A Long Night

Whew, I am tired today. My sweet little Lukey (as we often call him) was up a lot last night. He’s hit another growth spurt and ate a lot yesterday. Unfortunately, that seemed to bother his tummy & last night he woke up many times in pain, with a tummy ache/gassiness.

Luke’s been sleeping amazingly well – for the last 1-2 weeks, he’s been sleeping from 7 pm until 5 am. Last night, he was up at 1 am, then 3, then 5… In between, he would only doze fitfully if I was rocking him and rubbing his tummy so I got very little sleep. I’m going through the first ‘time of the month’ post baby, so you can imagine I’m already not feeling so great, so not sleeping didn’t help out. But such is life with a little one and I am just thankful that last night is the exception and not the norm around here.

We are also still dealing with thrush from those darn antibiotics too. This round of thrush is being particularly stubborn and we’ve had to increase the gentian violet dose to twice daily vs once:

I think it’s finally working as I don’t see any thrush in Luke’s mouth, but then again his mouth is always purple so its a bit hard to tell:

GV may work well, but it sure is messy. I will be glad when we are finished with it!

Luke & Joshua are both napping now and I’ve got my fingers crossed that Luke takes a good long nap. By now, Luke is exhausted too so that adds to his crankiness.

I’m doing a ‘light’ school day with Nathan today. Instead of sitting down for a full block of time as we normally do, I’ve taught him one subject, had him do the corresponding seatwork, and then move onto the next item. This way I could tend to Luke without having constant interruptions in our school.

At least I did get a couple smiles from Luke this morning. I still haven’t caught a good smile on camera – he immediately goes into “curious mode” where he stops smiling as soon as I pull out the camera.

I’m going to wrap this post up as it’s almost lunchtime. I will say one thing – I am going to bed right after the kids do tonight! 

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  1. My Fitness World says:

    I'm following you back and I love your blog design. Cute pictures…. Thank you for following me at My Fitness World

  2. Poor little thing! Get some rest!

  3. Mama to 4 says:

    That stuff works like a charm – I have used it w/ my other children but beware it stains & doesn't come out of clothes!

  4. Redeemed1 says:

    Oh the purple mouth is just so cute…
    I hope he sleeps better tonight.

  5. laughwithusblog says:

    Gentian Violet is what finally got us through thrush–tough times those were. You'll make it Mama! :)

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