I’d like to do some painting.

  264. STephanie Olmsted says:

    Joined but the rafflecopter didn’t let me put in the email, shuttermom77 at gmail dot com.
    Acottagedream on twitter.

  265. I would be happy to do a shelving project! I’ve been stalking pinterest :)

  266. Janelle Dorsey says:

    I would like to paint an accent wall in my living room and well as get new curtains for the sliding patio door in my home.

  267. I would love to redo our family room in the basement — it is overwhelmed with toys!!
    kcoud33 at gmail dot com

  268. We need bookshelves and baskets! My books are overflowing on the little shelves we have. We’re trying to get more organized so those are what I’d use the gift card for. :)

  269. Bridget Hopper says:

    I want to do some interior decorating in the bedroom

  270. New appliances in the kitchen and new blinds in the living room.

  271. domestic diva says:

    We need to redo our kitchen counters.

  272. Jennifer Haile says:

    I would love to update my bathroom, as it seems to be stuck in the 50’s.

  273. I would really like to redecorate my room and give it a really chic feel.

  274. I’d LOVE to remodel our Living room/Kitchen! We live in an older home too so we are always tackling some project or another.

    Also, I tweeted about the giveaway, but the form wouldn’t let me list link. Here it is:

  275. We really want to put in a patio this summer and raised bed gardens. I have been without a patio for a few years and it bites. The hubby removed our old deck and replaced it with nothing….Nice.

  276. To re-do the floorings. I’d love to rip off this wall-to-wall carpet and install some hardwood instead.

    Btw: I’m Ps Mamae on facebook (Accidentaly hit enter on one of the entries and didn’t right the full name)

  277. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    We need to re-do our upstairs bathroom…it’s been overlooked too long!

  278. Jamie Brigham says:

    It won’t let me boost anymore it just stays at 1.1 K and even when I click it the buttons don’t even change I tried though

  279. Barbara Montag says:

    I’d like to upgrade my bathroom fixtures – yes Home Talk can help me with that.
    Thank you.
    barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

  280. Sirena Sparklestar says:

    My bedroom could use a serious makeover!

  281. Monster Mid
    Thanks for the contest.

  282. I need to do some painting….in every room of my house.

  283. Like to redo my bathroom.

    Thanks for the contest.

  284. I would love to redo our kitchen! It’s so outdated

  285. We need to update our bathrooms. They are old and dingy.

  286. John Joseph says:

    retiling the shower floor and bathroom improvements im sure they have great ideas to help me i will be on lookout

  287. tiffany dover says:

    we need to redo our kitchen bad!

  288. This would be wonderful – we recently had a toilet that was leaking, and had to do some major plumbing repairs, including a small part of the downstairs ceiling- this would really help with being able to get the pain and supplies to finish up the job and make my home feel like a home again, not an unfinished project :-)

  289. Aletha Scott says:

    Kitchen cabinets

  290. i would love if we could lay a paver patio

  291. Danielle Davis/Grady says:

    I would love to redo my bathroom & my sons room!
    Thank you!

  292. Pamela Halligan says:

    I need to remodel my bathroom.

  293. Replace the linoleum in my kitchen

  294. I think Hometalk could definitely help me redecorate my bathroom! The whole house needs a makeover, but since I love taking baths, I’d love a nice, cozy bathroom to take them in.

  295. My husband & I have recently started to update our home. We purchased a 1980’s home that truly reflected all the wonderful (ha-ha) things from the 1980’s: blue tub, toilet & sink, a beige old fridge, wallpaper on top of wall paper and my favorite 1980’s item: the dark brown paneling. Ugh.

    With the gift card I would help my hubby organize the garage. He wants peg board and organizers for all the screws, bolts, tools and items we use for our renovations.


  296. I’d like to paint and redecorate in our guest room!

  297. Michelle Dippel says:

    I’d love to re-do our kitchen.

  298. Robin Wagner says:

    I’d really like to make 1 of the basement rooms into a workout room!

  299. We need to insulate and side the back of the house.

  300. We want to add a wood stove in our family room!

  301. Kathy Bose says:

    I read your Jet Dry review and started using it in my old dishwasher. Yoy were right, my dishes came out cleaner and drier. Great review.

  302. I need to change up my kitchen cabinets.

  303. Jacqueline Griffin says:

    We are currently expanding my daughters bedroom because it is too small. We are also rehabbing the master bath.

  304. Our main bathroom need a total upgrade.

  305. I would love to do a shelving project in my kids’ rooms with a locker for my oldest daughter’s backpack and school supplies.

