A Review From Nathan

Yes, this is a product review, brought to you by my eight-year-old son, Nathan.
This is not sponsored, nor were we sent anything and there are no affiliations with any companies.

Nathan knows I do product reviews here on my blog so he’ll sometimes mention that I should tell people about a particular product he thinks is really cool. Normally, I say ok, I’ll see about it, and then we both forget about it. But this week, when Nathan’s friend Lilly gave him something he considers really cool, he took it a step further.

He wrote a review himself.

Nathan had mentioned to Nate that he wanted me to write about this particular item so Nate told him he should write something and then maybe Mom actually would.

I couldn’t believe it, but he did.
What could I say to that?
Of course he had to pick ‘Alien Blood Slime’ which I promise is really not as gross as it sounds.
Although it is pretty gross.

But anyways, here is what he wrote. His hand-written, neatly-in-cursive review.

It’s the kind of thing you get in the dollar bins at Target.

And the kind of thing that grosses Mom out. And sisters.

But anyways, I’ll let him tell you about it.


And Emily had an opinion too:


So there you have it.

Nathan recommends Alien Blood Slime for all kids!


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  1. I think my boys will love to play with this too!! Burnt oil? Where can you buy that?

  2. Loved the review and videos! That stuff looks super gross, which means my six year old would love it. Great job Nathan! And good rebuttal, Emily!

  3. The videos were great

  4. Awesome, Nathan! Thanks for the review! I will see if my local stores have any for my kids. Great job!

  5. I think Nathan has a real future as a product reviewer. Great job! I think my kids would really like this. Thanks for sharing.

  6. How fun! My boys will love that stuff… although my carpet might not :)

    Thanks for sharing!!

  7. That is so cute and i bet your a proud mama to have your boy doing a product review… My daughter is going to do a book review for me…

  8. That sounds like some fun slime Nathan. Great review. Hopefully the first of many more reviews to come

  9. Nathan, Thank you for your review. Great job! I hope you do more reviews!

  10. Tiffany Cruz says:

    Hi Emily & Nathan. Great review on slime. Thanks for all your detailed information and the videos where fun to watch as well. Keep up the good work kids.

  11. Shawna Elkins says:

    Great Review! You have a future product review blogger on your hands! Great job!

  12. Libby's Library says:

    Wow Nathan – you are a natural. I think that you have a career as a TV star, in your future.
    Great Job!

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