Sick, Cleaning, Testing, Happy Babies, and New Kittens

As I mentioned in a quick post a few days ago, I had to go on antibiotics as the grapefruit seed extract didn’t completely get rid of my UTI and it started getting worse again. I felt pretty crappy for a couple days from the UTI/subsequent beginnings of a kidney infection (ouch!) but the antibiotics worked fast. But then, I caught a cold I had been fighting off due to my immune system taking a hit from the antibiotics. *sigh* Sometimes it seems never ending.

I haven’t been able to get as much done the past 2 weeks as I’ve wanted to, so that’s been a bit frustrating, but such is life. I did get most of my kitchen organized and deep cleaned. I just have my pantry and a couple lower cupboards to finish up! I really cleaned Mon-Tues-Wed.

On Wednesday night as I was exhausted and trying to finish things up, I realized it felt like I was nesting. I’ve been obsessed with every little nook and cranny – every little crack on top of the cupboard where no one would ever see in a million years. And it occurred to me that, in a strange way, I’m doing the nesting now that I wasn’t able to do while I was pregnant with Luke because I was on bedrest. There’s no real logic, I just have to do it.

I mentioned this to Nate and he started laughing at me. He had noticed it too, but at least now, with me actually not pregnant, this was easier for him; when I’m 8 months pregnant and standing on top of the counter trying to scrub the light fixtures over the sink, it doesn’t exactly allow him to sit around with his feet up. Instead, we end up fighting because he doesn’t see why I should risk my own safety (& the baby’s) to clean something that no one ever sees or cares about. And I don’t see why he doesn’t understand how ridiculously important it is to me. So we argue. Oh nothing terrible, but we have always gotten into it a little bit with each of my pregnancies. With the last couple babies, Nate had learned that it was better to stop trying to reason with me (there is no reasoning at that point!) and either get out of my way or do it himself if he was concerned about my safety.

So now that I’m not pregnant and I can safely stand on the counters and clean the tops of my cupboards, he can let me have at it. I can do it much easier too – I much prefer this kind of “nesting” however crazy it still is.

I confess I’ve been dreaming of cleaning and organizing my house since Luke was born. Actually before he arrived, but my dreams were crazy preggo dreams then. But since he was born, I regularly have actual dreams about housework. I wake up very excited to get going and then the kids step in and everything slows down like walking through quicksand. Doesn’t that sound just sooo wonderful – that I’m dreaming of cleaning? Lol.

I am still working on projects around the house – the ‘office area’, the ‘barn’, the kitchen, and mine & Nate’s room. We just about finished our bedroom yesterday afternoon though and it is so nice! We moved a couple bookcases around and it looks much cozier and relaxing. Not to mention that I was able to put some of the new storage bins I bought from Target yesterday into good use. Things weren’t bad before, but everything needs to be cleaned out once in awhile and sorted over.
Now there are just 3 plastic bins of sorted clothing, 2 boxes with old documents, and my sewing box. That’s it. And it’s been freshly vacuumed. I just love the thought of that!

Aside from my cleaning (which isn’t all that interesting to all of you), I did standardized testing with Nathan last week. Just like my mom did with my siblings & myself, we do testing every April. We split up the test through a couple of days and then we take the rest of the week off as a reward for our hard work. We did testing on Monday & Tuesday and I think it went very well. I tried to time it so the younger children would be minimally interruptive and it worked. Nathan focused and did great and finished everything within the required time limits. We’ll see how he scores but I’m quite certain we don’t have anything to worry about.

My other focus this week was housework – until I came down with that cold. It always amazes me how much I’m able to get done in the morning while the little ones are napping and I don’t have to do school with Nathan. I’m looking forward to summer break when I’m hoping to really catch up on the house. As it is, Nathan should be finished with all of his subjects (aside from his math: he’s 1/2 way through the 3rd grade curriculum – he’s in 2nd grade) by the end of May. We worked really hard to keep up with his school work this year, despite the time off when Luke was born and then another two weeks off when everyone had the flu. But we also didn’t take a spring break either. All that hard work will pay off come June!

Luke is doing very well. The thrush is gone. I mentioned briefly how I gave him the goldenseal powder recommended from the herbalist – that stuff is incredible. A couple doses in one day and the thrush had completely disappeared within 24 hours. He is back to being my sweet happy little boy which is so nice.

He hasn’t been napping very well lately, but last week, while in the middle of my cleaning, I pulled out the Ergo baby carrier and popped him in that. While it made my work a little more cumbersome, he was quite happy & content and that alone was worth it. I was reminded once again why baby wearing is so popular & so practical – mommy & baby are both happy!