  306. I’d love new countertops…I actually would like to redo the entire kitchen, but the granite countertops would make all the difference!

  307. Sonya Morris says:

    I need to redo my bathroom floors and I know they could help me with any problems I run in to!

  308. sheila musselman askins says:

    i am always interested in low-cost ideas to redo my place..looking forward to getting some tips and ideas! thank you!

  309. I am about to have my first kid so I would love to redecorate and make a nursery for the little girl!

  310. We need all new flooring!

  311. Wendy Rozema says:

    I would love to re-do my bathroom and update it!

  312. Shannon Stephens says:

    Repaint a couple walls and various home improvements to put our house up for sale. We REALLY need to get it sold.

  313. BlackAsphodel says:

    We need to repaint all the rooms in the apartment. Hometalk could give me some color suggestions.

  314. This would help me put together a nursery for my baby on the way

  315. We don’t have any home improvement projects, since we rent.

  316. Bonnie Rodriguez says:

    i would love to redo my daughter room make it more colorful

  317. I would love to redo our bathroom.

  318. I’m currently trying to redo my bedroom. my old hand-me-down furniture can only last so long and it definitely needs some paint. i just need new ideas for what i should do with it, like themes and color schemes.

  319. oh can WE TALK?!! We certainly have bit off more than we can chew. We have gutted a bedroom and put in a egress window and now redoing the walls and ceiling. We also have to repair a bathroom we tried to do but had a leak behind the shower and have to redo that now. We also have to tile our bathroom and fix a very leaky toilet, which has ruined our floor. Basically, our house was built cheaply and we had NO idea what needed to be done. It’s SCARY behind the walls and under the carpets. We have no idea what we are going to find. I am sure Hometalk can help us because we HAVE to DIY, as cant afford contractors. this would help buy mud and texture compound for my sons room. He has been in limbo without a room for almost 4 months and sleeping on the couch.

  320. Dorothy Sandman says:

    I would love new counter tops! Mine are almost 30 years old!

  321. Need organizational help!

  322. Leann Lindeman says:

    We have a lot of painting to do.. my craft room and our bedroom.

  323. I’d like to brighten up my laundry room, but don’t know what to do with the concrete (foundation) wall.

  324. My bedroom is bland and needs a “Spring Spruce Up” i.e. fresh paint, rugs, etc.

  325. I would love to build some storage or find some great storage designs for my craft room. It could use a total overhaul.

  326. Tamatha Burrus says:

    We are in the process of renovating out bathroom! I am trying to figure out how to rearrange it…we are wanting to put a double sink where the bathtub was, and install a claw foot tub on the side where the sink was. My husband is worried I have pick a near impossibly task…I think not! :)

  327. I need to fix up the french doors – strip, paint, new handles. I hope Hometalk can help

  328. Brandilyn says:

    I REALLLLLLLLLLLY want to rip out the carpet on the first floor and put in hardwoods or Bamboo flooring!

  329. i would love to put in french doors inplace of our glass patio door

  330. stephanie miller says:

    i could really use their help with remodeling my bathroom, and replacing the cabinet doors in my kitchen!! i also have some landsacaping that could really use help as well!!

  331. Kate O'Brien says:

    we are in the the middle of remodeling one bathroom and adding another. Our next project is refinishing the hardwood floors

  332. I want to re-do our bathrooms.

  333. Rebecca Shockley says:

    Organization and closet space

  334. I would love to organize all my closets sure hope I win. Thankyou, Pam

  335. kelly jones says:

    i want to build two book cases but unquiue ones cube like maybe beehive shapped :)

  336. Michelle Stice says:

    Paint, curtains, and flooring for entryway, dining room, and living room. Also starting decorate & organize my girls room at the end on January.

  337. Heather BH says:

    The Hubby and I are actually looking into purchasing our first home in the next few months. If we don;t get a home by the end of march and I won, I would use the card to help my mom on her home replacing the tile flooring in the front entry way.

  338. Hmmm, a home improvement project? Oh I would LOVE to rip up the carpet (yes, CARPET) in the bathroom and put down something more bathroom-appropriate!

  339. Bianca Roman says:

    My mom and I want to pain the whole house..with each room being a different color!

  340. caitlin chapman says:

    re-paint the kitchen. it’s so BLECH currently.

  341. I’d like to redecorate my bathroom and improve its organization.

  342. Donna George says:

    I need to demo my bathroom and start over. A water leak has destroyed the subflooring.

  343. I would love to make a built in shelf

  344. Jan Stephens says:

    I would like to redo the kitchen, decorating and new floor.

