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We all love summer – going to the beach, the playground, playing outside, all that wonderful outdoor fun. But all the dirt and sand can be another story. When we go to the beach or my kids play in our backyard sandbox, it seems there is sand all over my house afterwards! I try to brush it off them but it’s hard to get it all.

Tiffany, a mother of two children, knew this all too well and discovered a trick to removing sand without water. She eventually perfected her idea – an all natural, non-toxic powder that causes sand to just fall off when its brushed on skin – and created Sand Gone.

We haven’t made a lot of beach trips yet this summer, but my kids love playing in the sand box everyday and they sure track a lot of sand in the house, with me constantly trying to brush it off. It’s hard to get it all off without bringing out water and a washcloth.

I was sent a container of Sand Gone to try out. My kids were outside playing when the mail arrived so I opened up my Sand Gone immediately.

The first thing I noticed was the wonderful “beach” scent. A hint of coconut fragrance is added to the powder and it smells tropical and blissful. When my children were ready to come inside, I stopped them on the porch and pulled out my Sand Gone. Here’s Emily:

You can see her legs have a lot of sand on them:

Each container of Sand Gone comes with a soft microfiber applicator that can be thrown in the washer/dryer when needed. (You can tell a mom invented this – I’m just sayin’!) I brushed the Sand Gone onto Emily’s sandy legs and as I did, the sand just fell off. No water, no messy washcloths, soeasy!

I figured Sand Gone would work, but I was surprised at how well it does! The powder is silky soft and everyone thought it was fun. I also noticed that a little goes a long ways.

I used it for each of my sandy kids and what do you know? Sand Gone! Outside and not in my house. Or when we go to the beach – not all over the car! I even used it on Luke because he now enjoys sitting in the sandbox with his siblings too. I loved that I could safely use it on him without worrying about chemicals and toxins.

I highly recommend Sand Gone. If you go to the beach, the park, have a sandbox – anywhere with sand, you will love Sand Gone! (And pssst! It’s not just for kids!) As the website says – we know to bring our sunblock and shades to the beach…and now we’ll be adding Sand Gone to that list!

You can buy Sand Gone online at the Sand Gone website.


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  1. I would use it on my family – (emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)

  2. Jenn Spencer says:

    I'd use it on my family!

    I Love Making Hair Bows!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I just tried to see if i am already following your network blog which i think i am but not sure and when i click on the widget it says this blog does not exist. How do I see if I follow your network blog? I am still kind of new to all this. THanks!

  4. Jennifer, Network Blogs hasn't been working properly today. I'm not sure what to tell you except hopefully they will fix it quickly and to try again later. Sorry about that – thanks for commenting! :)

  5. BloggingTina says:

    I would use this when my husband and I go to the beach!

  6. shadow_kohler says:

    i would use it on my family. its been so hot here, we've been going to the beach everyday. :)

  7. jo abad says:

    for my whole family! :) anything_beads at yahoo dot com

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