On Saturday night, we moved Luke to his crib for the first time. He’d started waking up around 3 am just acting restless – he wasn’t really hungry, he was just fussing. We could usually get him back down with just giving him his pacifier. I remember that when Joshua was this age, we went through the same thing – he’d be up a lot at night, but wasn’t really hungry. I was exhausted from the constant interrupted sleep and Nate finally suggested we try putting him in the crib and see how that worked. (My reasoning had been that it’s easier to keep them in the bassinet aka pack ‘n play next to my side of the bed so I can easily reach over and pop in a binky, etc. than get up and go into the next room.) But Joshua sleep through that night and did great.

We decided to try it with Luke on Saturday night. I put him down about 7/7:30 and he slept straight through until 5:45 Sunday morning! I think, at some point, the bassinet must just start feeling too small or something and that’s why they get restless and eventually sleep better in the crib. I’m not really sure, but I do know that both Nate & I were able to get a good night’s sleep and that felt great!

Sunday morning, I was up with Luke at 5:45 and as I was downstairs feeding him, the other kids started waking up. Now in our house, we do not all get up at 6 am. I may get up with the baby, but after I take care of him, I get my own breakfast, read my Bible, and spend some time blogging (like now!) The other kids are to stay in their rooms and read or play quietly until I get them up at around 8 am. It works well for our family.

Yesterday they all started getting very loud at around 6/6:30. Nate was still asleep and at one point, I went to the bottom of the stairs and called up that they had better quiet down or they would be in trouble. I said “Do you want to get in trouble?” and right in row – Nathan: “No, Mom.” Emily. “NO!” And then Joshua: “Naw!” It was all I could do to not burst out laughing when I heard Joshua’s little voice respond too. He is getting so big and he wants to be just like his big brother and sister. (They did quiet down after that, so no one got into trouble.)

One other important piece of news – we have a new kitten! As you may (or may not) remember, our kitty Milo, was hit by a car and killed last November and it was devastating for all of us. Nate & I had discussed getting another kitten, but knew it was better to wait until after I had the baby and things had settled down a bit. We started looking for a kitten recently and after having one person fall through (promised us one and then changed their mind and decided to keep it) we finally found the right one and picked up our sweet baby on Saturday!

He’s a 3 month old sweet little black kitten with a splash of white on his chest. We’ve decided to call him Shadow. (While we were talking about names, Emily became attached to the name Checkers and was insistent that that was what we name him. But the kitty didn’t seem like a Checkers to me and Nate & Nathan agreed he looked more like a Shadow, so majority ruled. Em seems to have gotten over it by now though.) He’s an absolute sweetie with a very laid back, good-natured personality. He’s not sure about Abby (who is very excited about him) yet but he already loves all of us and is settling in nicely. Interestingly, he has “munchkin” (short legged kitties) in his blood – his dad is a munchkin and 1 of his 3 siblings too. I had never heard of a “munchkin” kitty before, but apparently they are known for being very friendly & good natured – so this works out very well for us.

I know you are all waiting for pictures, but I will get those up later. As is often the case, my pictures are on the other computer and if I wait until I get a chance to get them up, this post will get delayed longer and longer. So they are coming, I promise! :)

Here’s a little secret: we may actually get one more kitten.

The nice girls who had Shadow had emailed me earlier last week and then didn’t respond again. I started thinking it was going to fall through like the last kitten had, so on Friday night, I started looking on Craiglist again. I found someone else with a kitten who I really liked and they agreed to let us come see the kitten on Saturday afternoon. Saturday morning, I woke up to an email saying they had to unexpectedly go out of town and she would let me know when they were back. Then just shortly after that, the girls with Shadow emailed me back and said they definitely did want us to have one of their kittens, would we come down that afternoon? So that’s how we ended up with Shadow. The girls who gave him to us were the sweetest girls and I could tell they were real animal lovers, like myself. I am really glad I was able to meet them and I’m so thankful they chose us for one of their kittens!

But there is still the 2nd family with kitten #2. I talked to that girl yesterday and she was supposed to call me back by last night. She didn’t, but she has two young kids and I understand how that can be. Still, I hope she gets back to me soon, one way or another, so I can make plans. Because I’ve gotten used to the idea of having both kitties and I’m kinda excited about it. Lol.
Yes, I’m crazy. Yes, I love animals.

This post is getting much too long and rambling so I’m going to end it.

Thanks for checking in with us – and for all your sweet comments, emails, and prayers!
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