  345. barbara wright says:

    putting tiles down for my kitchen floor

  346. Lori Mundel says:

    My mom and dad recently lost their house and have to rent for the first time ever. The landlord won’t pay to have the rental painted. I want to ease the pain and buy their paint.

  347. Robyn Galloway says:

    Redecorating our master bed room, we kind of ignored while we did the rest of the house, than ran out of money!

  348. I need a bathroom makeover!

  349. We need to re-paint our house. I’d also love to re-do the bathroom cabinets and re-hang a door.

  350. Jacqui Odell says:

    build a bigger closet

  351. Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway! I’d like to get things around my apartment organized. So I’d like to look into things that would help with that.

  352. I want to build a garden with above ground planter boxes. We have a small space and I need to find ways to effectively plant.

  353. Brittany C says:

    Total Kitchen makeover… especially new cupboards! Thanks!

  354. Laurie Harrison says:

    Although our house is in dire need of a total renovation…starting with the roof, I know we can’t afford it so…I’m trying to find ways to give it curbside appeal without spending much. I think the gardeners on Hometalk can help with that. Adding shrubs…etc…I want to grow a garden again this year. Last year (my first attempt at gardening) was a flop due to weather (mostly)

  355. Stephanie Gossett says:

    I am remodeling our bathroom. I love the tips and links that Hometalk offers

  356. I would love to put down new flooring :) Hometalk can provide expert advice and photos!

  357. Debbie Rinaldi says:

    I would like to paint & put new baseboards in my house.

  358. I want to redo my bathroom fixtures!

  359. My bathroom needs sprucing up. Maybe a new paint job, shower curtain, and some shelving

  360. Lisa Foster says:

    I would like to replace some fixtures in the bathroom that are really old.

  361. I want to redo the garage. The walls need painting and the floor needs to be resurfaced.

  362. Shawna Elkins says:

    I would love to put new carpet down in the livingroom and all three bedrooms.

  363. I have a few projects I want to do. My biggest is renovating my downstairs bathroom to be handicapped accessible for my husband.

  364. I need help with organizing my bedroom closet. It is a nice space but I have a lot of stuff and need to maximize the area to get the most out of it. Thanks!

  365. This is a great giveaway!

  366. Serena Powell says:

    I need to redo my kitchen. Thing is we have a really small kitchen so there’s not much space for a lot of items. I would love to see storage tips for a kitchen

  367. Mechele Johnson says:

    we desperately need to remodel our 1970’s kitchen!

  368. Jan Messali says:

    We need to decorate a baby room.

  369. Total bathroom make over

  370. I’d like to repaint my bathroom.

  371. I am currently redoing my kitchen and master bedroom. Thanks for the opprtunity.

  372. Russell Moore says:

    I’d like to add a second bath off our master bedroom.

  373. bill elliott says:

    I could use their advise in remodeling my utility room

  374. melissa k says:

    I am currently working on getting new flooring in my kitchen.

  375. katherine d. says:

    putting new wallpaper in my bedroom

  376. we are moving in 5 months and i am sure I could use some help with ideas for the new house!

  377. stacey romoser says:

    I would like to paint the tile in my bathroom rather than replace the tile. The tile is in good shape not the right color and I am on a strict budget!

  378. Holly Hennessy Swint says:

    We want to build and mount bookshelves and a desk area in our living room

  379. Mary Dailey says:

    My bathroom ceiling and walls are peeling. I would like to know what kind of paint to use.

  380. I have a couple of closets that I am just dying to organize.

  381. Keri Ritenour says:

    I feel they are going to be able to help with with minor remodeling in the bathroom.

  382. Lawrence McMillan says:

    Those gift cards would help out with some home improvements.

  383. Diana Hatch says:

    I would love to do some decorative painting

  384. I would like renovate a bathroom.

  385. Suzanne W. says:

    I want to update or complete my laundry room…

  386. I would love to redo my bathroom. Thanks for the giveaway.

  387. Christine says:

    I would love a new kitchen sink

  388. I want to remove a floating wall between living room and kitchen. We have to improvise the Load Bearing aspect with a pillar or?..This would help!!!

  389. We need to put in a new bathtub (our is avocado colored – yuck) and new sink/vanity.

  390. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy says:

    Need a whole kitchen renovation

  391. Jack Palmer says:

    I need to change my front door.

