Luke is 11 Months!

My baby is going to be 1 year old in just 1 short month! Someone tell me where the time just disappeared! It’s crazy!

Technically this post is 1 day late – Luke turned 11 months yesterday, but we were doing family things (running errands, baking christmas cookies, and finishing decorating the tree – pictures coming soon!) and I didn’t have time to get this up until today.

My sweet Luke…

*You are 22 pounds 2 ounces now: :you really haven’t gained anything in the last 2 months, but you are so active it doesn’t surprise me. And you are definitely getting taller – you are wearing 9-12 months clothes and even a few of your brother’s old sleepers in size 18 months (they’ve shrunk.)

*You took your first steps last week on Nov 30th (I have to write that date down for me so I don’t forget!) You are taking more steps everyday – you’ve walked up to 4 steps in a row before sitting down so far.

*You are a happy baby and love to follow everyone around and play with your siblings. You also love going off by yourself to explore and most often, get into trouble.

*You are eating regular meals now. In fact, you ate a full Thanksgiving dinner – Mom fed you off her plate and you loved it and begged for more. It was really cute. You still like a couple of bottles a day.

*You say “Ma” now when you want something, especially when you want Mom to pick you up. It’s so cute.

Happy 11 Months, our sweet Lukey!

Luke at:
1 month
2 months
3 months
4 months
5 months
6 months
7 months
8 months
9 months
10 months

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  1. Tiffany Cruz says:

    Love the pictures. It’s amazing how quickly they grow :)

  2. Owww he is so cute!!! My daughter turned out 6 months 2 days ago….time flies!!!

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