That’s right – we are finished with school for the summer! It wasn’t easy, but Nathan & I worked very hard and we finished his last tests on Friday. (Schools around here usually go until mid-June.) It helped that we started school early last fall and we took less time off around Christmas and no winter or spring break. We did however take extra time off when Luke arrived so it evened out. Still, we wouldn’t have finished this early if we hadn’t both worked very hard and it paid off.

We had a successful school year, but for me, it was long and I’m definitely ready for a break. It was quite a challenging year, between being pregnant, dealing with bedrest, and then all the complications before and after Luke was born in January. From my severe anemia after Luke’s arrival to our whole family’s bout with the flu in February, it seemed like things just kept coming. Not to mention it’s challenging just by definition of homeschooling with small children around. Someone always needs something; whether it’s Joshua, who doesn’t want to play nicely with Emily in the other room while I do a phonics test with Nathan, or Luke who won’t take a nap. Yet, we persevered, and all thanks be to God who saw us through.

As I said, this was a successful year – Nathan did the required annual standardized testing last month and the results came back last week. He did extremely well, so well that Nate & I are discussing having him do an IQ or placement test, but regardless, I am very proud of my Nathan and all that he has accomplished. And it feels great to have another year of homeschooling under my belt.

Today is our first day of school vacation; from catching up on cleaning and organizing projects to doing just getting outside in the warmer weather with my family, I am looking forward to it. We already have things planned – my dad is coming for a 10 day visit in June and later, Nathan has karate camp. This summer will be great for me to sit back from school and recharge.

We’ve had more things going on lately that I want to write about, but for now, I have to run get the kids up and start our day.

Happy Monday all! May we all have a blessed week!

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  1. Congratulations! You are awesome.

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