  392. I belive Home Talk could help me with laying tile in my bathroom

  393. I am in desperate need of a kitchen pantry!!!

  394. Sharon Seneker says:

    I need new living room furniture and a tv! I entered all the twitter/retweet entries as sharonjo1 the form didn’t list this. I even have to refresh the page to comment. Thanks! Great giveaway! ♥

  395. My kitchen cabinets definitely need updating.

  396. I need to re-screen all of my windows before Spring arrives! :-) Thank you.

  397. We had bought our house with the 1 car garage closed in & I wanted a master bedroom so there you have it, right next to the laundry room & no closet built in. I’d like to build a closet & then make a hallway that leads to the laundry room & separates the bedroom. Plus I’d like to close in the bathroom door that comes out to the dining room & open it up to my bedroom.
    pinchbuggies at hotmail dotcom

  398. I would really love to set up a office space in my room, but I need some more organizational supplies…

  399. I think Home Talk could help with redoing my bathroom

  400. I’d like to replace the front door. It’s a little warped and hard to shut.

  401. Nicole Balogh says:

    We are hoping to redo our kitchen soon and I think Hometalk can help.

  402. We need to replace our hall & kids bathroom floor.

  403. Jill Myrick says:

    We will be remodeling our master bath in the spring.


  404. Debra Hall says:

    i buy some new rugs

  405. Allison Lancaster says:

    We need to update our kitchen!

  406. Kyl Neusch says:

    re-carpet the bedroom

  407. My bathroom floors need a total renovation! Thanks!

  408. Organize our basement

  409. Amy Otrosinka says:

    I would like to redo the wallpaper in my kitchen and redo the flooring

  410. Adrienne Hayes says:

    I would like to install a new tub.

  411. I’d like to remodel my master bathroom.

  412. I think HomeTalk could help me with my next project which is redoing the flooring in my children’s bathroom.

  413. We were given a beautiful hutch by a friend. It needs a lot of work, but it has SO much potential if I had some help re-doing it!

  414. I would love to remodel and re-modernize 😉 the kitchen!

  415. saminder gumer says:

    i would like to redo my deck in the backyard and i think home talk can help me.

  416. Crystal F says:

    I would love to put up new ceiling fans. thank you!

  417. Wayne Dougherty says:

    In the last storm, a falling tree branch took out a large section of out deck railing. It needs to be replaced, and money is really tight right now. This would really help us. Thanks

  418. We are going to remodel our living room.

  419. handy prize to win for some gardening

  420. Would love to organize and clean my basement…needs shelves…carpeting….all!

  421. Kimberly C. says:

    My hubby and I are DIY’ers and have several projects for 2012 that HomeTalk could really help us out with! Thanks so much for the great tips etc.

  422. Kimberly C. says:

    We are currently facing a main bathroom Shower (tear out cracked tub and leaky plumbing and install tiled shower with bend;) remodel + water softener plumbing update. We could really use some extra help! This is a huge project to start our year out. Eeek!

  423. I’d like the doors and windows to be insulated better

  424. Victoria Russell says:

    I want to put lattice on my deck and am so lost – I could use Homtalk for sure!

  425. I want to completely renovate my main bathroom. :-)

  426. I’d like help with getting rid of all the air holes,loosing heat etc. Love to insulate our windows and doors more.
    Thank You!

  427. Laurel Simmons says:

    We really need to redo our kitchen counters.

  428. Christina Serrano says:

    We REALLY need our windows replaced, they are falling apart!, and our gate fixed in the backyard so our puppy can go play

  429. pam adamson says:

    We are currently working on our basement and turning it into a television room. We could use some help drywalling and mudding the room

  430. I want to repaint & decorate my girls bedroom.

  431. I would like to get my 17 year old son’s room finished over the garage so that he can have the privacy a teenaged boy needs! Once that’s done we’re knocking down a wall between his old room and his 15 year old sister’s room to give her a much bigger space to enjoy!

  432. Alicia Zirjacks says:

    I need to decorate my house!

  433. Our basement-level bathroom needs to have a new commode installed, needs tile on the bathroom floor, and could use an updated vanity and sink.

  434. I would love the lowes card, because we’re in the middle of redoing our living room floor which would help tremendously.

  435. Kathleen Hafely says:

    Need to redo our kitchen floors and paint the inside of our home. Would love to win the gift cards!

  436. Thanks for the giveaway…we are contemplating a bathroom remodel.

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  437. I want to renovate my laundry room and add a pantry/storage area.

  438. I would like to redecorate my son’s room. He’ll be three in May and I think it’s time to move him away from a baby room and more towards a kid’s rooms.

  439. A house project that we really need to complete is to replace our kitchen cabinets!


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