Soccer, Carpet Cleaners, & Sick Kids

Nathan had his first soccer practice on Saturday. He did very well and is really enjoying it.

Emily had a blast kicking an extra soccer ball along the sidelines. I can tell she’s a natural! That girl can kick the ball with more control & aim than most of the 2nd graders who were on the field, including Nathan! I can’t wait to sign her up for soccer, but she has to wait until kindergarten.

Joshua had fun walking along the field and crawling & chasing a ball too.

Nathan is in the middle with the reddish brown shirt on:
I realized I didn’t catch any good pictures of Joshua walking yet, but he is definitely starting to take off! He is walking farther and taking more steps all the time!
Oh and another little “milestone” for him – we just bought him his first pair of “big boy” Stride Rite shoes! We had some shoes from Nathan but Joshua has chunky wide feet & Nathan’s old shoes fell right off him. So I went to the Stride Rite outlets with my coupon of course and scored a pair of brand new extra wide shoes for only $14.99! They fit him perfectly and he can walk in them too! He was so cute when we were in the store trying them on – Nathan & Emily were trying on shoes too and when I showed Joshua his shoes, he grabbed one and tried to put it on. He knew exactly what to do and was very excited when I put them on him and let him walk over to Daddy. It was so cute! I wish I had thought to bring my camera!

My big boy!
Joshua discovered he could walk very quickly along the fence and thought it was quite fun:
And here’s our little soccer pro Emily:
Later on, at the playground:
Joshua is getting so big – he’s really starting to do “little boy” things now.


I have a product review to share. This isn’t official – I wasn’t paid or anything; this is something we bought that I loved and wanted to tell you all about!

Background story: we have carpet in our living room and between multiple animals, many small children, and a husband who repeatedly leaves cups of coffee on the floor, which naturally get spilled, it’s suffered quite a lot. We usually end up renting a Rug Doctor when I can’t stand it anymore. Rug Doctor did an ok job, but many of the stains would only temporarily disappear and then pop up again just a couple weeks later. (I know they probably stained down to the padding unfortunately.) Renting a Rug Doctor typically ran around $60 a pop and was an all day project, so we don’t usually do it more frequently than every 6 months, if that. And my carpet needs more help than every 6 months, that’s for sure!

I heard some reviews about home carpet cleaners and asked Nate if we could consider buying one. He said sure. So I did some research and last week, we ordered a Bissell Proheat 2x Cleanshot Upright Deep Cleaner. Thanks to our free Amazon prime account, we received in just 2 days and I was able to try it out Friday night.

Initially, it looked a bit complicated, but Nate put it together for me and it really was quite simple. Even Nate was impressed with the simplicity and engineering of the design.

It took me about 3 hours to do our living room carpet, but I am quite pleased to say that the machine was worth every single cent of the $299.99 price we paid for it (of course it’s now listed just a couple days later at $279.99 on Amazon – of course, right?!) and I love it! I had so much fun cleaning the carpet and while I was quite tired later, it was incredibly satisfying to see how much dirt that machine pulled out of my nasty carpet and even better to see how new my carpet now looks! It took up every stain and my carpet looks fantastic now! I don’t have to be embarrassed or reluctant to have people over because of carpet stains thanks to my new Bissell!

The only “negative” (and I say that lightly because I have yet to find or hear of a carpet cleaner that doesn’t have this “issue”) is that it took quite a few trips to refill the water &/or cleaner. However, it was just a very minor inconvenience and the machine was still 100% worth it.

Here’s a few pictures.

Cleaned (left) / Not cleaned (right):
The “wonder” machine:
See how obvious the difference is? This “home cleaner” Bissell cleaned better than the professional grade Rug Doctor!

Now I have a fabulous, beautiful looking carpet and when (because it’s just a matter of time) one of my lovely children or husband makes a mess on my carpet (care to bet on who will be the first?), I can just pull out my new best friend and take care of it right away!

I give this Bissell a 5 star rating and would highly recommend it to anyone!

On yet another change of subject, the fall ‘sickies’ have found us.
Emily started coughing and sniffling on Saturday, followed by Joshua, Nathan, and then Nate. I’ve been dosing everyone up with Elderberry, Vitamin D, and our usual homeopathic cold remedies. Emily & Nathan are already pretty much over the cold, as is Nate (who spent his share of time on the couch yesterday – I will say no more, but all you wives out there know what I am tempted to say!) But poor Joshua is still sick. He’s thrown up all over me twice today, thanks to his super sensitive previously acid reflux prone gag reflux, and is generally a clingy grumpy mess. He developed a fever and then started breathing quickly, so I called the doctor – something I rarely do. The nurse assured me that it’s not uncommon for children to breathe quickly during/after a fever, and as long as it sounds clear (it does) and he’s not getting worse that he should be ok. I have to keep an eye on him and report back tomorrow. I’m not too concerned, I just felt better “checking in,” you know? Hopefully my poor little guy gets over this quickly.

Unfortunately, this means I’ll have to miss my moms’ group at church tomorrow, something we’re all disappointed about. But oh well – that’s part of life and especially part of the changing seasons.

I’m just hoping & praying that everyone continues to get over this quickly & that I stay healthy. So far, I’ve been feeling a little run down and like I could start coming down with it, but I’ve been able to keep it warded off with my slew of remedies, which thank goodness I can still take while pregnant!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and is staying healthy!


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