That Time of Year

Three out of my four kids have the stomach flu. Joshua got sick on Sunday night and Nathan and Emily did last night. We’ve been vomit-free for a few hours right now but I’m not holding my breath. It’s supposed to last a good 24 hours and then come with a yucky cold after that.

I’m just hoping Luke doesn’t get it – a vomiting one year old? Not fun. There’s always more concern of dehydration the younger they are too. So far he seems to be okay, aside from being quite grumpy because he doesn’t like that his siblings are laying around and ignoring him. I don’t blame him – that doesn’t happen often.

This time of year is tough. It seems there’s always some nasty bug going around and the only way to completely avoid it is to stay home and sanitize Mom & Dad when we go in and out. But that’s no way to live, especially in the middle of the winter, so I have to risk it. With 4 kids, especially the two little ones who still suck on fingers (Joshua & Luke) and put things in their mouths (Luke) they’re bound to pick up things.

I have different vitamins and remedies that we use to help prevent/get over things quicker and that helps a lot. I plan on sharing those in a post soon because they really do help. But things still slip through all my barriers sometimes.

So we go out but then they pick up something and I find myself in the midst of cleaning up vomit, sleepless nights, and fighting off the illness myself. And of course remembering to take care of myself which I tend to forget to do. I’ve been feeling kind of queasy the last couple of hours but then I realized that I haven’t eaten much today so I may be just hungry. If I disappear for a couple days though, you know what happened.

*sigh* Sometimes it feels like it would be easier to stay isolated at home, you know?

Who else is dealing with the sickies? We’ll get through it, right?



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  1. Oh, I’m SO sorry to hear this!! Praying that you are on the mend very soon!

  2. Sorry to hear your kids are so under the weather! I hope it passes soon… Hopefully the vomit part will be over after the 24 hours, that’s always a challenge to deal with…
    We all had a cold here at my house, and I am still coughing from it. It’s that annoying cough that gets triggered every time you speak. Arghhhh!
    Feel better soon and take good care of your little ones as well as yourself.

  3. Hope everyone feels better and nobody else gets it!

  4. I am so sorry to hear your home has the stomach bug. I pray for healing for your family and to give you strength. Hang in there mama! XOXOX

  5. aww that stinks! it’s certainly no fun to have illness in the house…esp the stomach flu! we had something going around our house around Christmas…not sure what-cold/flu thing but we’re bound to get something else! you’re right-sometimes i just want to keep them isolated- like in a bubble but obv that’s not good! 😉 i pray you and your family gets healthy again soon.

    annae07 at aol dot com

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