Thank you all for the love & sweet comments you left yesterday when I shared the news that our sweet kitty had passed away. We are all really sad and miss Milo a lot. Nathan is doing ok. He goes from being his typical Nathan-self to all of a sudden, he’ll come up to me with tears in his eyes and say something about how he misses his “bud.” Yesterday, he wrote a note to God, telling Jesus all about Milo and when Nate came home and buried Milo in the backyard, he put the note with Milo. He said he wanted Jesus to know all about Milo. I assured him that Jesus did and He would take very good care of our kitty, but Nathan wanted to be sure. It was really sweet.

The whole situation is so sad, but what can you say? Sometimes bad things in life happen.

We do plan on getting another kitten, just not right now. Nathan’s karate teacher generously offered us another cat -she actually has Milo’s sister still. It was so sweet & we are so thankful for her! Nate & I discussed it and we decided it would be best to wait. As much as we’d love another kitty, now is just not a good time with a new baby arriving soon. Plus the cat is about a year old and it might really stress her out with jumping into a new home with 3 very active young children and then some big changes on the way. I think we’re going to wait until next spring and get a kitten – that way he/she can grow up with our crazy household.

Here’s a few pictures of Milo.


This is from when we first got Milo:

More recently:


He always loved to check out the bath water, even though he hated being wet-


Goodbye, Milo, we loved you so much & will really miss you:


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  1. ((Milo)) What a sweet little guy.

    Maybe in the Spring you can get a new kitten that doesn't have the urge to go outside. Ours have been indoor only and they've been fine about not going out. Yet, I know some cats just can't stand it!

    That was so nice of Nathan to write a letter to Jesus.

  2. Thanks, Jenny. Yes, that's what we're thinking. I really want an indoor cat next time – another reason we're going to say 'no' to Milo's sister – she's probably wanting to outside all the time too.

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