Mick Jagger’s Cat Litter Box

There’s a story behind that title, I promise.

It wasn’t from me. My phone said it. Or wrote it.

I just got a new phone – a Samsung Galaxy. My last phone wasn’t a smart phone so I feel very “high tech” and cool now.

The apps are amazing. I have this cool app called “Out of Milk” which is basically a shopping list and to-do list. A to do list on my phone? I am in love!

Then I discovered it has voice options where I can tell the phone what I want to put down. It works really well. My phone gets it right almost everytime.

Except last night.
It had a slightly different version of what I was trying to say:

“Mick Jagger’s Cat Litter Box”

I was telling the phone “Make Shadow’s Cat Litter Box” (that’s a whole ‘nother post.)

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Erika is a happily married mom with four energetic children. With a love for Jesus, photography, organizing, and encouraging other moms, she stays busy and definitely does not have it all together.


  1. Sarah Kay says:

    Lol! that’s hilarious. I do that kind of stuff all the time with my phone!

    I’m just strolling by to check out your blog today :) I hope your having a fabulous Wednesday and I wanted to invite you to come check out some of the giveaways I have going on right now!


    Sarah Kay

  2. LOL! That is great! You are going to love your smart phone! I don’t remember life without my iphone!

  3. I downloaded an app called Out of Milk (the icon is a carton of milk inside a box). I have an iPhone5 so maybe that’s the problem, but I see nowhere to use voice options!! Did I download the right app?

    • Carolsue, I’m not sure – I know what app you’re talking about, but I’m not familiar enough with it to help with a technical question. Can you look on the app’s webpage, or at least iTunes where you downloaded it? Good luck!

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